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  1. can't share... the ID threaten to disturb my house if i tell anyone their company name. they say their style is gangster type. just typing out . so homeowners can watch out for horrible contractors or ID.
  2. i also want to know how much it cost. some people say till it's so high sky price. like how expensive water proofing will be.
  3. im also doing my own house now. getting a ID. those package if everything you need. should be exactly as it is. but if anything add on will be where they earn alot.
  4. hi i have seen afew of my friends home and my own home. on mistakes that renovators have made. really piss people off. i m listing it down on things i encounter and my friends exp. do share you exp also. too many fake ID posers and fake contractor out there with zero exp and knowledge . Really damage the reputation of the contractors or interior designer image. and still dare to call them self professional. LIST of mistakes 1. water basin right below the live power point ( really no brain. so the house gona trip everyday or my friend is gona die one day) 2. drawer edge friction on the gas rubber tube (this is really trying to kill me. really wish my ID have a brain) hope there is a safety course that all designer need to go for. like DO NOT put sharp EDGES NEAR GAS RUBBER TUBE. 3.false ceiling install but forgot to get the wiring done . heard from friend 4. 3D drawing wait for 3 weeks still not done. home renovation almost complete. still not done. tons of excuses 5. any how charge . existing also charge. didn't provide anyhow put something there to charge. example cove light didn't do charge but $900 for it. even charge $150 for each internet point. i even had to point out hdb already provided it. no reason to charge me since you didn't even do it . 6. keep asking me to proceed with loan drag everything when close to date of renovation. know that is in the rush to move in. any how pattern all come out. expecting that i got no choice liao. even threaten me at last me if i don't follow his way my house moving will be delay. he can do what he prefer or like. super irresponsible. i had to change a designer. can't believe how many homeowner he have cheated. who would want their neck be choke by ID while doing renovation. 7.Keep planning will have and should have and didn't bother about what the home owner wants. heard from one of my neighbours. keep saying do study room here do this here. do here there.. homeowner didn't even request for study room. 8. some renovators have very bad mouth. my friend refer me to use your service. you keep saying bad things about my friend to me. really bro? very disappointed with my current house. sad... to my friend that recommend me this .. really curse you bro. in the end i found out he refer just to earn money.
  5. slothly


    how much it cost to do this.. my house is renovating
  6. 4k must well go kingsliving.. now 70% discount. full steel frame. 25yrs warranty . can customize. usual price 8 or 9 k .. now 3k plus. i went there to try the sofas. really fit for a king. super comfortable. the leather or fabric can take out to clean. or change . (im not working for kingsliving.)
  7. i want to buy. how much do contact me at thanks. im looking at fridges, fan,
  8. hi https://www.renotalk.com/interior-designer/six-dimension-design-decor they are a contractor. do contact them.
  9. Hi i just bought my new house. under renovation now. looking for recommendations on where to shop. let keep me update. thanks
  10. Hi i just bought my new house. under renovation now. looking for recommendations on where to shop. let keep me update. thanks
  11. HI guys just sharing my floorplan for your need