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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I was so busy with moving, school, tests, exam and clinical during the December and January. Flat Type: 2-Room (Improved) Approx Floor Area: 45.0sq.m.
  2. I'm currently doing reno for my resale flat. So since I'm hacking the kitchen floor tiles I ask then do to an outlet pipe for the washing machine. You just need to let your contractor or ID know u wanna do this.
  3. My electrician's quote 13A double power point $60ea 13A single power point $55ea 15amp aircon power point $95ea 20amp water heater point $95ea SCV data point $90ea Lighting point $30ea 16 way D/B switch box $320 Install light fittings $15ea Earth point $100
  4. 29th Nov reno update. Still at the kitchen wall tiles. Updated pics on my blog if you wanna see.
  5. Went to see see look look. If you all want to see the pics its upload to my blog. Saw some things that need to change like the wall tiles. There was gaps near the ceiling haha so hard to describe. Thus the tiles cover top part of window frame. It looks very weird.
  6. Hi Pikachuuu, really enjoyed reading your posts, haha entertaining.
  7. https://wordpress.com/posts/coffeebeanrenoblog.wordpress.com Headache laaaahhh. Why so difficult to choose a toilet bowl. The model I want is out of stock. Anyone got recommendation, help me.
  8. Hi everyone, anyone can help me pls. The toilet outlet is very near the wall, hence looking for toilet bowl model that can fit my bathroom. Any recommendation? My ID say need P Trap model. I was looking at Crizto Ammolite 1-Piece Toilet Bowl CEC-2310-WTP (P-Trap) but Domaco said out of stock. So I'm thinking Inspire 6075. http://www.watertapz.com.sg/CERA-MIQ-6075 Any advise please msg me.
  9. Headed down to IMM to look at some reno stuff with my friend (Thanks for driving me =)) But apparently the stuff there, are not cheaper leh. I could find better prices online. e.g. the sink, taps, TB, kitchen sink taps After walking around IMM, found that Gain City having some promotion with starmax electric system 2 (5 ticks) with dismantle and installation with new bracket. My ID recommended air-con guy charges additional $100 for the brackets. It is a 2 day promo, so head down to any gaincity outlet if you're interested.
  10. https://coffeebeanrenoblog.wordpress.com/ Photo sent from my ID. Seems like the wall tiles are up. Gonna head down tomorrow to take a look.
  11. coffeebeanrenoblog.wordpress.com The hacking start today. The 1st photo sent by my ID. Pass him 35% of the payment. Haha, ID dropped me off at the interchange cos I dropped my wallet in the bus. see how sotong I am.
  12. Things I did today, 1. refused to dismantle the window grilles. 2. choose not to relocate the open net. Missed out a built in cabinet in the living room and was quote $120 by the contractor to remove it. Asked if can foc since they're hacking everything anyway. Was going to ask handyman to come and remove. But ID say he will ask them if they can do it for $100. So gonna let ID handle it. Bleeding money....
  13. Posted some pics on my blog. Havent start reno. ID came on time too. Off to a good start.