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Found 34 results

  1. Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone could share their experience/contacts with installing a marble feature wall? Thanks!
  2. Dear forumners, I just bought an old 30-year-old resale flat and currently undergoing renovation. Can seek everyone's views if the workmanship in the photos below is acceptable? My contractor said the unevenness between the skirting and wall is due to my walls being uneven/curved. I can accept that my walls are uneven (even though I have paid to plaster the whole house) but is there anything that can be done to straighten the walls? Appreciate your advice.
  3. We had the whole house plastered. After 2.5 yrs started to show cracks and some areas popped out. Can we just replaster over the cracked areas or need to scrap out whole wall n ceiling before replastering?
  4. We supply technical wall panel and provide installation services and also have contractor, ID works. First pricing for all supplying. Do not hesitate to contact us at 6935 0976 or whatspp 8543 7018 or to get an exceptional price.
  5. We supply technical wall panel and provide installation services. Passion to perfection. Do not hesitate to drop us a PM or contact us at 6935 0976 or whatspp 8543 7018 or email to enquiry@paneltecsg.com to get an exceptional price.
  6. Dear All, I've move in to my new HDB flat for 1 yr and recently I found out that there was water stain marks appearing on the external toilet walls. The toilet area is consider dry area as there is no source of water and no conceal water pipe. Anyone have similar encounters? Appreciate you can share with me how to solve the problem.Lots of thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm currently living in a condo. My neighbour is considering selling his unit and I'm thinking of purchasing my neighbour's unit and renovating the two units into a single large unit. I want to do a complete makeover and renovation of the two units and the most important is to be able to hack down the partition wall separating the two units. If not, I will not proceed with the purchase. Hence, before I proceed to close the deal, I want to know if it's possible to knock down the partition wall between our two units . I have got some plans and details (structural plans and wall details) and need advice to understand if the partition wall can be hacked, or how much of the partition wall can be hacked. From what I understand, the partiton wall is a prefab RC wall. I'd be grateful if someone can help advise whether I can knock down the partition wall (or how much of the wall I can knock down). Thanks for your help! Cheers, crmum
  8. Hi guys, I am getting my bto flat next year. Wish to extend my hdb bto toilet. Wish to ask if anyone has wrote in to hdb and done this successfully before? I dont mind voiding the warranty and do waterproofing on the extended areas. Also appreciate if anyone has a letter template to write in to HDB on this too. Thanks much!
  9. I have met several IDs, some suggested to plaster the walls to make it even, some say it'll still crack. I read online that you are supposed to remove the existing paint for bondability before applying Gypsum plaster on walls. Is it true that nobody treats or strip the wall before applying the plaster?? I don't know who's telling the truth. To plaster or not to plaster???
  10. Do consider printing your precious memories onto canvas, creating a more cosy and homely space for yourself. http://www.studiocanvassa.com Facebook: Studio Canvassa Our canvas prints are top studio grade quality. It's a vast difference compared with those usually sold in mass photo printing retail stores found in shopping centres, and cheaper as well as we are able to save on unnecessary overheads. Do give us a try! We have a 100% satisfaction record and high return rates Thank you for the kind support!
  11. Do consider printing your precious memories onto canvas, creating a more cosy and homely space for yourself. http://www.studiocanvassa.com Facebook: Studio Canvassa Our canvas prints are top studio grade quality. It's a vast difference compared with those usually sold in mass photo printing retail stores found in shopping centres, and cheaper as well as we are able to save on unnecessary overheads. Do give us a try! We have a 100% satisfaction record and high return rates Thank you for the kind support!
  12. Size in the pic. $100 No nego thanks. Selling at original price. Pls collect it from my place near Serangoon it is quite heavy thanks. WhatsApp or SMS to 98595068 thanks.
  13. Hello everyone, I am a newbie here, and hope to ask a question to the renovation veterans on this forum. I am thinking of buying an HDB, and plan to do the renovation as indicated in the figure below. What is my chance of getting HDB to approve this renovation plan? I need to know my chance before buying this flat -- if the chance is too low, I might give up on this flat -- since I really want to have a 1.7m long bathtub. I really appreciate your expert opinions on this. Thanks! Alan.
  14. Metal Ship wall installation ($200) Hang a 3D metal cruiser on your wall! The clock within the frame is functional, operates on AA battery Dimensions: Length 82cm Breadth: 62cm Width: 10cm For more information, contact 8698 0009 or email shoplah.online@gmail.com
  15. Hi, I recently received a complaint letter from hdb lodged by my neighbour sharing the same bedroom wall as me. They claim that their bedroom wall is dripping wet due to condensation caused by the wall being too cold and it is caused by my aircon being too cold. Hdb is requiring me to lower the strength of my aircon and point it away from that wall. The letter also state that they have surveyed and determined that this is the cause of the issue and remind me that hdb laws states that owners are allowed to install aircon on the basis that they are in proper working condition. My question is firstly, what kind of survey did they do to determine the cause without coming into my flat to check at all? Secondly, why would my aircon affect their wall if hdb have built our flats well enough to isolate each unit to their own to uphold the quality of the build promised by the government and to protect our privacies as owners? Thirdly, in such a case, who is judging and appointing that the fault and solution lies with me solely and not shared and/or if the hdb is also partially/fully liable? Lastly, are there actually laws that govern such neighbourly disputes and are they actually applicable to this issue? (The letter says I can use my aircon as long as I maintain it in proper working condition and it seems like the complaint is that my aircon is working too well...) Last year around the same period (May-June) I did receive such a complaint before and from July onwards there seems to be no such complaints anymore until now. I believe that the issue has to do with weather changes and rise of humidity, and will be solved after the wet season passes. But as a courtesy, I'm currently planning to insulate my side of the wall to prevent thermal transfer, hoping that it will help the situation. I'm not well verse in such matters so I'm not sure if the insulation should be done on my end or my neighbour's end, but I'm willing to do it anyways. I have my reasons to maintain a cool temperature in my bedroom and it will be rather disruptive to my family if I were to lower the aircon. I'm asking for advise and help from you guys to determine if my actions are correct or am I actually not liable. And is there help that I can seek from my standpoint to resolve this issue as apparently the hdb thinks that the issue is my fault (and I guess global warming is real and it's also my fault...) Please help, thanks!!!
  16. Hi, I am working for a Wallpaper supplier company. My company imports wall coverings from Germany and Korea Predominantly. Price range of the wall coverings are from $170-$280 depending on how many rolls of wall coverings are purchased. Price can be quoted with or without installation. If interested, Please contact me at 82003678 for more information. Thanks.
  17. Hi, am new to the home reno process.. couldn't find some info here so would like to clarify w kind souls please We got a 4a resale flat, 24 years old. Thinking of hacking away part of a wall, top glass bottom wall. Understand from some other posts that we need to engage a PE and hack away the whole wall, then rebuild again..? Is this true for old flats also, cos old flats don't use the prefab wall? Also, if need to engage PE, can someone advise on the cost and if any contacts pls?
  18. Anyone know anywhere in Singapore has stop that sell a wide selection of lighting switch and wall socket, not looking for the common and simple type, prefer those with design, touch sensor or similar type. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi fellows, I'd shifted in for a few months. While shifting furniture around &/or installing other small furnishings, I caused some damages to my walls & ceilings paint job. My ID kept some of my leftover paint around. May I know: Qn1: if it is possible to use a water-colour brush (yes, those small-tipped ones used for art & craft) to directly paint over these areas?: (Exhibit A): around 10-cent coin diameter (Exhibit B): half a palm size Cause from what I see on YouTube most of them tutorials sand off a lot of the area surrounding the damaged spot, then paint a base white, then paint a few more coats of the desired colour paint. But as you can see in my exhibit, my "damaged areas" so small only... Qn2: may I know how to determine if my leftover paint is in a ready-to-use mix, or need to mix with some other chemicals before using?
  20. Hi people, I am trying to get some contractor recommendation for installing a partition wall in my study room. Looking forward to good pricing and reliable workmanship. These are what I need for the drywall works: ================================= 1) The measurement are 13 ft by 7 ft by 5 inch, internal of the drywall to be foamed for sound insulation (5 inch), with a bedroom door to be fitted. 2) Workers to remove/dispose 4 panels of glass and cabinets. 3) Paintings for 2 bedrooms. Extras: 1) Wallpaper suppliers Thanks in advance, Blim
  21. Hi, In my HDB 3I, where there is only one bath and one WC, the previous owner have hacked off the wall at the back room to create an opening for the room to access the bathroom. Besides sealing back this door by the convention way of recreating the wall using concrete, is there any other method I can temporary sealed this door using any other material? I don't want to permanent seal it because might need to re-open it in near future. I was thinking of let the bi-fold door remain and then use a large piece of acrylic board to cover up the door entrance from the bathroom side so I won't be looking at the door in the bathroom but the white acrylic board instead.... I'm not sure have anyone done that before.... thanks for any ideas contributed.
  22. I want to remove these wall hooks that are mounted into the wall using metal pins. I've tried to remove one of them by melting the plastic using a lighter and pulling out the pins using a hammer and pliers, but the pins broke and got stuck to the wall. How do I remove these stuck pins? Any help is appreciated.
  23. Hi I am looking for contractors who can provide the white brick walls as shown in the pictures. Need to be the same as the picture as so far the samples i have seen are not the ones shown in the pictures. Really need help in this. Thanks please contact me at 98570906 email: bryan.wong.sg@gmail.com