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  1. Hi, 

    Can share with me Mr Ong's contact number?

    Thank you

  2. Dear relacker,

    i will be grateful if u could share Mr Ong's contact tia :)

  3. Hi, 

    Saw your posting about your contractor Mr.Ong. Can share with me his contact number?

    Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    Can share your renovation contractor's contact no & company name? Do u still have a list of sky high price contractor?

    Thank you,


  5. Hi , i have a King Koil mattress. Never used as it is always in spare guest room. We small family so we bought it but not utilise it as our boy sleep in same room as us. We are selling it. it's as good as new and nicely wrapped up after we move to our new place. bought 1.5 year ago, Size: 20cm x 190cm x 90cm Please message me if interested, thanks! Self collect
  6. yeah, seen alot of those black framed doors/windows. Those ID also like to cut and paste template so all lookalike. they will all give u a similar template if u dun like u can suggest but the generally it s the same with minor customisations
  7. what started me to search for a serious home water filter was a few yrs ago, i kinda itchy hands and went to buy a $2 filter for tap from daiso. after few weeks i start to realise the water filter changing colour to slight brownish from white,. i mean even for cheap simple filter like this it already collected some substance, i did not bother to find out what they are but for sure i do not want these in me. i continue to use the $2 filter as min form of filtration though, changing it every few months. additionally, i find there are harmful effects of flourine despite what ppl say about tooth decay prevention etc thats when i realise there actually different levels to what is good clean drinkable water, i know of friends who solely buy bottled water just for drinking. i know i may get stick for this but to each his own. And i have been drinking this kinda water for my whole life, not that anything happen to me. So now got opportunity to install a good filter thats when i start searching for one.
  8. actually if its metallic sink, drilling more holes is not issue to install mmore taps. But for ceramic sink, usually they have already designated 1 or 2 more positions where you can drill for extra taps, but drilling you gotta ask if they provide if not can get ID to help(but they will tell u if crack they not responsible) otherwise some can install on the solid surface top or even the kompac plus top.
  9. The system really quite smart. It will store the filtered water into the pressurised tank. And stop once the tank it fills up. no, its does not "waste" any water, a RO system uses water to clean itself and wash away impurities. It's like a lot of other water-using appliances. We use water to wash clothes, to wash dishes, to wash cars, to flush toilets. A reverse osmosis unit uses more water in its operation than you actually consume,yes. but it doesn't use enough that you'll notice it on your water bill. It uses water only while it's filling its storage tank. When the tank is full, the whole unit shuts down and no water runs to drain. In terms of expense, it's like a couple or three extra toilet flushes a day. it will be even less if you do not use the water for washing but just drinking. I think the APEC is really value even after shipping. A 3M 5stage filter cost 2.3k to buy and install. Even hyflux does not provide 5 stage RO filter and it cost already 1.xxk for 3 stage
  10. Yeah now cove lights. 1 generation ago was having conices at corners. Tunable lights actually u wun bother to tune tune tune after 1 month.
  11. Yeah manage buy taobao coffee table to ship over. Quite good price. Bad thing is i gotta fix it myself. No choice la....no time go furniture shop to shop.
  12. really envy u guys. got the time to coordinate all these reno details! for me i cannot ah, tink gotta spend $ for project coordinator liao...siao.