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  1. So I have been reading up lots of Reno t-Blogs ever since we had balloted for our flat. It had been a long four years wait when we finally got our keys. We got our keys in late July this year and got our shortlisted IDs/contractors to come down for actual site measurements and to revise their quotations accordingly. In the end, we decided on an ID though he does not have the cheapest quotation. Our unit layout: The main reason we chose him was that he seemed to be able to visualize the house that we wanted. I had a certain idea on how I want my house to be but there were some parts where I am unsure on the practicability of them. With the 3D drawn, we started the renovation on end Sept 2016. The main colours that we are going to use in the house is oak wood, white and black. I do not think that there is any specific theme. I am hoping that the house will look simple and clean. First off, tiling started! We had decided to lay the same floor tiles (black with light grey stripes) for living and bedrooms. Grouting is black but currently it looked white as the dust had accumulated =.=. Next off, black floor tiles and marble-like wall tiles for both bathrooms, For the wall tiles, due to budget constraints, we only overlay the default feature wall ( black for master toilet, white for common toilet)
  2. My unit is a 4-room flat of 92sqm (including AC ledge). It's considered really small but oh wells, this is what you get for a 4-room flat nowadays, and thankfully me and wife aren't that big size either. The bombshelter is located in the kitchen that in turn, gives us more space in the LR, which is exactly what we wanted. Can host mahjong session in the LR Initial Floor Plan Our Basic Requirements 1. Spacious MBR and LR 2. Walk-in wardrobe 3. Work area 4. Long mirror cabinet in MBR toilet 5. High Resilient Vinyl Flooring for LR and all BRs 6. Overlay of floor and wall tiles in MBR toilet 7. Bottom cabinet only for hob side, top and bottom cabinet on the opposite side 8. Scandinavian style, with maybe a little pinch of Industrial feel Contractors/IDs Selection 1. Chun Xiang Renovation Pte Ltd I shall skip the scouting process as I'm too lazy to recall each and every detail of them. In summary, I've approached a couple of IDs and Main Cons, but none of them fits my budget with the requirements, except for Edmund (in short I'll just call him E here) from CX Reno. Actually he was introduced to me by a close friend, and I've personally went down to their new house to witness their fine carpentry's workmanship. One thing good about them is that they're already a registered reno contractors with HDB and it will make the approval process of the reno smoother and faster. New Floor Plan with my Idea 1. Sealing up BR2 actual door, and hacking a door linking BR2 with MBR. Making BR2 into a walk-in wardrobe and work area. 2. Changing the direction of MBR door to have better accessibility into walk-in wardrobe. Milestones and Progress Updates 19 / 10 / 2016 - Flat Unit Selected 05 / 01 / 2017 - Submitted Appeal Form for Smooth Rendering Floor (SRF) *mine is a SBF unit, therefore no flooring is done prior, and since we're doing vinyl flooring, we need to get cement screed for our flooring, should take around 6-8 weeks to get approved, i.e. latest by 2nd March* decided to withdraw and appoint my main con screed instead 16 / 01 / 2017 - Collected Keys and Signed of Lease Agreement, Performed Door-opening Ritual 19 / 01 / 2017 - 1st Defects Inspection 21 / 01 / 2017 - Submitted Defects Feedback Form to BSC *takes around 9-14 working days to be rectified by BSC, i.e. latest by 13th Feb* 13 / 02 / 2017 - BSC confirmed 1st rectification completed, pending for 2nd defects check or close case with BSC 18 / 02 / 2017 - Rectification completion confirmed and signed. 16 / 03 / 2017 - Renovation and Hacking work commences! 18 / 03 / 2017 - Electrical work commences! 03 / 06 / 2017 - Final Handover from CX Reno (but still got some nitty-gritty touch ups to be rectified, so they will still be back a few times. And my walk-in wardrobe that is handled by another door contractor, still has not been installed, hopefully they can be installed by mid June, furnitures and electrical appliances are slowly coming in.) Will keep this post updated every now and then... All the completed final renovation images. Hope my blog helped you guys along the way! Living Room Kitchen MBR Toilet Walk-in Wardrobe MBR
  3. hello! just received my keys on thursday (: edited with my floor plan (: will continue to edit whenever i can! will start my reno soon!!!! our living room! our entrance! on the right is our bomb shelter (: our kitchen (: bedroom 1 bedroom 2 master bedroom (:
  4. Thought for a while whether to pen down our journey and have decided to do so after gaining so much from fellow forumers here. We are still in our very very very early stage of renovation, so this would be ongoing until it is done. Our floor plan is the same as @slashmylove, since you can view the floor plan there, just go visit the t-blog okay! Some other T-blogs which we found useful were: Don't sad if your t-blog is not here, unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to read all the t-blogs (you will see why later). also a special mention: - this is by far the most entertaining t-blog we have read, even if you are not intending to have the same design, just go in to read and have a laugh haha. Have not thought of how to organise this thread considering everything is still work in progress. The rough plan would be Feng shui -> finding our contractor/ID (keeping the suspense for now :P) -> our eventual design and the beautifully drawn 3D drawing -> aircon contractor -> Loots from Singapore -> Loots from Taobao -> Renovation journey. Renovation is slated to start after New year day, so for those who are only interested to read that part, please come back again! Some housekeeping rules I will NOT be sharing the contacts of anyone in the T-blog lest people say I am advertising. Nowadays very sensitive ah, bloggers all must put #ads on their posts, got apply to T-blogs? hahaha You can PM me to ask for the contacts but I will NOT be responsible if they wrecked your house hor, this kind of things some times must see fate one tio bo? If you don't like each other,or expectations mismatch then dont neh si ask them do your house ok? They pek cek you also pek cek. Then you pek cek don't come find me hor. Counselling not my day job. Ok finally: Budget: ~30k for renovation, 20k for furnitures, appliances etc, 20k for wedding (ok nvm that one another story hahaha) Theme: Scandi, cannot tell from the title meh.
  5. SENGKANG HDB 4-ROOM MODEL 4A UNIT FOR SALE! * No agent fees Very well maintained and clean unit Marble and parquet flooring Convenient and accessible location - 1 min to LRT station, 7 mins to Sengkang MRT station Plenty of amenities around including Sports Complex, supermarkets, shopping malls, eateries, ATM and movie theater Within 1km from Nan Chiau Primary/ High School All races and Permanent Residents (PR) are eligible Please drop me a private message or call me at 8170 7241 for a discussion.
  6. Hello there. I'm just super excited about my renovation and wanted to share the journey here. We got our keys on 4 Jan 2017. I will share more pictures soon as the renovation and drama (not too much I hope) progresses.
  7. Dear all fellow new home owners, I have been a silent reader for the longest time and we are estimating key collection to be somewhere around the last quarter of this year Recently we have started looking around for IDs, asking them for quotes, shortlisted a few, and so far it came down to 2 IDs: 1.) 9 Degree Construction 2.) My Design Interior Will update this space after we have chosen an ID
  8. Dear all fellow new home owners, I have been a silent reader for the longest time and we are estimating key collection to be somewhere around the last quarter of this year Recently we have started looking around for IDs, asking them for quotes, shortlisted a few, and so far it came down to 2 IDs: 1.) 9 Degree Construction 2.) My Design Interior Has anyone engaged them before recently? We would love to know some comments/feedback before we make our decision. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi Everyone! I've been reading posts on Renotalk for a few months now, and find it a very helpful source of information. Decided that I will contribute by sharing my renovation journey! Flat Type: Resale 4 room Model A1 Size: 102 sqm Theme: Scandinavian with a splash of pastels - main colours light wood, white, light grey with splashes of pastel pink and mint Budget: $40K plus $10K for furniture ID: Y** Living - after one month of meeting and comparing quotes with 10 over ID/contractors, we decided to go with this ID as their price was most competitive, and the ID was responsive and gave us helpful ideas on how to save costs. Floorplan: The previous owner actually partitioned part of the living room into a Study. My hubby likes it because he can use it as his man-cave! The Store used to be in the living room, but the previous owner has removed it and carved space for it it out of an existing bedroom. Some photos of the "Before": Kitchen Service Balcony Living Room Master Bedroom Master Bedroom Toilet Common Room Common Room Toilet
  10. Hello everyone! First, would like to thank everyone who took the effort to set up a t-blog. I spent quite a huge amount of time on them this year. Finally completed the first appointment and felt that this is the best time to create a renotalk acc and start my t-blog. We will be receiving our keys and hope to move in before CNY! Floorplan 4A resale flat. More towards BTO style whereby the rubbish chute is outside. *Note that the kitchen entrance has been flushed to the right instead of the middle as in the floor plan. ID/Contractor Hunting Being the typical kiasee/kiasu Singaporean, I started ID hunting the minute OTP was agreed on and first appointment booked. Main criteria would be budget and timeline. We have just under 2 months to complete renovations! Biggest regret was going through Q***/ R**** etc platforms to ask for quote. Would highly recommend not to do it as the IDs that respond often quote beyond expected budget.. Wasted a lot of time travelling to meet each and every one of them. I had more luck with the recommended contractors through the t-blogs and recommendations. Shortlisted: N*** from R******: Got his contact from a t-blogger. Was straight forward and practical. Told us what can or cannot be done which we liked. Unfortunately, we felt quite that our small budget didnt impress him. Quote was slightly above our budget but N say he couldnt promise completion by CNY! J&E: I think no explanations needed. We didnt work with them was because they were unable to commit to our time frame. Also, as they are extremely busy, they prefer to talk when we have the keys. My preference would be for renovation to start on the day the keys are handed over due to the short renovation timeline. J from L*****: Recommended by a friend. Was quite skeptical as there were practically no reviews to be found anywhere!! Learnt that they work through recommendations / word of mouth during our first meet up, however, still skeptical.. Was a bit less skeptical after viewing his prior works. J was very upfront that the design came from the clients as he was only a contractor and would only execute. Quote that came back was surprising within our budget and J was able to meet our move in date!!!!! Went with J from L***** in the end due to budget (sadly the force is not strong) and his commitment to meet our move in date! I do have some concerns about his promise since no other ID/Contractor was able to commit but YOLO! Scope of Work: Overhaul kitchen, service balcony, master toilet & common toilet Plaster/paint all walls Polish existing broken marble flooring Change all doors Change all windows (TBC depending on existing conditions) Electricial wiring (J to advise if existing wirings are good enough. J mentioned that the older wirings are actually better than newer wirings and it might be better not to change!)
  11. Hi there! After spending months trawling the renotalk forums, and learning SO much from all you regular posters, I'm creating this t-blog to give back to the community by sharing my experience. Hopefully my 2-cents will be useful to some future home owner Renovation for our place has just started, so future updates will show progress of our home as well! Cheers, Alvin
  12. Hi all, I've recently just booked my new 4-rm SBF flat and I'll be getting my keys soon. My flat does not comes with flooring for living room and 3 bedrooms. Only HDB default floor and wall tiles in kitchen and 2 toilets. I will be going for resilient vinyl flooring all living room and 3 BRs. Kitchen and toilet floor and wall I'm going for homogeneous tiles. I will be appealing for HDB cement screeding in order for me to lay the vinyl flooring. I will also plan to hack down partial of the kitchen wall and 1st bedroom wall. Can any laojiaos here provide me a checklist of the renovation process I should check or receive from renovation contractors? (not going for ID) Some people say flooring goes first, electricity goes first, wetwork/masonry works goes first, plumbing or aircon piping etc. But I am not too sure for my case. The renovation should involves the following, if I'm not wrong: 1) hacking of walls, 2) vinyl flooring installation / homo tiles overlaying, 3) aircon piping, 4) aluminium/glass work for hacked walls, 5) kitchen table top, 6) blinds, 7) electricity/lightings, 8) carpentry (kitchen cupboards, wardrobes etc) 9) painting (walls), 10) plumbing I'm not too sure which one should comes before/after each. Please feel free to add in to the checklist. For all your advices! Thanks.
  13. Finally we have settle down with our designer! And we are now waiting for our 1st 3d drawing which will be releasing next week! Cant wait to see what it turn out to be. Will be updating further if we have any good deal or direct deal.
  14. Hello everyone, Like many young couples, my SO and I are really excited to get the keys for our future home. Since then I have been lurking around renotalk, absorbing experience and ideas shared by so many passionate homeowners. As I will be starting my renovation soon, I feel that I should share my experience here, to contribute a little back to this awesome community. My home is a 4-room BTO flat, located at the northeastern area of Singapore. As this is a premium project, it comes with HDB flooring and I opted for HDB door. Below is the floor plan and pictures of the living room. Typical 4 room BTO floor plan. Realised many of my new neighbours hack away the wall between kitchen and dining area. Decided against an open concept kitchen as both of us are too lazy/busy to keep our kitchen neat and tidy all the time. Recess wall in the living room. HDB should just fill up the recess area to make life easier for us. TV console will be placed here. Still thinking of ideas for dining area feature wall. Dislike the wooden skirting around the living area and will be asking my ID to hack and replace them with matching tiles. We have collected our keys in early March but the last month was spent rectifying the defects with HDB and sourcing for contractor/ID. Both tasks are long and daunting, and I am glad both of them have been sorted out. During the meetings with different contractors/IDs, I have these criteria in mind: 1. Must incorporate our fengshui beliefs into the design 2. Pet friendly as we have a dog 3. Scandinavian theme (love the clean and simple look) with splashes of blue 4. Keep within our budget 5. The contractor/id must be able to commit and take care of our project personally, as we both work late Finally found our chosen one and signed the contract over the weekend, journey should start next week. Next, shopping time for air condition, hod, hood, sink and fridge....
  15. Hi everybody, I desperately need advice on what to do with all the doors in my house. Currently going through reno & my doors arrived yesterday. To my dismay, it was nothing like the one I selected, color-wise. I was doing confinement last month and ordered these doors through the contractor. I was told that it will be like what I ordered. Then last week I got a call to say that it's still that color but slightly darker so I thought okay, no difference like that. I asked the workers & they said all doors are yellow, especially with varnish. I will not be able to find a non-yellow door in SG. I feel very cheated, having paid $2050 for all the doors. Main door, 3 bedroom door & one storeroom door. I was told that I cannot return or refund and cannot complain as they said that the catalogue stated illustration and actual product may vary. I decided to look for alternatives and came down to 3 solutions, namely Wallpaper, Decorative paint or changing the doors. I do not know how much it costs to wrap the door but the salesperson online all advised against as too many movement on it may cause it to peel. As for decorative paint, I am quoted $1800. Changing doors means throwing another $2k in. Last alternative is to spray paint at $600+ or paste Formica onto the doors which will affect the closing. Please advise me on what I can do, I intend to move in on the 8/9/16. Ideally I would like to have white/light-hearted doors to match the floor tiles. Many many thanks in advance!! (I had chosen VP15 without the middle board. On the catalogue, it looks light enough to match my floor and not as warm as the website and definitely nothing like the actual product )
  16. Finally my turn to share the renovation journey after 4 years of our BTO application! Please bear with my bad english and my inability to make this as interesting. So, my parents (or rather, my mother) has been feeling really envious of my friends who are all getting their keys to their new flat and started asking me if we can still apply for a new flat. So, did my research and asked lots of questions. And yes we can! So started throwing $10/month starting late 2010, and finally gotten a not too good number after a year plus (the fate for second timers..). Since the project we get to apply for is a huge project, it is taking a longer time than the other project which was launched in the same month. So! Like many others, lets start with my floor plan! Pictures of the bare unit will follow soon!
  17. Started this quite late but got inspired by a neighbour so here goesss.......... November 2011, my then fiance, now hubby, was waiting anxiously for HDB to release new flats and due to his foresight, Punggol and Hougang would be a good estate. It is still 'empty' now and not as crowded as mature estate, its accessible and in the near future, it would be a booming estate where property value would go up. Especially for Punggol So when the new releases came out, HDB released both Punggol and Hougang but after seeing the location of Punggol's BTO and seeing the waterway, WE'RE SOLD! It is so near the mrt, it has the waterway as a view and its so near the new big shopping mall thy're building (Watetown) which is the same size or bigger than Vivo City. So of course, duh punggol waterway! With the new road opening up to Seletar, his drive to work from home would be 10 minutes or less, what a good life for him! So on January 16 - We collected our keys! Above: We were so happy that we chose a corner house! All that big space! We're already coming up with crazy ideas on how to make outside look awesome! Above: The living room. Sorry quite small! Above: Our Walkway Our kitchen and very tiny masterbedroom
  18. Hello All! Thanks to all fellow T-blogger in renotalk, we have learnt much and finally get to start our very own T-Blog! Here is our floor plan for 4room BTO at Fernvale Rivergrove. We've opt-in for HDB tiles and doors. And heres our self drawn concept on what we plan to do. We spent around 1 month plus meeting 6 different ID and finally found our right one! The next post will share more about our ID meeting process and we'll collecting keys next week! So excited ~
  19. Hi there! We will be receiving our 4-room BTO Flat keys soon. Our preferred theme is Japanese Minimalist / Zen / Muji style with creative storage ideas. Does anyone have any IDs / contractors to recommend? Thank you!
  20. Hi guys!! I've been stalking renotalk for over 4 years omg! Decided to start a t-blog to share my experiences so far My husband and I balloted for our Punggolian home like 4 years ago! And we've finally gotten our key collection date! We'll be collecting our keys on 15th June after a freaking long wait! Am glad to see some fellow Punggolians threads here too! Hello future neighbours! *waves* Actually last week, I wrote a post on my blog about things to prepare when searching for an Interior Designer! Basically the main gist was, we learnt the hard way about going in blind. It is best to have kinda of an idea of what you want. And after a couple of meetings, we finally decided on what we wanted. Woohoo! This is our floorplan! #nadskaihome is a 4 room Premium BTO. Unfortunately for us, our kitchen is tiny! Even if we decide to hack that tiny little wall there, it isn't going to help much! Honestly, when we compare our floorplan to others, I find that we have very little unusable space. Oh well, we'll just have to make the best of what we have! For some reason, our project is extremely green! It's like our contractor Sun Huan is OBSESSED with green. The outside is green. The lifts are green. There are many ugly mosaics in the house. many ugly green bits to be covered. Will be taking pics when we collect our keys and will share pics of the royal greenness. More updates coming soon!
  21. Hi there, I'm new here and am starting to hunt for my resale flat! The attached shows the ideal layout! Would appreciate if anyone can tell me where to find this type of 4 room layout.
  22. Hi all, After 4 years of waiting, we finally gotten our BTO keys! Its a typical 4 room floor plan however we opted out for the doors not because the doors are not good, its because they are so not flexible like PD doors in the end they will still be removed and changed. And also we do not want to have such a mainstream doors for the bathroom, I promise you can never imagine it in my home. Stay tuned! So excited! So ya here's our floor plan~
  23. Dear all, Have met up with alot of IDs and yet to come to a good conclusion on how to fully utilise the space in the first part of the living room and the wall facing the main door. What should be done to the wall facing the main door? Was actually thinking of hanging a collage of photo frames feat. family photos, however FSM advised against it. Will like it to be a focal point when we open the door. Currently the deco is a low tv console to display some ornaments. On the left hand side is a display cabinet. However, we do not have enough ornaments or display items to display. the above layout currently used doesn't seem applicable to us. Any ideas please? Greatly appreciated.
  24. We wanted our new home to look very simple 'like nothing at all'. We approached total of 3 IDs and 2 contractors. The quotations from 2 IDs were quite competitive (the another ID took my floorplan and did not get back to us), as for the contractors… I’m quite surprise myself that both quotations were on the high side and told me that I am unable to hack some walls. But to be fair, both different contractors did say that he need to go on site to give us a precise quotation. Yet comparing the psf charges from the contractors, their price are abit higher than the IDs. Ended up, we signed with one of the ID, Ronnie (Mr. OK Can), whom right till now, drawn us with his responsive and straight forwardness, most importantly we are comfortable with his presence. Every time we saw some minor issues, his reply always go 'Ok, can' and things will be fix swiftly. My renovation cost (paid 95% already) is $23,000 excluding flooring which we went direct to Evorich $4,782.90, so summing up to: $27, 783. This is our progress till today:
  25. Hello fellow Renotalkers, I'm new here though my husband already is a regular. I created a blog to document the joy and experience of building our home with my hubby but silly me, I had meant to place the content in T-blog but confused with the main blog platform also on Renotalk. Here are my first two posts. BLOG - CHAPTER 1: ID Search Months ahead of our key collection, we were contemplating whether to engage an ID or not. My hubby was very excited as he had been looking forward to start on our renovation project and he was very confident of doing up the 3D-drawings himself. I must say, he did some pretty decent perspectives for the home. But we still went ahead to get some quotes from ID first… ​Click to continue --------------------- BLOG - CHAPTER 2: Our 4RM BTO Space STEP 2: Space Evaluation (4RM BTO) Here's an overview of how our bare 4-rm BTO space looks like LIVING/DINING AREA We opted out of the floor tiles (living/dining/bedroom only) and doors option in order to get alternatives that suit our liking. View from our main door. ….. Click to continue Chapter 2 -------------------------- Anyone here who might be find this layout familiar? Guess most flats are laid out similarly these days. Moving forward, I will continue with my updates from here onwards.