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  1. Nobody have ants problem in homes?
  2. what was your experience like? i found ant nest in a rarely used top kitchen cabinet 3 weeks ago, cleared it on my own, but ants still appeared. Called in pest control, they baited and more ants came. Gave up, sprayed on my own at all windows, after two weeks no more ants in kitchen and toilets, thought finally they were gone. This week saw a trail of ants outside my front door corridor! freaked out! But they are not entering my house. Called TC, till now they haven't resolve the problem. But today they said they sprayed at a riser near the lift which the trail is heading for. Oh dear, they shouldn't spray there, coz I worry the ants nowhere to go end up entering my house... prayers please...
  3. Sorry to open this old thread, but is anyone still having this problem? It is driving us crazy.
  4. Sorry to reopen this old thread, but I have a never-ending problem with ants. In the last 3 years, found 3 ant nests. My house seldom cook over clean but yet ants still nest here. I have asked around, my neighbors have ants but they don't nest in their house. So I really wonder what's wrong like some people said about ants nesting in the bedroom where there's no food. I tried everything from dettol to vinegar to baiting. They will disappear for a while but be back again after few months. The worst thing is I have never seen anything crawling around until too late when a nest is formed. So I developed a phobia for ants, and even wished I moved house. But I know no matter where I stay, ants will never stop coming. I even had pest control came in for my latest episode of ant invasion. They baited but end up more ants appeared after a week of their treatment. A waste of time and money. The fastest way is to spray. And set a perimeter to spray regularly on the outside of windows to prevent them from entering. I am going to try this from now on, and hope they never return. But I wonder if what brands of sprays are good in leaving residual effect on the outside walls? Coz if rain then all effects will be washed away isn't it?
  5. I have a desperate situation and need advice. Recently, i had ants in my house and found an ant nest in the top kitchen cabinet which was untouched in many years. I cleared it on my own but some ants ran away. For the next one week, they came out from other places in my kitchen daily so I had no choice but to call in a pest control. They put bait and sprayed outside my kitchen window. No more live ants for one week. However, i found ants roaming in my kitchen toilet after one week and called in pest control. They came and put bait only. After two days, ants were still roaming and also start to invade my bedroom toilet which was next to the kitchen toilet. Having lost faith in pest control, i decided to spray at all window entry points. It has good results and finally I don't see live ants for now. But I have got into a depression and paranoid after this incident. I checked for ants every morning and night to make sure I don't see any live ants. I also spray everyday at the windows just to make sure they don't return. My husband suggested to spray a perimeter on the outdoor wall surrounding the windows once a week for total prevention. In addition, inner part of windows should be sprayed too as double protection. I searched extensively online to find solutions to prevent ants from entering the house. But most people use baits. Even my friends and neighbors use baits. But because I had lost faith in baits after pest control company put baits and failed to solve the problem, wasting my time and money. My personal opinion is bait could work but takes a very long time to see results. By then, ants would have roamed everywhere had I not used a spray. I would very much appreciate advice and comfort. I had became paranoid everyday just to check for ants. I have also reduced cooking and went to my parents place everyday just to avoid staying at home.
  6. One year ago, we had a major renovation and changed all the toilets bowls. Recently, one of the toilet bowls start to choke a bit, water seem to flush down slowly. I used all sorts of DIY solutions - dishwashing liquid, chemical cleaner etc but the problem persists. After a week, I noticed a slight amount of water leaked from the base after flushing. I called the plumber, he came and unchoked the bowl first and asked me to monitor if will still leak. Two days now, more water leaked out from the base. Plumber said have to pull out the toilet bowl to rectify the problem. How much is the market rate for such a job? Just wanna make sure I don't get carroted by the plumber. Is it a very messy job? What do I need to provide for the job?
  7. livolo switches are not approved locally yet, i guess they may affect fire insurance claims. u can call the insurance company and ask.
  8. hi, i came across your post regarding livolo switch. i had bought these switches too, but somehow they are giving me problem. for example, the light turned on by itself when the switch is off. even if i turn off main circuit also cannot resolve the problem. my electrician said he give up. can i have the contact of your electrician? coz i need to find someone who have experience in installing livolo switches. thanks.