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  1. As the inventor of sensor lights, STEINEL is currently one of the biggest international player in this field. STEINEL lights are not only energy efficient but also designed to visually enhance your building's esthetics. STEINEL has manufactured it the next level, preserving it's top notch performance but reducing it's energy consumption (20W ~ 48W). In built sensors will hence improve energy efficiency. With simple steps of adjustments, we can help/guide you on how to set or even tune to your preferred duration to keep the area illuminated. Floodlights are engineered to be bright enough to illuminate a big area from just a single lighting source. With in built sensors, you are able to tune the illuminating duration. Best place for floodlights: Carpark Garden Entrance way Industrial estate Shipping port Architectural building Projection of lighting to enhance beauty of a certain space. Various of design to select from. Best place for landscape lighting: Garden Ecosystem Walkway Perfect outdoor light for your personal ecosystem. No power source required. Easily adjustable via app and bluetooth Best place for STEINEL solar lighting: Garden Pond Door entrance Car porch Capture your guest's attention by the use of STEINEL spot light. Easily adjustable via app and bluetooth Best place for STEINEL spot lighting: Gallery Art piece Aquarium Plants Have any doubts?? Come down and try it out yourself! For more information, Website:https://steinel.store/ Showroom: 66 Horne Road #03-00 Tel: 6276 9188 HP: 9363 3145 Whatsapp: https://wa.link/ryk45x
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forums but has been browsing here since i was looking for a ID/Contractor to renovate my resale flat. We all understand the agony of finding a good responsive & responsible renovation contractor. I just want to share some of my experience renovating my kitchen which includes hacking + re-tiling works from this ID. To be frank, we are all afraid of cutting chopped due to us doing very little reno as compared to others doing their whole flat so we thought the cost might be slightly more pricey. Then we came upon this ID we saw on this forums posted with their promo package, we decided to give them a call. We talked and set an appointment the next day to share our ideas/concepts of our home. Like most of the people would say, most of the ID is only keen on making more money but instead he would actually explained specifically some of the more complicated design of how it will be constructed that might be costly. He would then suggest alternatively another similar concept but at a cheaper budget. We thought, “That was great!” We told them that we don’t really need any fancy design and proposed if they could come out with one based on our needs and budget. At the same time, we also choose our laminate and material in their office (which happen to be nearby our place also). With many variety to choose from, he will also offer different suggestion of which material will benefit and which is more of within our budget range. As much as we are concerned, it was really a pleasant meeting with him as he accommodate us without trying to upsell anything. However, end of the day, in fact we still thinks quotation is the last key factor if it is a scam or not. After a few days, to our surprised, it was actually within our budget and during our second meetup, he would explained in details of how each is being charged accordingly. We decided to go with them and proceed with the renovation work. Overall, he also provided us with a free rubbish chute which we are alarmingly surprised. We thanks him so much for the work done in this 2 weeks to help coordinate and keep the works on schedule. I will let the rest of the pic talks. BEFORE WORK IN PROGRESS AFTER FREE RUBBISH CHUTE FROM THE ID
  3. HI, Kelven here.. We are specialize in the supply, fabricate and installation of a wide range of Solid Surface, Quartz and Sintered Stone for your Kitchen Top, Table Top or Countertop. Whatsapp or call me for more information if u interested
  4. Decided to write up a short blog on our renovation journey, hoping that it will help future home-owners with their reno process! First things first, contractors or interior designers? Probably the ever-famous topic for every one. Of course, contractors were our initial plan. Why? Advise from friends & relatives for being famously cheap (cheaper than ID that is). I guess that's one of the main reasons why people opt for contractors instead. As it was our first house, we didn't really have a concept/theme (which is a problem if we took contractors) other than the usual Scandinavian/Minimalist settings which I prefer not to have because everyone is doing it (don't have concept still want to be different). After probably months of debate (i think?), finally we decided to just go for an ID. Problems we faced? "Why so expensive, you all still take?" "Contractors also can do the exact same thing, but at a cheaper price" "Do you know that some IDs cannot be trusted?" I guess the very reason why we chose ID over contractors was not only because we didn't have a concept, but we were also worried about the liaising issues. Having contractors meant that, we have to liaise with them directly and telling them specifically what we want/do not want. So it still boils down to whether home-owners know what they REALLY want. (very obvious we don't, hence the choice of ID) After the first obstacle was done, next came the interesting/time-consuming part; finding an Interior Designer! We didn't really meet a lot of IDs mainly because we don't want to give ourselves too much choices to choose from. For me and my husband, being comfortable with the ID and s/he is able to understand what we really want is the essence of the whole process (of course also making sure that the firm is trustworthy, find reviews!). Finding the cheapest deal is definitely on everyone's list but then again, what's the catch? Make sure to run through the entire quotation(s) point by point, and please do not hesitate to raise any questions (we are talking about a huge sum here). End of the day, cheap doesn't entirely means good. We met about 4 IDs? End up, we decided to hand the trophy to Jade from The Local INN.terior! She was the first designer that we met. Quirky, genuine and very confident in what she delivers. She was very prompt in following up too, despite us not signing any deals with her yet and mind you, she was having a leisure trip at that point of time. Other than her quirkiness & funny laughter, probably one of the biggest reason we chose her was because, not only we felt that whatever she designed/proposed was aligned to what we wanted but she would also input her own designs for our references (if not what's the point of having an ID right?). In a nutshell, she's someone that we can talk cock to but yet serious at the right time. Proceeded to signing the treaty with her, and down to Hafary for tiles shopping! Kitchen Tiles with Kompacplus, Vinyl Flooring & Paint Color! Toilet tiles with Kompacplus & Carpentry Laminate! Of course we went together with Jade, and spent a good 2-3 hours walking around choosing the best tiles for our nest! Never did she once rushed to choose the tiles or attempt to brush us off by just choosing those "common never go wrong" tiles. Hanging out with her was never an issue, below is an example of what she posted; Asked us to pose with the tiles so she's able to visualise how it will look like (where to find this type of ID!) What comes after tiles shopping? Everyone's favourite; 3D Drawings! (from entrance of the house - living room - kitchen - toilet - bedroom) It was amazeballssssss!! Even though these were the final set of 3D drawings where she conceptualise the actual tiles and materials to the drawings , prior to it Jade had already sent us a draft 3D drawings of our house. Fast forward to taking our keys and house renovation is already on the way (it's only less than 2 months!). Got myself some 'before' pictures of our house! Slipped our mind to snap pictures of the house before any work is done But yay to emoticons! 'Before' works! Hacking away the room adjacent to the living room for our Glass Room in the 3D drawings! Open concept kitchen! Back-splash for our kitchen! So prettzzzz! Master bathroom! (i thought the toilet was big.. ) If any of you homeowners opted for Vinyl flooring, you guys might have to go through cement screeding. However, homeowners are now required to pay for this service from HDB. Luckily, our appeal was successful as we applied for the flat before this rule was implemented. My advice? PLEASE APPEAL! Or at least try even if you apply the flat after they implemented the rule. I have to admit that ID charges a skyrocket high price for this service, hence Jade told us to send in our appeal letter upon getting our keys. She was the one that told us about HDB's new implementation and also advise us on when/how to send the appeal letter to HDB! Honestly, why wouldn't I entrust my house to her? Although our appeal was successful, but we were required to wait almost 8 weeks for their contractors to schedule a timing for the cement screed. Thus we thought that nothing could be done or at least until the screeding was done, but sometimes Jade seems to be more.. excited/worried about the progression of the house than us. In a short span of 2 weeks or 2.5 max, she did almost everything she could, like; hacking, air-con piping, electrical points, false ceilings, tiling for master bathroom and kitchen! (kudos to her workers too) Both our families were equally shocked too. Spell impressive and efficiency Ready for some 'after' works? Back-splash for kitchen! I'm definitely gonna step into the kitchen much more often (oh and the plaster smooth of the walls were done in like 1-1.5 day?) Started works for our master bathroom! Opted for wall tiles in the wet area and cement screed for the dry! Close up of the wall tiles! Definitely hitting the resort style False ceiling was up too! Same goes for the master bedroom's. Cosy house here I come! Mortar base done up nicely in our service yard! What I really really love about Jade is, she's always making sure that we were kept informed of all the works that were on-going or any hiccups along the way. She even introduced us to an app which allows her to put in the entire schedule of the renovation process; what are we supposed to purchase (even state which is urgent) and what were done already. And yes, she did all these manually for every client of hers (not just us). That's what everyone likes right? Black & white all stated very clearly, and knowing what were the next steps going forward. Currently that's all I have to offer! Hope it helps someone! Will come back with more pictures once the screed & more works are done! Hola! Back here to update our renovations and can't wait to share the upcoming pictures! Counting our blessings as screeding was pushed forward by a week! Believe me when I say, they can finished the entire house's screeding by one day (or probably half a day). Another day to let it dry before Jade's tiler can measure our vinyl flooring. Enuff said, let the pictures do the talking! Finally it's screeding time! Had a crazy idea of just changing to cement screed for the entire house.. Since our screeding was brought forward, that just means that the remaining of our renovations schedule will be push forward too! Quickly settled our painting; wall, door & pipes' colours. Same goes for the measurement of doors and floor too! Till date, it made me realise how important it is to have a great rapport with your ID. S/He does not only need to be in the same frequency as us, but they also have to be genuinely looking forward to the completion of our house. The next best thing apart from getting our house, would be knowing Jade as a friend. Mushy-ness aside, anyone is excited to see our vinyl flooring (and painting)!? CAUSE I AM! Vinyl Flooring + Painting! In the midst of preparing! The amount of hard work that they put into each and every house. I. JUST. LOVE. IT. Everything is on point (thou there's nothing yet). View from Master Bedroom Finally I'm doing a minimal Before & After of our house! It's so pleasing to the eyes~ Didn't really paint a lot of colours, in fact we only painted a grey-ish tone on our TV wall and the rest was just cream white. I really adore neutral tones for houses hence the choice to keep it real simple without too much colours dancing around. Leave some of the painting decisions to Jade, of course I'm not disappointed and so was my husband! She chose grey for the service yard's pipes and white for the kitchen's. Once you found yourself a right ID, the amount of work we need to do is pretty minimal One big achievement unlocked, onto the next one; - Carpentry Discussion done - Measuring of Doors & Windows done - Measuring of Glass Works done Everything is done in a jiff! Probably that's all I have to update before the next major schedule which should be our carpentry. Am thinking of doing up a blog with our Taobao loots! Let me know if anyone is keen (if there is..)! Till then peepz! XO
  5. We engaged Haqq Creations Singapore Pte Ltd in March 2020. 15th November 2021, was our last handover dates agreed upon. There were so many work delays. 2 days before handover, our ID Mujbour Rahman updated the group informing us that only kitchen carpentry is delivered. The carpentry measurement was deviated from specification. Rahman has an assistant Nela, and his partner Nazreen to help out with the renovation process. We have made prompt payment of at least 80% of the total cost. We have also planned for house shifting to be scheduled on the handover date . Multiple dates & promises were given. Paint works were shoddy, and you can see markings everywhere on the wall. Electrical wires were hanging, glass works was not done. No wardrobe, no mirror cabinet, no feature wall, no shoe racks, no console were installed. So we were shocked when came to our unit on the 15th Nov. We decided to stop them from working and causing more damage to our health and finance. Multiple homeowners have approached us ever since we posted online. Other affected homeowners were in distressed as well. One of the affected owners had to live without a kitchen. This should not be happening. While he is out there, getting more client but not able to complete the works or giving reasons after reasons Some of the reasons includes: Due to Covid, workers had to go for swab Workers must report as per MOM ruling No workers Booking of carpentry cancelled Contractors cannot make it Contractors not committing Family issue - Cannot reply to text messages Busy with work Busy with other sites Have other work commitments We will not abandon the project Overlook on message The worst was getting lied upon. Nela told us that the false ceiling guy will normally do up the false ceiling and then another contractor will do rectification works. Works cannot be done by the same contractor. Biggest LIAR. It has caused tremendous stress on our finance, emotions, mental and physical. We had been so accommodating and tried our best to work hand in hand with them. I will strongly recommend not to engage Haqq Creations Singapore Pte Ltd. No one deserves to go through what we had to go through. No family deserves this. No one... No one at all.....It sets me to tears having to type this over and over again.This is a review for Haqq Creations Singapore Pte Ltd. Pictures as reference to the condition of the house This thread also serves as a reminder to be aware of the red flags and ask around if you are unsure. Do look out for your friends and family members as this is just one out of other deceptive renovation companies out there.
  6. Hello guys. Would like to shortlist Aart Boxx Interior to reno my flat. Anyone engaged them before? Who's your ID? Can share your experience? Thank you.
  7. Hello! Hubby and I have moved in to our 4 room hdb home for 2 years now, and decided to do a house tour video to share our reno experience on what works and what to look out for (having stayed here for two years). Thankfully for us then, we had an experienced ID who made sure as much as possible we got what we wanted within our budget. Sharing the 3D renders given to us then, so you can compare them with our actual home in the video. What I like about this ID firm is also that they are transparent and consistent about their pricing, and is structured and clear in communicating the renovation schedule. Every reno journey is a tedious process (esp if you are particular or a perfectionist), and I feel working with a reliable and experienced ID can take much of the unnecessary stress away. Building our first home was lots of sweat, tears and arguments, but it’s so worth it looking back now So advice to the new homeowners is to plan hard, (try to) enjoy the process and then reap the fruit of your labour for a really really long time to come!
  8. Hi everyone! I just want to share my own experience with this ID for design and renovated my new home at Whitehaven (Pasir Panjang). I know this ID- Mr. Chean from JCW Design Gallery via social media advertisement. He is a young man about late 30 ? Very patient and experienced, and willing to listen to what me & my wife want our new home to be. We met initially and I passed him the floor plan and roughly discussed. Over the next 2 meetings, I sent him photos of my inspiration designs that I saw online etc eg. how my toilet should look like and the cabinet designs and tiles. U know these days you can just browse the web and compile the things you like... Eventually we got the keys and we started the project! Overall I'm very satisfied as I feel I am able to design my own space without an ID, and Mr.Chean is able to source for the materials to build my place. He offered advice and gave us more options to consider for the budget that we had. Mr.Chean was able to complete the works before time as I requested to him if he could finish earlier as some unforeseen circumstances landed upon us. I was super impressed by the efficiency and quality of work that he delivered! My in-laws went to check on the progress of the renovation for us as we were quite busy working everyday, and even they commented that we made a good choice (; It's been more than a year now and my place still looks fantastic. And one Mr.Chean I'm here to share out the 3d perspective provided by this ID, also the progress photos of our lovely home. I have been recommending Mr.Chean from JCW Design Gallery to my friends and so far they all satisfied! Pm me for his contact!
  9. Hi, We are from Kwix Solutions! We are a company that does natural stone and cementitious Resin Terrazzos right in our very own premises in Singapore! Below are some samples we have from our collection. Do check out our FB and instagram pages for more of our works! FB: Kwix Solutions Instagram: @kwixsolutions
  10. Any Renotalkers have experience with POSH LIVING? Share with the community. Good or Bad
  11. Our RenoTalker in johor Got this sales enquiry from IDviduals from IDvisuals.com in Eunos. But need reviews about them. cant find their details online.
  12. Hi everyone, I don't want to talk bad about Absolook as a whole since I never made past our first appointment with our ID that was assigned to us. You can PM me or email me at sreejithb@gmail.com for the name of the ID. I would highly advise you to stay away from him if you have any respect for your time. Here is my experience:We made an appointment to meet up with the ID at 11:00am at their office in Ubi. On our way to the office, I got a text from him saying he will be late and we should "have a drink at the coffee shop meanwhile". We thought he might just be 10-15 mins late, so we said it's fine. We started our wait with a coffee and ended up having lunch thanks to him not showing up for 55 minutes. And despite asking us to wait at the coffee shop, he did not even bother to come down and bring us over to the office. We went over to the office after he messaged that he was already there and had to look for him. What irritated us the most was that he did not offer a single apology for making us wait 55 minutes. Not over the phone, not over the texts and not even face to face. How can someone come 55 minutes late for a meeting and not offer an apology? I even asked him if his previous client made him late giving him an opportunity to apologize, but he simply said "nope. I am coming from home". Then came the discussion. Before meeting up with him, I had sent him the floor plan, full list of my kitchen appliance and some ideas that I have my own (kitchen wall hacking etc). But when the meeting started, it was clear that he did not bother to prepare anything at all. Great! I had already lost hope. After the meeting, he said he will send the quotation in 2 days (6th March). Yesterday (20th March), I got a message from him. The first one after our meeting on 4th March saying the quotation is ready and asking us to come down. Again, no apology for the delay after promising us the quotation on 6th March. It's like he is unaware of the concept of "professionalism". Since we have no interest in waiting another 55 minutes for him at the coffee shop, I politely asked him to email it to us so we can take a look first. He said he will email "soon". Then he went missing again. I reminded him 1.5 hours later and no reply. I reminded him again today morning and he said he will email me the first thing after he gets to his office. The fact that I am sitting here and typing in this review should give you a hint if I ever received that email.
  13. hi i have seen afew of my friends home and my own home. on mistakes that renovators have made. really piss people off. i m listing it down on things i encounter and my friends exp. do share you exp also. too many fake ID posers and fake contractor out there with zero exp and knowledge . Really damage the reputation of the contractors or interior designer image. and still dare to call them self professional. LIST of mistakes 1. water basin right below the live power point ( really no brain. so the house gona trip everyday or my friend is gona die one day) 2. drawer edge friction on the gas rubber tube (this is really trying to kill me. really wish my ID have a brain) hope there is a safety course that all designer need to go for. like DO NOT put sharp EDGES NEAR GAS RUBBER TUBE. 3.false ceiling install but forgot to get the wiring done . heard from friend 4. 3D drawing wait for 3 weeks still not done. home renovation almost complete. still not done. tons of excuses 5. any how charge . existing also charge. didn't provide anyhow put something there to charge. example cove light didn't do charge but $900 for it. even charge $150 for each internet point. i even had to point out hdb already provided it. no reason to charge me since you didn't even do it . 6. keep asking me to proceed with loan drag everything when close to date of renovation. know that is in the rush to move in. any how pattern all come out. expecting that i got no choice liao. even threaten me at last me if i don't follow his way my house moving will be delay. he can do what he prefer or like. super irresponsible. i had to change a designer. can't believe how many homeowner he have cheated. who would want their neck be choke by ID while doing renovation. 7.Keep planning will have and should have and didn't bother about what the home owner wants. heard from one of my neighbours. keep saying do study room here do this here. do here there.. homeowner didn't even request for study room. 8. some renovators have very bad mouth. my friend refer me to use your service. you keep saying bad things about my friend to me. really bro? very disappointed with my current house. sad... to my friend that recommend me this .. really curse you bro. in the end i found out he refer just to earn money.
  14. I am a believer that every ID has their own strengths (and weaknesses too). This inspired me to start this topic to make a list of good Interior Designers as well as their key strengths. Let me start on a few. Renotalk forumers, please add on and I will update this first post. Cheong Cheng Renovation (https://www.cheongcheng.com/) - Quality carpentry workmanship. Has their own factory. Even provides smart home solutions. M Square Decor (https://www.m2decor.com/) - Versatile in both carpentry and design. Value for money packages. Taims Interior (http://taimsinterior.com/) - Awesome bespoke design. Price seems high but clients are always happy with the outcome.
  15. Hi All, I am new to reno talk . I am looking for some good Interior Designer (not a contractor) who can design my house. Any good lead and recommendation much appreciated . Thanks
  16. Hi I am new to this forum and am looking for a reliable ID and or contractor for my house. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Bryan Bren Pte Ltd. This company is recommended by my friend but I have yet to find any reviews about them online. HOpe to hear from all the experts here =)
  17. Very fortunate to have this young and pretty ID to have managed our home reno for us. Very patient and helpful. Look out the very minor details in designing. Spent hours to choose even small items for my new house. Very responsive to my last minute additional requests. She expedite handing over of renovation to meeting our move in date without compromising the job quality. Very thankful to Priscilla to build our dream home. Many thumbs up for her and super happy with her service.
  18. Very fortunate to have this young and pretty ID to have managed our home reno for us. Very patient and helpful. Look out the very minor details in designing. Spent hours to choose even small items for my new house. Very responsive to my last minute additional requests. She expedite handing over of renovation to meeting our move in date without compromising the job quality. Very thankful to Priscilla to build our dream home. Many thumbs up for her and super happy with her service.
  19. Recently I just got my new BTO flat at Toa payoh anyone has any good interior design firms to introduce?
  20. Hi all, I have a good experience to share regarding my journey to find a good ID/contractor for my condo, I have been searching for about 3 months through online, reno magazines, referral from friends. Initially i was stuck between choosing a contractor or ID. I met up with 4 or 5, and finally settled on my main needs which requires marble tiling and carpentry, with an L shaped wardrobe in my master bedroom, cabinet in my toilet and kitchen. Ernest from Sg carpentry is very creative about my space planning & out of the box designs. He is very sincere to show me his previous works which made me trust him to sign with him, and also advise me what can be done better. No hidden cost unlike some other IDs. Feel free to pm me if u need his details. Edited: Will update my house reno here for u all to see. 12/7
  21. We engaged an established company to assist with our renovation. After the first meeting, the ID turned out to be aggressive and wanted to have his way. He refused to allow us to choose any designs we wanted and insisted that he is the interior designer and that he knows best. He refused to make amendments to the quotation and when we complained to the management about this, they mentioned that we have to agree to whatever they say, they cannot amend the contract and that they cannot re-assign our project to another interior designer. Truly shocking for such a large establishment. They forced us to cancel the contract so that they can walk away and take the easy option. Do not trust this company. They are not interior designers. They are HDB registered but not CASE or RADAC registered. There is no customer service here, they are only after quick bucks.
  22. Hi Everyone, Some helps needed here, about a month ago I have engaged a ID company(I shall not reveal the name yet until we have complete our renovation process) after signing up the service provided by the Renotalk. We previously found a ID and had his hand drawn images and measurements but he told us he cannot complete within our time frame so he had to back out. Thus this sudden change had led us needing a ID asap as we no longer want to delay the work. Btw, I got my keys on the 30 Oct, we had asked about 10 different companies for quotations and we are only renovating the entire kitchen with cabinets, granite surfacing, one study table, one wardrobe and false ceiling for living and dining area. My house is resale 4A flat about 93sqm. So we found this ID after finding his quotations are quite similar to our previous ID and after much negotiation we decided to sign the contract with him. However, this is one huge mistake made by us that we did not ask him to state the completion date on the contract and some of the details like granite measurements because we are pretty rush on that day. We signed our contract on the 12Nov, he told us that they will need about two weeks to complete the works. However, we did not want him to do everything on a rush so we gave him 3 weeks to complete, till 5 Dec. After signing the contract, our nightmares began. They started knocking off the old kitchen 3 days after signing the contract and another 3 days after to complete fixing the tiles at the cabinet area. (We did not change our kitchen floor tiles so no permission from HDB required as according to them, thus should take lesser time). We wanted a 3D drawing for the kitchen, they promised to give two days after signing of contract but 3D image of kitchen only came up after about 1.5weeks with the first draft which everything is incorrectly done!(We provided them with our previous ID's hand drawn pictures with measurements.) After another 3-4days they finally came up with a proper drawing but still some amends needed. Two weeks has passed, kitchen base checked, false ceiling was done within a day, checked, some electricity work and power points are done and nothing else going on. For the entire process, we keep calling them asking them to update about the process, but they ignored us most of the time until we got really irritated with them and they start updating us a little. The person who signed the contract with us whom suppose to be the interior designer(he can't even draw free hand) and company's manager did not even come down to check on the progress for the 2 weeks! How irresponsible!! And finally, on Monday 1st Dec, the start of third week, they decided to came down and settle the measurements of the cabinets, wardrobe and study table with us. We settled that day with us requesting hand drawn pictures of the wardrobe compartments and study tables. We clearly told them and give them the green light to start with the kitchen cabinets that night. They told us they might need about 3 more days to complete with the cabinets and installation. We are ok with it just three more days, we are fine. So guess what, they took 3 days to came up with the hand drawn pictures for study table and wardrobe like what?! Other ID we went to only took about a min on the spot to draw out! After confirming the measurements and drawing we gave them the green light for wardrobe and study table. We are prepared for a bit of delayed then. We were too tired with the process and did not bother them for the past 2 days and asked about their progress tonight(6 Dec). Guess what? They only started preparing materials for cabinets and not even start doing them! For wardrobe and study table, don't even mention they did not even bother telling us they did not start with it and suddenly they want to make a measurements again. What the... we were so angry tonight and keep asking them when will you complete the cabinet, until then, they finally said they need another 2 weeks to complete the cabinets! That means we are preparing to wait another 3 weeks to complete everything?! That will already be Christmas! We wanted to move in ASAP but how do we?! I looked through the forum previously and found some good ID. However, when we approach them, they told us they cannot meet our deadline and thus we did not use them. For the one we used, they promised and assured they can complete everything by 5 Dec. We have given them all measurements and drawings and did not even require them to design for us.(I guess they can't design anyway). Now that in the contract we did not state the completion date but we have voice recording of them assuring us it will be done by 5th Dec. I'm not sure what to do now,will you please give me some advise, I'm too tired for this... ):
  23. Hi all, We ll be getting posession of our new condo in a month or two. Finding it v difficult to zero in on ID. Any advices? 1200 sq feet house, contemporary style. budget 20-30 K thanks
  24. Hello, I am looking to do up my first and very own BTO together with my hubby and went thru long hours of discussions with a few IDs.. And managed to shortlist a few companies. Still deciding between engaging my own seperate contractors or ID instead.. My hubby and I are very tedious and "ngiao" in this kind of situations and we both had a hard time trying to agree with themes and such, however this is my first home so I want it to "WOW" for myself.. but still boils down to the pricing and if possible ID's which are experienced in doing Modern-themed homes.. Went thru a few portfolios but nothing really fancy caught me and my hubby's eye and attention Hoping any of you guys have photos to share or IDs to recommend?