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  1. **** ex. just like my ID, quoted me almost double of Eric's. Eric is a lot cheaper. His workers not bad, sometimes a bit forgetful and slipslop, but Eric will tell them to do again if not right. As for the MK switches I stated above, Eric can change to MK. But in the end, I refused, cos he's giving MK slimline series, not avant series. Slimline is worse than Fung Yip switches. Slimline is so hard to press and so ugly, Fung Yip is smooth to press and chamfered and the edges.
  2. Hi For those who engaged Eric, what switches did he give? MK Switches? Before I confirmed with him, he said will be using MK. When he finished most of the electrical work and I went back to see, he gave Feng Yip swithces (the rocker switches with a flower logo at the bottom right). He's not honest, he tot I dun know tat switch is from Feng Yip.