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  1. of course i am still around.. haha dont know why i feel exciting to see other people completed renovation as well.. There is still so much more to learn and must keep up with the trend
  2. Nice updates.. its so exciting to see the house update every day with new stuff
  3. grats and welcome to the renovation journey.. Enjoy the process since most of us did haha
  4. its always fun to enjoy the entire renovation process.. haha... for me I basically went to the house every day during my bachelor pad first renovation
  5. Enjoy the renovation process.. it will be fun and tiring Kara can give u a lot of advice for 3rm BTO, the space and layout is like similar
  6. Its been a while since I have last log in to renotalk and update on this thread. Been really busying with work and school.. Finally exams are over. Been staying in my house for nearly 4 months and to be honest its still feeling fresh and cosy. Really happy that so far everyone who came to the house gave good comment on the workmanship and design. Will be posting updates on the after completion video soon and review on some of those items that I have yet to review on Stay tuned......
  7. LOl power kara.. still on this forum.. time to update on my thread since I have been staying there for nearly 4 months.
  8. Some updates on the house. Been offcially move in about 3 weeks ago. Wanted to hang a painting at the wall directly facing the entrance but end up decided to make use of my pico projector.. can change picture using the remote. Moon light My small Christmas tree
  9. Well done peachydurian haha.. well said.. thanks everyone who are postive and share useful ideas so far renotalk has been a great place to make friends and kakis haha.. peace too YOLO.
  10. Just do within a person means and do what one can afford. However if one can do nicely a home to be cosy, why not? Grats yakult your house coming up nicely