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  1. Hi @Blade07 my track lights are on the two sides (right and left) of the room when you first enter the door. No particular reason but the layout is advised by my contractor so I followed his advice. Same for living room as well. Only for kitchen we only have one track across our small kitchen. Fans are all 48" ones to prevent them from hitting the track lights on the sides.
  2. @Yeoh Wu Lieh contractor is Mr K from h2o Interior 9022 2321. Would prefer not to share my detailed quote sorry about that! Total quotation came up to $45k including $3k of electrical works. @AndreaLee thank you for the compliment! Unfortunately, the photos on page 5 are what I have best. Have moved in for 1 week plus now so it's quite messy everywhere currently
  3. Thank you in the end we bought a 2 zone Bosch induction hob because... you are right, a HDB flat won't be able to support the power for a 3 zone Bosch hob.
  4. Been going back almost every other day even though the official move in day is Saturday. Think hubby and I can’t wait to move in. Anyway, here are the pictures of the inside of my cabinets! I think Blum drawers are worth the investment. Sleek design and easy retrieval of stuff.
  5. @infinity2015 will take photos of internal space in cabinets later this week! Inner laminate is actually a woody colour, not black Total reno costs including electrical works is $45k. @purplegirafffe looking forward to see your completed home! @Jas28 PM sent
  6. Hi there! Not sure about the price of iQuartz as my contractor lumps the sum together with my cabinets. I’m using can a Bosch induction hob. I think any brand will suit a BTO. It depends on your own preference. But without the limited space I think a 2-burner would suffice if you don’t do heavy cooking.
  7. Final Review of h2o Interior - 4.5 out of 5 Our reno journey has finally come to an end. We are going to officially move in next Sat, and till now we have not handed in the last 5% of reno fees, neither has Mr K brought it up. There are still a bit of work here and there to touch up, e.g. I just realised that my head board has a small dent. So Mr K said his men will come on Wed to do the touch up. Yesterday, we realised that the bidet spray was leaking, so Mr K also told his plumber to fix it on the same day. I must say I did not regret getting Mr K to renovate our very first home. I have 2 friends who started renovating their homes (1 of them the same estate as I) and their IDs have either MIA-ed or needed constant reminders to do things. Both their handover dates got delayed while mine was brought forward by half a month. Pros: Mr K attends to issues and messages almost immediately. Whenever I find something wrong, I would text him and he would reply almost immediately, and sometimes when it’s hard to explain, he would call me up immediately. After promising to fix things over the phone, his men also turns up punctually as promised. Workmanship for whole house is good (for now), will review a few months later. Cons: At times, he tends to insist on his way. When I do suggest alternatives, he would say that it’s not possible because of 12648273 durability or practicality issues. I would still recommend contractors like Mr K instead of IDs as the latter tends to go MIA once you sign the contract and they would be more interested in sourcing for new projects and not follow up so diligently on your reno. For @purplegirafffe, here are close up pictures of my iQuartz countertop. Hope that helps!
  8. @spikeling sure! I think can it’s a good time to wrap things up too. @purplegirafffe i know right mine turned out to be a little on the off white side, so it doesn’t look as nice as the caesarstone one. I don’t have code but I’ll take a picture later when I drop by!
  9. @KFC1189 unfortunately no space to put toothbrushes and cups so we are mounting a rack between mirror and wash basin.
  10. @halimunan mirrors are from Taobao. Link is shared in my previous post on page 2. Sorry, I don't know how to copy that post to put it here..
  11. Update 22 Sep: Texted Mr K at 6.30am to tell him my discomfort regarding the glass door "ball" for bedroom 3 which makes the whole glass vibrate whenever someone closes it because the "ball" is quite hard so you got to like force-bang to close the door Although hubby has been telling me it's ok (everything is always ok for him), I couldn't stop thinking about it. I suggested a couple of ways (including those old school toilet latch) but Mr K said that wasn't doable. However, he was kind enough to say that he will think about it again to see how that can be changed to something else. Hubby and I were admiring our house and he asked for my top 3 favourite things from the reno, and I said it has got to be my wash basins, craftstone feature wall and my Blum kitchen drawers. Also quite glad that my blue wall turned out quite well, not too bright. @Songz Thank you for your encouragement! End product, only left with chemical washing on Saturday! Still not satisfied with the metal frame door, toying with the idea of changing it to a sliding door to minimize the violent vibrations of the glass when I close the door. But most likely won’t be changing anymore since hubby can’t wait to move in and it will likely mean that I have to dismantle everything to fit a sliding door. Shall let the pictures do the talking! Note: photos are unprofessionally taken by me
  12. The table is by my contractor and is included in my quote together with the wooden wall. I think L-shape is very comfy but takes up quite a bit of space.
  13. Saturday was bizarre. I was so upset with the workmanship of the metal frames that I told Mr K straight that I will not accept such work. I asked him whether he was free to come to the flat to discuss how things could be solved but he said that he wasn't free! I was really fuming mad, maybe because I paid a lot for this and expected something better. After a few calls here and there, he called my husband and said that he will make a trip down. Well, the only good thing is perhaps he did not shirk responsibility, and he said that if I can't accept this workmanship (the best of all the his contacts), then he would tear everything down and go back to the cheaper aluminum alternative. I didn't want that because that would mean much thicker frames... and the whole idea right from the start was to have thin frames. After some discussion, he asked his men (who did the frames) and they came down really quite fast. He said they will try to touch up the ugly silicon which was glued anyhow and see if I could accept that. I cooled down for a while and complied, because I also don't think tearing it all down was a good option. Thankfully, I was able to accept the corrections: 1) Re-do black silicon evenly 2) Door "lock" would be changed to full stainless steel so the paint would not drop after opening and closing the door 3) Scratches on frames to be spray painted A reno process can be really painful and frustrating sometimes. Mr K and I do get into some conflicts, but I must say that he is responsible throughout. The pictures below are just a few of the imperfections found... not very clear but the actual product was really not done well.
  14. The glass to cover up bedroom 3 is up. Mr K sent us pictures last night. Actually if we'd known that things will be completed so fast, we would schedule the delivery of our bed and other appliances soon. Else at present it is on 21 Oct - still more than a month away! Trying to convince the very reluctant husband to move forward the delivery of appliances and bed... he is reluctant because he's afraid that the delivery people would get ths dates mixed up and we would end up not receiving anything at all. This will be changed to full stainless steel simply because... I can't accept the scratched-and-paint-dropping-off look. Mr K said that it's inevitable because the door needs to be secure closed by this thing (neither a magnet or a lock), otherwise if strong wind blows, the door will swing. I told him that the paint drop off look makes it look worn out so I'd rather have a full stainless steel one. Initially, I'd wanted a black handle bar. Really regretted not looking closely at the 3D drawings as I thought the handles could be settled later when things are up. Learning point is to always communicate clearly the details to your contractor before allowing work to commence.