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  1. The track light LEDs are from DIYovation in SG, using LINIQ brand (both holder and bulb). They are simple looking yet affordable. Wanted to buy from Taobao but abit skeptical on their quality. You can order online from qoo10 or hit their store (in a warehouse) to have a feel of how it's like. I went down and bought them because I want to make sure it is not some cheap quality plastic made from china, and I'm satisfied with what I saw. https://www.qoo10.sg/item/GU10-LED-BULB-TRACK-LIGHT-CASING-LED-TRACK-LIGHT-SPOT-LIGHT-FEATURE/503854589 Track itself is gotten from electrician's own vendor.
  2. Hitachi fridge and wash machine arrived. Kitchen all but completed. MBR toilet also fully completed. Fixed up the bomb-shelter rack as well, which is a MUST before you start moving in because you gonna need all the space to put your bulky items. Rack bought from Qoo10, adjustable legs to accommodate uneven floor level.
  3. Just realised all my electronics appliance/products are from Japan. Mitsubishi, Sony, Yamaha, Rinnai, Hitachi just to name a few.
  4. Kudos to YJL Renovation Pte Ltd. After being "conned" by Doors Studios and "Ah Hai", I've engaged YJL for the supply and install of my walk-in wardrobe bi-fold door. They have surprised me by their sincerity as well as their promptness in completing my door supply and installation in less than 10 working days. And well, I'm impressed with what I see. Dining table from Ikea (LISABO Series). Bench and chairs are from Comfort Design. Pendant light goes well with the dining set. Ikea sofa (KARLSTAD series)
  5. Final Handover day has come. The final 10% will be held by me and if there's anything that I would want to touch up these few weeks, E is still gonna come back to touch them up. MUahahaha. Well, all the electrical appliances and furnitures are starting to come in at the same time. 55" Sony Android TV for such a small living room? Me and my wife didn't thought so, cuz at dining table also need to watch! Partition wall to hide all the messy tangling cables. Where's all the wires for the MBR tv and power socket/CAT6 data point? Its just hidden right behind the tv, no partition wall no concealment no nothing, mystery solved.
  6. I wanna make a HUGE complaint today! Now that everything has been finally "resolved". And just to be clear, it has got nothing to do with E and CX Reno. Its regarding my walk-in wardrobe door, E has previously said they don't specialize in door-making so I had to engage my own door contractor, because I'm doing a customized wooden bi-fold louvered door. Something similar to the one shown below. After some consideration we decided to engage Door Studios (DS). They were relatively prompt in their reply and measurement taking site survey was also fuss-free. Promised me that door can be ready by 2 weeks, so I went ahead with the 30% deposit. In the end Door Studios told me that their "contractor/worker" named Ah Hai will be liaising with me from then onwards. 3 weeks has passed and finally the door can be installed in the midst of my renovation. Scheduled Ah Hai to come down on 19th May 2017, and he confirmed no problem. And from here onwards he start to chut stunt... 1) One day before the promised date, 18th May, Ah Hai called me his truck sent for repair, cos broken down, so have to postpone to next Mon 22nd May. Ok I give them benefit of doubt and we rescheduled. 2) One day before 22th May, called me again tell me the truck not repaired fully, need at least another day to repair, so have to postpone to Tues 23rd May. Again I thought it just delay 1 day, shouldn't be an issue, so we rescheduled again to tues. 3) On the tuesday itself, 23rd May, promised to come down at 10am for the installation, and I'm at work, so I asked my dad to be at my new house to open the door and check on their works. Ah Hai didn't even show up at all! He didn't even inform me that he won't be able to make it. I was in a meeting and busy until 12pm then I realised no updates from him. So I called him to check on what is going on. To my astonishment, he picked up the phone and the 1st thing he said was "oh hello Mr XXX, I got schedule installation works for you today ah?" WTF!??? What kind of lame sh*t is this. He then gave a even more power excuse on his no-show saying that the door has got some defects here and there that he found unacceptable, so he ask his worker to RE-DO the whole door again from scratch! Wah you think I 3-year old kid ah, who will believe this kind of lame excuse, previously truck spoil, now door quality not acceptable???? I lodged a complaint to DS on this no-show and then they went on to call Ah Hai and he called me back and apologize profusely. I don't wanna make life difficult for everyone and I really need my door to be done, so I asked him one final round, "When can you install my **** door???" and he confirm die die plus chop the coming Friday 26th May confirm confirm definitely the door will be up. This is my final chance for him and I eagerly wait for him to show up on friday. 4) Come friday early in the morning, received a call from Ah Hai. I thought to myself before picking up the phone, "Oh YES!!! Is he finally going to inform me that he is reaching my house?" **** NO!!! This time round give me another bullsh*t say the ironmongery they need to get from other supplier, so the door not ready yet. ARGHHHHH! I screwed him this time round, asking for his factory address which he said is at Sungei Kadut, so I further probed on the exact address so I can make a trip down to check on my door. He insisted not to give me, tell me I go down also point-less the door can't be up also. Seriously, this is really unacceptable. I went on to complain to Door Studios, this time round, text and phonecalls they don't even answer the whole day, when they should be the one giving me some answers. Whole day can't reach Door Studios, they are apparently avoiding me because they are helpless as well. After some talks to Ah Hai again, he say the following Monday 29th May the door will be ready. Wah I tell you, I really don't trust this lame uncle anymore, but I agreed to it nonetheless to see what stunt he throwing again this time round. 5) Sunday, one day before the 29th May Mon, I purposely Whatsapped Ah Hai that I will be down there waiting for him 10am and he read the message, verified by the blue ticks, but no reply. On 29th May mon morning, I whatsapped him again early in the morning, telling him that late-show, no-show also must inform me. Kaoz, this time all the messages only have one grey tick. Decided to just call him straight, and this is what I heard: "Sorry, this Hi-card is currently unavailable, please try again later". Win liao lor, switch off phone somemore, maciam vanish into the thin air, called until noon still can't reach. Bo bian have to call DS, as usual, no pickup as well. This time round I no give face no give chance liao, they have ignited the fury in me, I sent one long text to DS stating how unacceptable, irresponsible and unprofessional they and their workers are, and I demanded a full refund of the deposit, even if Ah Hai or they say door is ready, I won't trust their words anymore. I even tell them to act like a man, don't be a coward hide and avoid from their clients. Never have they replied so fast to me, and DS say Ah Hai actually is not their direct worker. I already suspected so because Ah Hai is the only one making calls to me on the date scheduling, seems like DS don't even want to get involved. From 19th dragged until 29th May still can no-show no answer, just to show how f-ed up they are seriously. Eventually I got my full deposit refund and DS apologized to me at the very end. Actually I can't blame DS fully as well, but just too bad they happened to engage one subcon that can't even produce what they promised, time and time again waste my time, delay my renovation and treated me like a fool. I believe DS themselves are victim here too. MORAL OF THE STORY, make sure you make thorough assessment on your door contractors, and do not engage a subcon by the named of Ah Hai and has a "factory" in Sungei Kadut. Although they didn't run away with my money, their lack of professionalism and empty promises are just unacceptable. They should count themselves fortunate I did not lodge a complain to CASE. Case closed.
  7. Windows venetian and roller blinds are up. Great service and staff attitude from Kingsley Window Furnishing. Masterbedroom toilet frosted glass also installed today. I specifically asked E to source for frosted glass door that does not have that bit of greenish look on it, look so cheapo and like covered with algae. Went for a more greyish (or non-coloured) frosted glass instead.
  8. Bathroom essentials and accessories all done. Chose all matte stainless steel products as chrome items has too many reflections and looks very messy. Stains not so obvious as well. Bought most of them from Hoe Kee, even my Joven JH25L storage heater. As for my rainshower, I've been travelling up and down Tradehub21, Jln Besar and Balestier, but was turned off by their matte rainshower prices. Until I found Heritage Bathroom at Paya Lebar. Managed to get an affordable and sleek looking rainshower at sale price. Do drop by them, surprisingly lots of customers in their relatively small shop.
  9. Lol. That's exactly what i wanted actually. At least when cleaning up the room it's bright enough. And if its too bright at night i can easily switch to warm light or dim it down by remote control. Better than later buy one that isn't bright enough need to replace with another.
  10. All ceiling fans and lights are up! Living room track light and Fanco FFM4000 fan. Dining area pendant light from Tampoi JB, able to toggle between warm and day light. Only about SGD100+ , What a great deal! Walk-in wardrobe white track light. My most expensive and dua leng gong (huge-a**) Philips LED Ceiling Light bought in SG. Able to switch from warm to day light, and dim-able using remote control. At the corner is my Vento Fino 2 fan from Tampoi as well.