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  1. One desk touch control and smart design features rationalize your living and add comfort. Dimensions available are: 1200mm x 600mm x 36mm – at just $799 only! 1500mm x 700mm x 36mm – at just $849 1800mm x 800mm x 36mm – at just $899 Make the best use of this deal by grabbing it at the most affordable price. Its amazing features include: ● Touch control ● Easy height adjustment ● Smart design ● Use of high-quality laminates Experience great comfort and perform your work easily with the help of its awesome benefits by purchasing it at the best price. Website: https://www.hddoor.com.sg/
  2. Fellow home owners - WATCH OUT for these warning signs before putting down your money Disclaimer: These are fictitiously illustrated pointers inspired by personal and friends' experiences, and other relavant sources. Please read with discretion. If you're easily offended, don't read, go read a self-help book. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. SIGN 1. IT ALL STARTED FROM FACEBOOK SPONSORED ADS. Suddenly, like signs from above, 2 or 3 different FB Pages flash their beautiful furniture at you. A few of them caught your eyes, on SALE, those prices so fly! You bite the bait and clicked right in. They have likes, shares comments and enquiries like they're legit hot! 10 years warranty woah say! They even have lucky draws, boy oh boy! You think to yourself, "Woah this design I buy from XXX and YYY stores need to pay alot more leh!" It's your dream furniture coming true at a price so unreal. So you tag your spouse/friends and say "Let's go!" Few showrooms you go shopping, impressive showrooms. You're convinced by now they confirm legit! WATCH OUT FOR THESE: - When are these FB Pages created? - Have you heard of them? - Do they sound awfully similar to other established companies? - Are they always slashing prices? - Do a few new/unfamiliar FB Pages sell very similar products at very similar unbelievable prices, at the same period? - Heck, do their photos and products look almost the same?? Hmmm. - Compare with prices of reliable competitors. Are prices ALOT lower? If so, why? - Check their addresses. How long have they been located there? If new, where did they move in from? - Are they registered companies with ACRA? - Home furnishing industry in Singapore isn't that large. Suppliers are only a handful. Question to ask is, how does a new company you've never heard before, maintain an impressive showroom, its operating and man costs, costs of supplies and shipping, and still give you that **** good price PLUS warranty? - They tell you they have a factory? Outside Singapore? Google it. Ensure they are actually related. Even if they have the same names. SIGN 2. SLASHED PRICE & BARGAIN-ABLE (WHAT?!) At the showroom, your friendly sales guy sits you down and treats you like royalty. You say it's out of your budget or you'll consider, but he forces his charm on you and keeps you back. Before you know it 2 hours of your precious shopping weekend gone. He asks what's your budget? You tell him. He whips out his calculator and punched in some numbers. His brows knit so hard they're about to merge. He then stands up and tells you he'll talk to his boss. There you wait, minutes ticking. After what seems like forever on this precious day, he returns with a million dollar smile. He says "Only for you" and shows you the magic number. He says 70% deposit, you hesitated, but he managed to convince you why it's necessary. Well, you've to pay for it eventually, why does it matter, right? Somehow, like you're under his spell, you put your money on the table. Excited that you've officially been promoted from endless shopping, to awaiting that empty space of your home completed. "It's a great deal!" You and your wife brimming with joy. Silently, you try to shake off the nerves. WATCH OUT FOR THESE: - Prices are already unbelievable and you can still bargain? Does it sound too flexible? - If you're getting a bad vibe, trust it, walk out and cool off. Don't let the sales person pressure you into making a decision. - Know the company you're visiting. As in, know its registered company name. And ensure you're given an invoice in that name...with the right address. - Ask about the warranty, how will they honor it? Who services it? Any form of documentation for it? - Oh, and are you highly encouraged to pay cash/ cash transfer at any point from sales to site visit? Why, cheque cannot ah? SIGN 3. LIKE A LATE PERIOD Delivery is 5 minutes later, you receive a call from the boss. He says sorry, shipment is delayed, will need 2 more weeks. This is after "I forgot to order!" "I'm overseas." "I lost my cat!" You're frustrated but what can you do? You've paid 70%. So you wait. Delivery is 30 minutes ago, but there's still no sign of your dream furniture coming. You call the boss, no answer. You call the charming sales guy, he's resigned. You call the boss again for the next hour, he answers and sounds more puzzled than you. He tells you he'll find out what's going on. Half a day later, you call him again for another hour. He calls back and says the supplier made a mistake, wait another 2 weeks. By now, you're furious. But what can you do? THE day comes, nothing again. You call and nothing. A day gone by, nothing. The next day you go back to the showroom with your 6 packs and a bat, just to find the showroom empty. Completely evacuated. Up on the glamorous door is a sign that says "WE ARE TOTALLY UNRELATED TO S.C.A.M. PTE LTD". You realize you've been s.c.a.m-ed. WATCH OUT FOR THESE: I'm sorry. By now there's nothing to watch out for. You're bounced from SPF to CASE and back to your home with that empty corner, a hole in your pocket and a sore thumb from poking that a*hole on your phone. So you move on. And like for every one of us, a lesson learnt. Nooooo, cuz a year or 2 later you find out that a*hole still lurking out here preying on consumers like you and me. I feel you mate. If this sounds horribly familiar, and you've done everything you could, leading to dead ends, pm me for a sharing session. STAY SAFE EVERYONE! HAPPY SHOPPING!
  3. Table Top Glass - Lazy Susan - Round shape & Tempered This Set of Two pcs of Clear, Round Shaped Glass for Lazy Susan Table Top is delivered yesterday. We have done the delivery and also do the dismantling and disposal of old damaged glass. To get the best quote please send us your required size to us today. Welcome to SGFrames Frame Maker, Glass and Mirror Merchant Main office: Blk 1003 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, #01-1511, Singapore 319075 ? 66357989 Chinatown Branch: No 229, South Bridge Road, Singapore 058778 ?94517174
  4. Hi guys, Where to find shop that makes custom glass table top as my dining table from taobao shattered upon arrival : ( so I need to check if where can do custom table top glass. Kindly recommend me an affordable glass maker. Thanks a lot Color: White or black size: 130cm x 80 cm (Round corners) Thickness: I don't know.
  5. Marble Family Table for Sale! Authentic and rustic vintage marble style eating table. Sturdy and class! Changing furniture thus its a pity to let it go... Comes with 6 chairs Condition is 6/10 so this is not for picky customers Some superficial wounds on chairs and one on the marble table top (we use a protective layer to cover over so it really is not a big deal) Dimensions: Table 1.8m Length x 1m Width Chair 46cm Length x 46cm Width Price: $450 (arrange own transport) Location: Bedok Reservoir Contact: 82285068 (text me)
  6. Brand New Marble Table w/ Metal Legs 1m by 1.8m Self-collection at Punggol
  7. Beautiful, Modernised High Quality Table Furniture Extremely good quality wood - Suar wood from indonesia that can last a lifetime! Sturdy and original, colors are yellowish to brownish... Place this table in your balcony, room, decoration purposes or anywhere else that pleases you **this is not your CHEAP WOOD you get from IKEA** **extremely heavy** **as good as new, in mint condition! judge the pictures yourself** SIZE: 120 cm (L) x 65 cm (W) x 76 cm (H) Used less than a year and selling because i needed a office desk instead. Selling Price: $600 (open to nego for serious interested parties) Location: Bedok Reservoir Road Blk 621 Contact: sms 8228 5068
  8. My grandfather left this, and we don't have any space to fit in since we're shifting to a smaller home. Would anyone be willing to buy this? If not, is there an appraisal service I can look for? Listing is here: https://sg.carousell.com/p/mint-condition-rosewood-table-6-chairs-145492157/
  9. Cellini Dining Table for sale: Please quote! Contact me asap! Thanks
  10. Looking to sell on all my living room furniture. Please contact me @ 91199123 for enquiries and deals.
  11. I am sharing my experience with purchasing dining table for my new house. We first started the search furniture search 2 month ago. Initially wanted to buy a glass table then considered wood table. A friend told us that dining tables are very important to a house as it reflects the stability of your career. He shared through an article that we should look at tables that are stable and sturdy. After a while, we chanced upon a marble table with thick base on top. We finally found something we both like that is classic looking. However price was of major concern as we had spent quite a bit with purchasing the house. Our final straw was to check out island marble works for a marble table. It was a pleasant surprise and we were very pleased. Not only was the price affordable, the marble was beautiful and custom made to our size and design. We were looking for a simple white marble table to match our furniture. Mr Barry Ho from island marble works was affable and friendly. He shared his designs with us, listened to what we like, and showed us numerous pictures of what he had done for his clients. He is very patient, and certainly knows a lot through his 40 yrs in this industry. I'm so glad to finally find the table that I really like, instead of settling for 2nd best due to budget. The service by Mr Ho is impeccable! We are so pleased. I wish to share that I am in no way related to Mr Ho, except I'm a pleased customer. I'm so happy that I am willing to share with people that if you are looking at good quality marble, at a reasonable price (it is definitely not cheap) but with the quality for the luxurious feel, you can consider looking for Mr Ho. I have not received the marble table as my house keys are not ready, will share that when we have officially moved in.
  12. Bring home a piece of Raffles Hotel history! Gorgeous dressing table from the hotel. Purchased from Hock Siong recently but realized that it did not fit into my home decor theme. Condition is very good except for minor scratches on the table top. Selling as it is. Not for the fussy. Please note that the lamps are not for sale. There is no stool. Kindly arrange for your own delivery/mover. Measures: (L)136cm X (W)55cm X (H)163cm Photo credit to Hock Siong.
  13. Solid oak wood dining table in dark walnut colour. The legs are made of sturdy steel frame. Can seat up to 8. Measures 74x210x90cm. Used for 3 years. Selling as we want to downgrade to a smaller table. Table is in very good condition. Please engage your own movers as this is a heavy piece.
  14. I am relocating thus selling my furniture. bed king sized and L shape sofa (2 separate pieces) are customised from Korea when i was based there crate and barrel shelf and study table 6X chairs are original danish design metal side table large coffee tables x 2 Pls msg me at 92738870
  15. 2 Bench seat 30cm(W)x110cm(L)x45cm(H) = S$120/each. (SOLD) Dining table 89cm(W)x150cm(L)x76cm(H) = S$480. (SOLD) Coffee table 106cm(W)x60cm(L)x40cm(H) = S$150 (CNY price marked down,) Benches can be practically tucked under the Dining table, it optimizing space and creates aesthetic sense in smaller dining room. The Coffee table can store family photos, books or family collection. It's a beautiful centerpiece for living room. Price negotiable. Interested whatsapp me at 90230276.
  16. Item Description - Wooden Foldable table outdoor table folding table metal legs (Chairs not included) Size: 80cm (width) x 80cm (length) x 75cm(Height) Item cost: SGD 45 Shipping: Standard Local Mail : Pick up only Seller will not be responsible for any damages or lost mail. Contact me at 91077136 for fast deals
  17. For Sale at $229 Beautiful marble top dining table and 2 solid wooden chairs. Table Width 91cm Height 76cm. Excellent used condition. Pick up: Commonwealth Drive Please arrange your own mover and transport.
  18. Preloved price @ $388 Moving House Clearance Sale Please arrange your own mover and transport. Good condition. Can accommodate up to 8 adults after extension. Pick up @ Punggol Bought @ $700
  19. Self collection at woodlands(near MRT). Contact Max @98457150. Thanks.
  20. Self collection at woodlands(near MRT). Contact Max @98457150. Thanks.
  21. Self collection at woodlands(near MRT). Contact Max @98457150. Thanks.
  22. Need space saving furniture to beautify and meet your needs. Our multifunctional transforming furniture is a smarter way to live more comfortably in a condo, HDB, or when you frequently have guests. Our transforming tables (can be used as a photo frame) and benches can help to save space and provide stylish look. Suitable for Kitchen, Dinning area etc. Available in 3 color (White, Teak, Walnut). Dimension (mm) Table: 1020 x 600 x 700 Bench: 1020 x 300 x 430 $380 per set includes Delivery and Installation
  23. Hi i just bought my new house. under renovation now. looking for recommendations on where to shop. let keep me update. thanks
  24. Hi i just bought my new house. under renovation now. looking for recommendations on where to shop. let keep me update. thanks