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  1. Hello! Hubby and I have moved in to our 4 room hdb home for 2 years now, and decided to do a house tour video to share our reno experience on what works and what to look out for (having stayed here for two years). Thankfully for us then, we had an experienced ID who made sure as much as possible we got what we wanted within our budget. Sharing the 3D renders given to us then, so you can compare them with our actual home in the video. What I like about this ID firm is also that they are transparent and consistent about their pricing, and is structured and clear in communicating the renovation schedule. Every reno journey is a tedious process (esp if you are particular or a perfectionist), and I feel working with a reliable and experienced ID can take much of the unnecessary stress away. Building our first home was lots of sweat, tears and arguments, but it’s so worth it looking back now So advice to the new homeowners is to plan hard, (try to) enjoy the process and then reap the fruit of your labour for a really really long time to come!