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Found 15 results

  1. We met up with Field on June 12 to discuss works for kitchen carpentry, bed frames, room doors and book shelf. He appeared professional and led the conversation efficiently. At wrap-up, he said he is very busy at the moment and will need two weeks to prepare the quotation, which we agreed. As a follow-up, I also sent him a picture of our preferred bed frame a day after our meeting, to which he did not reply. Three weeks later, I sent him a message and asked if the quotation is ready. He did not reply. At the end of the week, I sent him another message and asked if he is still interested with our business, and requested him to give me an answer either way. Both messages were written with good tone. He did not reply. The next week, after calling him multiple times to no avail, I called his sister, Lane for help. She gave a weak apology and said will check with her brother. For the whole day, I did not receive any reply from him and he did not answer any of my calls. I got upset only when my calls started to go to voice mail. Thinking he might have blocked my call, I asked my sister to call him on her mobile as it is unknown to him. Amazingly, he answered and even agreed to an appointment on the same evening under the impression that this is a new business prospect. He was surprised when we showed up at the door but he immediately gave an apology as he perfectly understand his lack of service. During our conversation, I explained my disappointment to him and said I had expected him to have professionalism, take responsibility and maintain communication. We were perfectly fine if he could not take our request but all we want is a word from him. Although he apologized, it was insincere as he put it very clearly to us that we should not expect any of the "common manners" from him as other contractors are other contractors. He is himself. He works alone. He is overworked. He can't meet our timeline. Current customers whom have exchanged money with him are the most important and we are not. We should not expect professionalism or maintaining of contact with him as it is what other people do. He has his own style. So basically the message is, he has already apologized to us. What else do we want from him? This is exactly the millennial mindset and attitude that is utterly frustrating these days. Do not expect them taking responsibility as customers should pity them instead. Remember! If you did not exchange money with them, you are not important.
  2. My unit is a 4-room flat of 92sqm (including AC ledge). It's considered really small but oh wells, this is what you get for a 4-room flat nowadays, and thankfully me and wife aren't that big size either. The bombshelter is located in the kitchen that in turn, gives us more space in the LR, which is exactly what we wanted. Can host mahjong session in the LR Initial Floor Plan Our Basic Requirements 1. Spacious MBR and LR 2. Walk-in wardrobe 3. Work area 4. Long mirror cabinet in MBR toilet 5. High Resilient Vinyl Flooring for LR and all BRs 6. Overlay of floor and wall tiles in MBR toilet 7. Bottom cabinet only for hob side, top and bottom cabinet on the opposite side 8. Scandinavian style, with maybe a little pinch of Industrial feel Contractors/IDs Selection 1. Chun Xiang Renovation Pte Ltd I shall skip the scouting process as I'm too lazy to recall each and every detail of them. In summary, I've approached a couple of IDs and Main Cons, but none of them fits my budget with the requirements, except for Edmund (in short I'll just call him E here) from CX Reno. Actually he was introduced to me by a close friend, and I've personally went down to their new house to witness their fine carpentry's workmanship. One thing good about them is that they're already a registered reno contractors with HDB and it will make the approval process of the reno smoother and faster. New Floor Plan with my Idea 1. Sealing up BR2 actual door, and hacking a door linking BR2 with MBR. Making BR2 into a walk-in wardrobe and work area. 2. Changing the direction of MBR door to have better accessibility into walk-in wardrobe. Milestones and Progress Updates 19 / 10 / 2016 - Flat Unit Selected 05 / 01 / 2017 - Submitted Appeal Form for Smooth Rendering Floor (SRF) *mine is a SBF unit, therefore no flooring is done prior, and since we're doing vinyl flooring, we need to get cement screed for our flooring, should take around 6-8 weeks to get approved, i.e. latest by 2nd March* decided to withdraw and appoint my main con screed instead 16 / 01 / 2017 - Collected Keys and Signed of Lease Agreement, Performed Door-opening Ritual 19 / 01 / 2017 - 1st Defects Inspection 21 / 01 / 2017 - Submitted Defects Feedback Form to BSC *takes around 9-14 working days to be rectified by BSC, i.e. latest by 13th Feb* 13 / 02 / 2017 - BSC confirmed 1st rectification completed, pending for 2nd defects check or close case with BSC 18 / 02 / 2017 - Rectification completion confirmed and signed. 16 / 03 / 2017 - Renovation and Hacking work commences! 18 / 03 / 2017 - Electrical work commences! 03 / 06 / 2017 - Final Handover from CX Reno (but still got some nitty-gritty touch ups to be rectified, so they will still be back a few times. And my walk-in wardrobe that is handled by another door contractor, still has not been installed, hopefully they can be installed by mid June, furnitures and electrical appliances are slowly coming in.) Will keep this post updated every now and then... All the completed final renovation images. Hope my blog helped you guys along the way! Living Room Kitchen MBR Toilet Walk-in Wardrobe MBR
  3. This is a late review but I see it as a confirmation of the quality of Field and Country Concept’s workmanship. I ordered a craft closet of sorts from Field almost 3 years ago, and recently contacted him again to do some touch ups and also changing of the wheels. (The wheels has stripped as it’s the nature of rubber.) However, what I am most delighted about Field’s professionalism is that even though the project has already ended after 3 years, he still made sure that the closet is up to standard, and asking me if I wanted anything to be fixed or adding more stuff like shelves etc. There was nothing to be fixed because everything worked perfectly for 3 years, despite constant abuse (I’m notorious for not taking good care of my stuff). I casually mentioned that I wanted more dowels to store more washi tapes, and Field immediately asked me to send him some photos, and arrived with a solution that was way better than I had anticipated. I wish I can add more photos or even videos regarding that, but if you’re interested in knowing more about this particular project, you can read about it here: https://dayre.me/doubleoxm/1CXbokKSRgThis craft closet is also something that Country Concept has attempted for the first time, and they made it wonderfully. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about other carpenters having shoddy workmanship, and this made me realise how lucky I am to even be able to find Field as the very first carpenter I work with to get this work done.If I have to make another craft closet, I will definitely go to Country Concept again, no questions ask.
  4. Hi! I've been lurking around the forum and t-blogs for information for my new place and figured, now that I'm halfway through (maybe more 1/3 way) my own renovation, its time to share my story too. Here's my original floor plan My place is a resale condo and this was the only floor plan I could find of it. Its abit oddly shaped in the living room and my HTB and I really wanted it to be spacious feeling. Its just going to be him and me and my dog. Its our first place together and we're really excited. There's that huge patio too, that we love (and am pretty sure my dog will love too) We spoke to some people and finalized on our interior designer. He's a really interesting person but thats another story altogether. Anyways, here's the floor plan that we have now. Thats it for now. I'll try to upload some pictures we took before we started hacking everything down later on today. Thanks for viewing! I'm so excited I've been making my poor colleagues listen to me go on about the renovations and every decision that we've had to make so far. I think they're tired of it. So this may be a better place for me to share.
  5. Rustic industrial vintage inspired sideboard cabinet - all steel frame galvanized with accompanying steel and wood drawers. Mounted on fixed metal castors (does not roll easily) Purchased at S$2580, selling at just S$800. Price fixed, self collection only. Please arrange own transportation and manpower, cabinet is heavy. Am on lift level. Dimensions: 120cm (l) x 97cm (h) x 44cm (w)
  6. Hi to all renotalk readers, I have started my make over weeks ago and finally I created an account here to share the process. So far, it's an enjoyable process. From amending the 3Ds design to choosing of tiles and laminates. I'm a cool person the tiles and laminates are all Matt finishing. Nothing is glossy. My ID brought me to Hafary to select the tiles. This is floor tiles option 1. This is floor tiles option 2. Decided for option 1 as the other looks kind of boring. This will be for living and kitchen flooring. ID suggest to lay 300x600 for kitchen as the exposed floor area is not much. Look nicer in this way. I'm ok lo.. Trust him. Mention that I'm not into gloosy finishing. My bathroom tiles will be in Matt too. This will be bathroom flooring. This will be bathroom wall. I always love the idea of having subway tiles for kitchen. So I shortlisted these few, will decide after 3D is out. It's a tiring day choosing the tiles. Can't imagine when it come to choosing laminates. To be continued.....
  7. Selling this industrial Director's Tripod Floor Lamp. Spot Light, Brass w/ Textured Glass on Wooden Stand Measurements: 180 CM Stylish yet functional, perfect for any rustic home. Used for 1 year Condition: 10/10 Selling at SGD 750 Contact me at 9048 7151 or rochellexsong@gmail.com if interested.
  8. One of a kind custom made industrial look inspired queen size bed frame, with faux black leather foam cushion rests (not pictured, attaches to head-board), and frame wood base boards. Mattress included is the premium Simmons BackCare Advanced S1000 Plush Top + Anti-dust Mite Protector (purchased in 2013 from Simmons at $4000) Mattress is in good condition and clean (has just been professionally cleaned last Dec before CNY. Can refer to the mattress brochure here: http://www.simmons.com.sg/downloads/simmons_backcare_advance.pdf. Only selling as a set, AT JUST $1500 (NON-NEG). Buyer to self-arrange movers. Genuine interested buyer, pls drop me a private message to arrange.
  9. High durability polyurethane material in brown woven rattan look Placed in sheltered balcony Regularly maintained Very beautiful set Table size L 200cm x W 80cm x H 105cm Included 8mm thick glass top Height of chair 69cm floor to seat Each chair comes with matching khaki brown colour cushion ( not shown) Original price $3500 (in 2013) Selling price $2500
  10. I chanced upon Renotalk's t-Blogs while doing research for own renovation and thought it'd be a good idea to document this exciting process and our experience. Let me get started with some background info first! Home will be a maisonette in Clementi with my husband (let's call him Mr K) and our playful Burmese cat. We bought the place in January 2015 and started shopping around for interior designers shortly after. The house was in very good condition and was very well-maintained. Truth be told, it was in move-in condition but there were quite a lot of design flaws (in our opinion) and it just didn't suit our taste at all. Mr K and I like a similar aesthetic ie. minimalist but his taste veers more to the masculine side ie. industrial, while I prefer white and airy ie. scandinavian. Not wanting the fittings/bare structure of the house to look schizo, we decided to just go with one theme and stick with it. So, industrial-minimalist it was. The catch was that I get to choose softer loose furnishing to make the place look less like a man-cave. Before I talk about our ID selection process, here is the original layout and some before pictures.
  11. Our 5 rm BTO is now already undergoing renovation. Tiling works and wiring are in progress. Pardon me but let me do some back dating work here. Renovation is really more hectic than we though it would be! We'll let the pictures do the talking. Here is our floor plan. Very typical 5-rm floor plan. Had thought of hacking the wall between bedroom 3 and living room so as to make a, very popular now, semi-enclosed study room complete with glass doors and black frame. This would very much fit into the modern scandi feel. But then did away with it after consultation with our feng shui master. Decided to do away with the wall between our master and bedroom 2 instead! [bEFORE] [AFTER] Much space and light after. Didn't know how much space was the wall hiding! Since I am in the mood of hacking, why not just remove the hideous white plastic box with mesh-like PVC material covering the drainage in the master toilet. Somebody may like it, somebody don't. This was an inital idea that alarmed our ID a bit but then was accepted cause it fitted our design! Alright the picture doesnt do it justice. But trust us, it's a lot bigger with the damned box removed. The black stuff is preparation work for our overlay~~ That's the update for another time..
  12. Axel coffee table from Timothy Oulton, made with genuine reclaimed vintage timber. L 152cm / 60" ; W 91cm / 36" ; H 46cm / 18" Condition 9/10 Less than 2 years, selling to redesign living space for coming newborn. Retail price ~$1.6k. Price negotiable.
  13. Finally starting my own t-Blog! Have learnt a lot from fellow renotalkers and enjoyed reading abt all the reno journeys! Hope to get some suggestions/opinions for my reno as well! Home is a 5I flat in Jurong West. Bought it 6 yrs ago and did minimal furnishing so now we're ready to do a major overhaul! So excited!! We do not have a specific theme.. Initially wanted a modern resort look but we felt like we have some decor items which may look out of place so we started leaning towards: industrial / rustic / mid-century ... Simply put: ROJAK! Lol Thankfully, my other half and I have similar tastes so it's not so bad.. Both of us love ethnic decor stuff hence the title of this blog.. Ethnic Chic. Will be having some balinese, indian, peranakan touches and we also have some antiques like the gramophone, steel trunk, some vintage posters.. So we just have to see what fits. Most importantly, we want the house to look spacious and bright, has to feel cozy, giving us the feeling like we're relaxing in a villa. Okay now on IDs/contractors. We have approached at least TEN of them. Will comment on some: 1) Chew Interior Too ex! I don't need my home to look like a showroom! The ID was also quite reluctant to give ideas and had the yaya papaya attitude.. Maybe we looked like we couldnt afford his services?! -.- 2) Add S p a c e (met at expo) A lady attended to us and kept pushing to sign up a package as there were only "3 slots left". BS! 3) Unimax Creative (met at expo) We spoke to a lady then halfway a guy joined her and started giving "creative" ideas. But they never got back to us on the quote. Waste time! 4) Rezt & Relax (met at expo) Spoke to a soft-spoken lady. Never got back to us too. Waste time again! 5) Ciseern (expo) Asked us our budget. Told him 35k. "Oh not possible". ?!@@@? We walked off. 6) Inspire by D'Trenzo (recommended by friend) Quote was not bad but we felt that they are more specialized in modern designs and would not be able to achieve the look we want for our place so.. Dropped. 7) D'zign Station Met up few times and even went to check out ID's other completed projects. Quote was not bad too. Almost wanted to sign up till we saw the 3D drawing. Felt that ID either did not understand what we want or he forgot. Dropped. We got tired of sourcing for IDs but thank God there's Renotalk! Quite interested to go for the famous Alan or K but was afraid they might be too busy and hiccups will arise. Then I came across June's and Stinz' blogs.. Love what the ID did and met up with him. My other half was not comfortable with the fact that this ID works from home and he's quite young.. But when we stepped into his house and started discussing, the other half was impressed! I just gave the "I told u so" look. LOL Alrightey then! Sorry for the long story. Let me figure out how to post pix then I can post my floor plan on the next post.
  14. Hihi guys! Hope the day have been good for you so far! Well, I finally joined the renotalk family today after my many visits to this portal for reno ideas and reading the blogs of some of the forummers here.. Finding the read every rewarding in many ways and that many of you open my eyes to the world of renovation such as the material used for the reno, design ideas and even the type of furnitures, appliances that you all eventually got for your home.. Ermm... In other words, I litterally getting myself "poison" along the way coz whenever I read the blogs, I'll start to think "Hey, maybe I should get this for my house too!"... Arghhh!!.... Kekeke.. I have been toying the idea of starting a t-blog for awhile now coz I'm quite worried about no time to maintain the blog... However, decided to start it so that we can document our reno journery and that we can see how far we manage to achieve the look that we want as a home.. So... I hope that all the qian bei here can help to guide us along if we happen to ask some noob questions about renovation.. Thanks in advance yet! Ohh... And I also want to declare that I'm not officially MrsKhoo (my username) yet but am going to be in a week plus time.... So very very busy during this time. Hoping the time could fly till after my wedding.. Very tiring now... So enough of the lengthy introduction.... Let's get down to the main topic on our new place! We bought a resale EA in the Northern part of Singapore in January 2014 and finally got our keys to our new place just last month... The search to our marital home was completed in only viewing about 5 to 6 houses.. Hahaha.. Yes! yes! I know.. I know.. That was fast right! We decided to buy the house as we find that it is bright and airy. We did viewed a few houses before this place and we were attracted to it on our first visit there.. Maybe because the few houses before that were ermmm.. yucky with some of the units having their floor & ceiling super dark and dirty.. Some have weird design with the orientation of the door to the bomb shelter / storeroom in the middle of the living room wall (wondering why HDB built it like that) and 1 unit asking for high COV for a place that is so rundown when alot of houses were offering $0 or little COV at that time.. And so we went back to this only house that we like again on a 2nd time at night to have a look and we still like it. So that's when we decided to make our offer that was $10k lower than the valuation price. But... the owners refused to budge on the price so no choice lor.. Since we like it then just got to accept the price lor.. Ok.. Thats all for my first post.. Will share the floor plan to my place once I find out how to attach photos.. Hahaha.. Forgive me k for the long grandfather's story and that I gong gong didnt go find out how to attach photo first before writing my first post... Will be back soon de! Cheers!