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  1. Dear all, Merry Christmas to all of you and wishing our home free from ANTS! Agree with you Swit, my home has nothing to allow the ants to come in as I don't cook as only my husband and myself. We don't have the habit to leave food at the table. But the ants still come in. Don't know why? I using magic clean Green apple cleaning solution to mop the floor. Don't know if this attracts them to my home. Thanks I'll try the Terro-Pro for the entry points and clean my floor heavily with Dettol/ Vinegar.
  2. Dear All, I have a ANTS problem for the past 2 years since I've moved into my brand new flat. I'm desperate, lost and don't know what to do and even till the extend to intend to move out my flat as I couldn't stand the ants invasion into my home on a daily basis. Every morning prior setting out for work, I'll check my entire external wall from ktichen, living room to bedrooms. Similarly when I'm back from work at night I'll used a torch light to shine on the walls to check for ants. The reason I have to do so is to stop the ants from entering into my home. For the past 1 month, I've been spraying baygon every day. There were a few occassion that I did not stop the ants at the external wall and when I'm back home the whole living & kitchen were invaded with ants. I've feedback the matter to Town Council (TC) as the source of the ants were from the external wall but was refer to HDB as they found out that the source of the ants were from my unit below and upstairs. I've personally knock on the upper and lower floor neighbours to feedback to them that there were ants coming up / down from their units and asked them to do a proper house keeping. However, they doesn't seem to be bother despite hundreds of ants in their home. As the ant came from the external wall, all the pesticides, vinegar, baits and rubber bands that I've spray were washed away by the rain and the ants returns and the whole cycle repeat again. Hence, I hope someone can advice and enlighten me what I can do to stop the ants from coming from the external walls into my home? Thanks for reading.
  3. Just to update u guys. The contractor came earlier and check if it conceal pipe leaking. Heng is not.. Otherwise hacking work will be a nightmare to me. However, they suspect it maybe due to waterproofing problem. So they will schedule another day to hack away the affected area, put chemical and plaster back the wall. The whole process must take 3 days to complete. The uncle doesn't look like an expert to me. Aiyo.. Different from Potatoe experience of 4hrs without hacking.
  4. Hi Potato, U mentioned that yr contractor have to re-do the water proofing, any hacking / demolition works involve? I can't imagine they do the hacking now. 😓
  5. This is the driest area in my common bathroom. I don't place anything area. There are also no conceal piping.
  6. Dear Pelect, Thanks for the guidance! After serveral attempts, finally I can upload the image. I've reported the matter to HDB and they are coming over to check tomorrow. Will update you guys on HDB's comment.
  7. Hi Potatoes/ Pelect, Kindly enlighten me how to upload a photo thru the thread here? I try to click the image icon but they prompt me to key in URL. I'm puzzle... =[ Lots of thanks
  8. Dear All, I've move in to my new HDB flat for 1 yr and recently I found out that there was water stain marks appearing on the external toilet walls. The toilet area is consider dry area as there is no source of water and no conceal water pipe. Anyone have similar encounters? Appreciate you can share with me how to solve the problem.Lots of thanks.