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  1. @Miloprata Are you using the Schneider Acti 9 system? It is likely that the load wires to the lights are centrally located at the DB box where all the DIN modules are stored. The switches on the wall are wired to the DIN modules and you will need the right switches to 'speak' to the modules. Normal switches will not work and the Xiaomi Aqara definitely will not work either. One quick fix you can do is to replace the DIN module that is supporting the broken switch with a constant current dimmable driver. Then replace the switch with a voltage regulator. There will be some rewiring works to be done at the DB so be sure to get help from a trained electrician.
  2. No it wouldn't. It runs on 5V dc, drawing a current of at most 2amp. With its Insights feature, you can actually understand how your home is consuming energy and discover ways to save on energy costs.
  3. Anyone have any electrician to recommend who knows how to pull neutral wire to light switches and install smart modules and switches?
  4. Anyone has experience with building smart homes? I am planning to start my smart home journey with my new home. Hope to get some tips where to begin and how I can do it myself (DIY).
  5. I am looking for smart hob, hood, oven, heater, fridge and washing machines. Should be able to connect them to my smart home system. Do you have such products?
  6. I am looking for an AC installer that can connect my AC to my smart phone. Are you able to support?
  7. Don't forget to plan your home network too! Many got carried away with the aesthetics and forgot to think about their IT infra.
  8. It's turning out really nice! With some smart lighting, smart blinds and motion sensor bathrooms, it will turn out to be a dream home.