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  1. Like our Facebook Instagram We are J3 Design Studio started in this field since 2012.We do provided service in convert 3D render from 2D floor plan, which is perfectly to make it real and more visualize from your idea. We have found that clients often have difficulty visualising our ideas from standard two dimensional line drawings. For this reason we employ the latest in modern computer generated visualisation technology. This allows the Client to pre-experience the design in the most real fashion. We are a team of professional interior designers with 5 years of experience in 3D visualization industry. Our service footprint stretch across Singapore and Malaysia. Our mission is to help construction and renovation company makes distinctive improvements in their client experience and help home owners in building the dream home. It is our pleasure to serve you in with our professional service whether in industry of construction, renovation,development and etc. House owner are welcome too. Hence, please do refer following portfolio we attached and click the link as below to know more about us! Do you wish to check out for more? please do not hesitate to contact us! We provide 3D Facebook 360 and VR 360° panoramic images. With our 360° panoramic images we offer the ability to look around in a 3D modeled or a photographed interior environment. While looking at the image, you can rotate the camera view from a single pivot point, allowing you to view the entire space. The panoramic image is easy to implement on your website an can be viewed in a browser, on a tablet or with a VR-headset. Facebook 360 VR headset Welcome PM me any question u want to ask me. SMS/call in/whatsapp/wechat ☏ +6013-712 0415 (Jy) ☏ +65 9778 6113 ✉ jynim@j3.com.my Please do like and share our page. Thank you for your support!
  2. A peaceful environment is one of the most important requirements for sleep quality. Unfortunately, getting a peaceful, undisturbed environment is a difficult task in today’s modern world. One of the biggest enemies of sleep today is the need to remain connected and be in-the-know all the time. Easy access to the internet, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and the rise of Netflix have made it harder for sleep to come and stay. Sleep loves attention; it loves peace and quiet; when it finds you fiddling with your smartphone in bed or staring at another episode of Game of Thrones while eating crackers in bed, it decides to leave. Electronics have invaded our lives and our homes. Even till a few years ago, electronics world limited to the TV, the music system and the computer. But now, with smart televisions smart home systems, there is no end to the number of electronics we are surrounded by at a given time. We have even started to run the house with help from the digital assistant called Alexa. There is no part of our lives untouched by electronics, and sleep does not take it well. If sleep were a person, it would be most offended by a TV in the bedroom. Imagine walking into a room to find the love of your life lost in the television while you try hard to get some attention and make conversation. Doesn’t it make you feel bad? It’s the same with sleep. When you’re watching television instead of inviting sleep into your bedroom, you are shooing sleep out of your life. And beware, if sleep leaves you, it spells serious trouble. As if bingeing on Netflix shows isn’t bad enough, keeping a TV in the bedroom just makes it a whole lot worse. There was a time when one household had only a single TV, and the entire family sat together to watch their favorite shows at a certain time every day. These days, people want the TV all to themselves. So, there’s a TV in the living room, one in the master bedroom, and another in the kid’s bedroom. No one watches the same thing at the same time either. Mom watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer at 6, the kids watch SpongeBob SquarePants at 7, and dad watches ESPN at 10. If grandpa comes to visit, he demands the TV be all his when it’s time for Breaking Bad. Preparing Your Bedroom for Sleep There have been several studies that prove that environmental factors are a leading cause behind sleep disorders and deprivation. And the bedroom tops the list. Sleep is intrinsically associated with the bedroom; we do not associate sleep with the living room or the dining room or the kitchen. That is why the bedroom should have the right environment for inducing sleep. Alas, not many people seem to follow this because putting a TV in the bedroom has become the norm. The TV has almost become like a piece of bedroom furniture. Ideally, it should belong to the music system somewhere in the corner of the living room, but many people prefer a TV in the bedroom even when there is one in some other room. Why is this not the right thing to do? There are two most important reasons. The first one is that rooms serve purposes. Would you think of eating dinner in the bathroom or taking a shower in the kitchen? No, because these rooms are not meant for those purposes. Why then should the TV be placed in the bedroom instead of the living room or the entertainment room? When we watch TV in bed, our brains get confused. It fails to understand if the bedroom is meant for watching TV and staying awake till late or if it is meant for switching off and going to sleep. This is how the dissociation between sleep and the bedroom develops. The brain does not associate the bedroom with sleep anymore when you keep watching TV there instead of sleeping. Therefore, even when you try to fall asleep in your bed, it does not happen, because the brain still associates the bedroom with staying awake. The second reason is that exposing yourself to bright lights before going to bed disrupts the melatonin production and delays onset of sleep. Watching TV, working on the laptop, or texting on your smartphone within two hours of bedtime lowers the melatonin produced by the brain and makes you less sleepy. Melatonin production is always hindered by any kind of bright light and the light reflected from electronic devices is the worst. By constantly exposing yourself to the television at bedtime you are significantly affecting the melatonin production in the brain. Even if you stop watching television in bed, it takes a long time for the melatonin levels to return to normal. Reasons for Not Having A TV In the Bedroom There is more than one reason to not have the television in the bedroom. In fact, the bedroom should not have anything that’s not associated with sleep. People build a workstation right in their bedrooms– but it is only a signal for the brain to think that a bedroom is a place of high energy activity. Having a TV in the bedroom also affects our relationships and our physical and emotional health. The following are only a few of the reasons why the TV does not belong in the bedroom: It Affects Sex Life: When both partners watch TV in bed, it lowers the amount of sex you’d be normally having to half. When couples don’t have regular sex, it distances them physically and emotionally. It Causes Fights: When you want to watch HGTV, and your partner wants to watch ESPN, it causes stress and arguments. When the season finale of the TV series doesn’t end the way you would have wanted, you spend the night arguing over it. This can even make way for discord in the relationship. It Creates Unreal Expectations: Reality TV is known to paint an ideal image in our heads. From the ideal body to the ideal wedding dress to the ideal relationship, reality TV creates unrealistic expectations in us. Watching reality television before bed gives rise to resentments, disappointments, and pent-up emotions. It Causes Eye Strain: As if working on the computer and staying glued to the phone isn’t bad enough, watching TV in bed creates additional strain and stress on your eyes. From eye strain, you can get headaches, watery eyes, and fatigue. Watching TV in a dark or dimly lit bedroom affects your eyes even more. It Creates Loneliness And Depression: If you like to binge-watch TV instead of going out and socializing, you may be lonely or depressed. Watching ideal relationships playing out on screen might be fulfilling for the moment, but it adds nothing to your life. It Leads To Unnecessary Purchases: Various studies have found that people are more likely to act on advertisements when they are tired and half asleep in bed. When you watch TV in bed, the advertisements seem to call out to you more, and you cannot stop thinking about them through the night. Full Article
  3. 2021 New Year Promotion for My President Mattress 🥰🥰 Now you can get a Dyson hair dryer worth $599 for Free 🥰🥰🥰 When you purchase any 2 My President Hotel Quality Mattress from $799 😍😍😍 Otherwise Choose 1 of the Free gift below 1. Free Mattress from second choice and below 2. Massage Chair worth $899 3. Door Massager worth $399 4. Leg and foot massager worth $599 When you purchase our My King Signature Mattress, you can get one Dyson Air Wrap Styler worth $699 for Free 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Dyson Hair Dryer and Air Wrap is the most popular gift for every girls, while stock last 😍😍😍 Less $100 with purchase of digital lock so hurry up and visit our mattress showroom today Choose any luxurious bedframe from $699, add $200 for storage Customize any design with us 😁😁😁 All Mattress comes with Free Delivery worth $150 🌐 https://mypresidentmattress.com.sg / Call / Whatsapp/ SMS 88117182 / 91616282 (24/7) for more information 🔎 Visit their showroom to try all range of hotel quality mattress! 📍Bukit Batok Showroom (West) 51 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-14, Singapore 658077 Contact: 88117182 #Mypresidentmattress #mydigitallock #bed #mattress #hotelmattress #matresspromotion #mattressSingapore #dyson #dysonhairdryer #dysonairwrap
  4. Looking for affordable pocket spring mattress that is amazing? Look no more. ‘My Angel’ mattress series is your answer. This is a 5-zone pocket hotel mattress with firm memory foam to protect your spine. Prices: King Size: $799 Queen Size: $$599 Super Single: $450 Single: $399 Single (10 cm): $350 Free Delivery! Call Canice at 87256292 for more info! Visit our showroom to try all range of hotel quality mattress! https://mypresidentmattress.com.sg/ Less $100 with purchase of digital lock so hurry up and visit our mattress showroom today Macpherson Showroom (Central) Above Macpherson Mrt station Exit B only 10 Arumugam Road #08-01 LTC Building A, Singapore 409957 Contact: 96177025 Leon Bukit Batok Showroom (West) 51 Bukit Batok Crescent #05-14, Singapore 658077 Contact: 91616282 Elaine Yishun Showroom (North) 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #05-10 Singapore 768159 Contact: 89071213 Matt #Mypresidentmattress #mydigitallock #bed #mattress #hotelmattress #matresspromotion #mattressSingapore #dyson #dysonhairdryer #dysonairwrap #storagebedframe #pocketspringmattress #queenbed #supersinglebed #cheapestmattress #backsupportbed #comfortablemattress #myangelmattress #osteopathicmattress #pillow #nicesleep
  5. Directory:- I am looking for a modern Sofa and Bed and I have been doing some research online and I found that Absolutebedding.com.sg website. They specialized in designing and selling Beds and Sofa set. And one interesting thing they provide 10 years warranty on their products.
  6. TAOZ • https://www.facebook.com/pg/jcwdesigngallery/photos/?tab=album&album_id=118755029497040 “Lightings, Colours, Mirrors” This 3 play a very important role in Interior Design. In this home-design, it stick to a clean, neutral palette that ensures no one item appears out of place. Location: The Light Collection, Penang (Malaysia) Space Area: 1300sqft Year of Completion: 2018 JCW Design Gallery is an interior design firm establish in 2017 based in Singapore & Malaysia. We are expertise in interior design for both residential and commercial. At JCW Design Gallery, we value integrity & excellent, which is fundamental of our work. Look for more via http://www.jcwdesigngallery.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcwdesigngallery/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcwdesigngallery/ Kindly drop us email via email: info@jcwdesigngallery.com Contact : +65 83601588 (CW)
  7. Hi.., i rent out an hdb flat with out agent. in the lease agreement that have hdb stamp duty state: not to make or permit to be made any alterations to the premises or to any fixture or fittings or deface any part of the premises. but somehow within just 1 month rent, the tenant created partition in living room for bedroom without inform or seek approval from me. when I tell the tenant to remove the partition, the tenant do not want coorporate/ agree to remove the partition and want to think about it first for 1 week. any suggestion what i can do in advance? to me it is clear the tenant has a not good intention for not coorporate/ agree to remove the partition and want to think about it for 1 week.
  8. Dear all, If you're looking for some space saving furnitures or cool ideas for your new home, please take a look at my website or Facebook. Www.sgmurphybed.com Www.facebook.com/Sgmurphybed This Murphy was designed/customised by me and some contractors. Alright, don't ask me what brand is this or which country this is from. Basically my aim was to build a cheap and durable Murphy bed for everyone who finds it cool and wish to make more space in their rooms. Price starts from $800 onwards with delivery and installation. It is almost half of the price you can get from the market. So why is it so cheap? Not due to poor workmanship or low quality materials. In these modern days (Drop Shipping) is very popular, I'll sell it online, get it shipped directly to you and I'll install for you. No warehouse required, no physical shops required, no full time installer nor salesman are required. So I hope I've cleared your doubts ?, before you start to wonder if this is a real deal.
  9. Recently my friend just won a Toto with around $10,000+. He wanted to use the money to renovate his house. But he is struggling which part should renovate first? Is it a kitchen, bedroom or living room first? Can anyone give some suggestion or pieces of advice? Thank you so much!
  10. After the success of my bathroom reno, I decided I should start another thread about Phase 2 of my reno to share ideas and experiences with other Renotalk kakis. This time, Phase 2 involves the overhaul of a 15yr old bedroom. The bedroom, that has not been lived in (except occasional visits on some weekends) for the last 6yrs, seemed to have been stuck in a time warp just like the bathroom previously was. It was a mishmash of nonsensical concepts that the room's original occupant neither liked nor wanted: - Parquet flooring - Purple/ psychadelic walls (omg) - Heavy solid wood European Da Vinci furniture - Peeling paint from roof leakage or something - Heavy solid wood wardrobe The decision to overhaul was conceived many years ago, but there had been simply no time nor resources before. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, the room is going to be turned into a chill out room for hanging out with friends over a movie or for working in. It will be designed with an underlying industrial concept, mixed with a bit of highbrow pop art concept (whatever that means LOL) The interior designer (me) is still in the process of making the furniture and buying whatever things that we are not making ourselves... so please bear with the slowness of the process. If you have any ideas or advice, please feel free to post them here! Kam sia..
  11. Anyone installed this bladeless ceiling fan? How is it? I am worry the wind is not strong enough.
  12. Hi, I'm a writer from an interior design & home magazine. I'm doing a feature article on people who've read Marie Kondo's book(s), tried her methods and failed at decluttering/organising. If you're interested, note that I will need to do a shoot with you as it is a feature, and there'll be no anonymity, for credibility purposes. Reply to this if you're keen, thank you it'll really help me out a lot! Especially because I'm a new writer and it's my first feature article!
  13. Hi I was quoted from my ID: 1 - bed platform with underneath storage for my master bedroom - $2,550 (2900mm x 2700mm) 2 - Platform for living room area $3,240 (3300mm x 3500mm) Anyone can share with me on the usual market rate for bed platform and living room platform for 4 room BTO carpentry work? Is there any recommended and reliable carpenters?
  14. Chill-toned bedroom surrounded by snow white flooring create contrast while facing bedroom radiating with warmth-giving wooden decorations and embroidered in incandescent lights - Interior designing ideas developed by 3D Yantram Studio.
  15. hi, i want share some tips to rent out a flat my own experience. - don't rush to rent out your flat. even a central location flat that walkin to mrt station under shelter in 5 min, could be take 6-9 months or more to get a good tenant. - don't judge the tenant by their profession, nationality, personal status, etc. many people think local people could be less problem of payment, cooperation, etc compare other nationality. many people think have single's tenant is much better than a family that have young kids. dirty place can be somehow clean up with relative small cost but damage place definitely need more cost. - don't shy/ shame to have more than 10-20 pages of lease agreement. make sure the lease agreement written in clear, simple, plain, readable or understandable by common people for each rules/ conditions. do not thinking, it is a standard/ common sense thing. what you think it is standard/ common sense thing maybe not for other people. - be open and straight forward in the begining of the deal, before accept the downpayment. make sure every thing been said have writeen in the lease agreement in simple, plain and understandable english sentence. be open or honest that this agreement is a pure/ 100% business transaction and not something like charity/ non profit/ mercy relief organization, where you can accept a-z, incredible, touching story (just assume it is a real story) of what ever. please don't get anything wrong/ feel shy/ shame about it in the first place, because some tenant think, they are dealing with charity/ non profit/ mercy relief organization instead of normal individual owner. - don't shy/ shame to ask tenant lifestyle/ comfortable level. again, don't judge the tenant by their profession, nationality, personal status, etc. be mature and straight forward that the rent cost is this price for this location/ place. i believe and sure for same available bedroom no. the rent price will be different whether it is 5 or 50 minutes walk to mrt or whether it is central or outside central. because some people have/ used to a very high lifestyle/ comfortable level but with normal earning level. and to achieve that very high lifestyle/ comfortable level, these people will try anything from a-z, incredible, touching story (just assume it is a real story) for excuse of their defence. again, please don't get anything wrong/ feel shy/ shame about it in the first place, - terms of late payment should be as clear as possible. don't shy/ shame to put in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence for late payment terms. is it ok if every month payment late more than 10 working days? if payment late than 10 working day, tenant paid the late interest, than when should be the tenant pay for the remaining months. is it ok if every month tenant paid the late interest payment? if the payment due on 1st day of the month, is that mean you will receive the money of that day, or the tenant will take out the money on that day but landlord received 1-3 days later (something like bank transfer/ auto giro/ post/ etc) sad to be hear/ know, something like this people will think/ say "late 1-3 day, you already not happy". to be honest and mature, can you say every month "late 1-3 day, you already not happy" to your car/ flat/ credit card loan person in charge? - be clear about how many bedroom available. if you have 1 bedroom locked, don't shy/ shame to put in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreement, that the room available is exclude that locked bedroom. don't shy/ shame to put in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreement, more detail that any kind/ situation, partition to make additional bedroom is not allowed for what ever reason. - be clear about how many percentage that the flat will be use as home, home office, bedrooms and bathrooms only, etc don't shy/ shame to ask this question and write it in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreemen. do you care if your flat from previously a normal place for living become a pure bedroom and bathrooms only. - don't shy/ shame to share your expectation to rent out a flat. if you expect, a family who will live as a normal family, need kitchen, need living room, need dining room, etc, please stick firm to that expectation. if you expect, any people will do, maybe no need kitchen, no need living room, no need dining room, etc, you can do that too. - be clear about how many average people will visit or just come in and come out in a week. don't shy/ shame to ask this question and write it in clear, simple, plain and understandable english sentence in lease agreemen. do you want about 10-30 different peoples each week in average visit your flat? because some neighbor with young kids feel not comfortable about so many different people come in and out/ by pass their corridor daily. i hope my experience can help many landlord to get a good tenant.
  16. Mint condition, clean and use for files and bags storage in bedroom and study room. It's size is great for filing purposes, toys and books , books. Extremely durable and office standards. Can even be used as shoe racks and corridor storage Comes with working lock and keys. Delivery and transport not included, self pickup only. Refer link for pics 80cm(L) x 74cm(H) x 45cm(D) https://carousell.com/p/76105757/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Ferichyh%2F&ref_sId=419205
  17. $25. A mirror with real wooden frame. Purchased from Courts Tampines - never used and still all wrapped up.
  18. Hi Guys, i would be interested to hire a contractor just for a simple double platform bed with a few drawers storage. Would not need an ID because it's quite straightforward. Appreciate any help i can get, thanks! Jamie
  19. Hi, I'm looking for 4 other families to start a group buy for veneer doors from Siong door. If we can get 5 invoices, we can all get a discounted price of $238 for veneer doors. This is one of the cheapest deal I can find for bedroom doors. Please reply here or PM me if you're interested, thank you!
  20. Hi, I'm looking for 4 other families to start a group buy for veneer doors from Siong door. If we can get 5 invoices, we can all get a discounted price of $238 for veneer doors. This is one of the cheapest deal I can find for bedroom doors. Please reply here or PM me if you're interested, thank you!
  21. Hi, I'm looking for 4 other families to start a group buy for veneer doors from Siong door. If we can get 5 invoices, we can all get a discounted price of $238 for veneer doors. This is one of the cheapest deal I can find for bedroom doors. Please reply here or PM me if you're interested, thank you!
  22. Hello, I am intending to hack the wall between the master bedroom and bedroom 2. The combined size of the room is 6170mm x 3590mm, wall to wall. What aircon BTU should I purchase for my bedroom? I went through several aircon sizing calculators online but all of them shows a different result. Seems like the usual bedroom aircon is at 9K BTU.... Thanks!
  23. anyone have spare of this door? i stay at fernvale. contact me at 85063265
  24. brighttlights


    From the album: First Home