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  1. Hi All, Just a average joe sharing my renovation journey. My 4rm HDB renovation is already near completion and i will post pictures from the start to the end at my pininterest webby. At the start of my renovation, i did alot of research on the internet and here in renotalk. Went for several meetings with IDs and contractors. Finally some good soul sent me a pm with a contact of a certain contractor. Why did i go for contractor and not a ID, mainly because i have my own design and also on a certain budget. Why did i finally settle for this contractor? His sincerity and honesty. He is of a certain age, so i will call him uncle contractor. He is your plain o uncle contractor that don't speak english and only mandarin. Through my many interaction with him, he is not hard selling, he is truly genuine and that is enough for me. He brought me to see his carpenter workmanship just to clear my doubts too. Anyway i actually got much more complete pictures as of now, but i rushing out to attend to my renovation evorich floor, so i will leave it as this. DISCLAMER: i am not a poser, i am just a average joe that fate bring me to this contractor, i feel its "just" for me to post his works. look even my papa is on the pictures pictures below, for now, i only manage to upload the starting portion of the reno as i am rushing out. https://www.pinterest.com/mmonz/ideas-for-the-house/ Rgds, Vayen
  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to share this small company with you guys that i happen to stumble upon looking for contractors to renovate my house. This company i found was referred to me by my friend. Which he find very reliable for doing their house not long ago too. From what i know its a family business and have been in this industry for over 30 years. I found their website but not much were stated. I was very impress by the way he gave their quotation. He will come to my house and show me the quote. Explained to me all the quoted items and how they are going to coordinate their project. Because i was living in the house during the course of renovation. I was very happy how they clean up my house and even mopped my house at the end of every work day. Every evening when i come back home, he would ask if there's any issue with the renovation before going off. Overall the coordination was very pleasant and satisfying that i came home everyday and there's progression done. Design of the house were mostly done by us. He will tell us if designs were impractical and give us a more practical design. He was very honest and not like others that will just say its impossible to be done without explanation. Overall i was really pleased with how the work turn out. I think that sometimes small company have more sincerity in doing stuff. I would love to post the pictures that they done here but my house is currently very untidy from all the stuff. Maybe once i have unpacked i will share it with everyone. Cheers Updates. Here are some of the photos for my house
  3. Hi everyone, we are a young couple who recently got a resale flat. This is a rather long story about our nightmarish experience with an ID, from a certain ID firm in Singapore, whom we have dropped recently. Before we go any further, I want to say that this is NOT a bad review of the ID firm, but a honest retelling of our experience with one of their IDs. This is not because of what their boss has requested of us as you will see later, but because we want to be as objective as possible about this. We will start by giving you guys some context on our predicament, and then highlight some of things he did. We shall also use “he” to refer to the ID, to protect his identity. Furthermore, there will be numbering, so that you guys can keep up. I will give credit when credit is due, but I will also spare no detail when describing these less-than-pleasant experiences. For those who know me, I am a quiet guy and I really hate to draw attention to myself. My social media presence, naturally, is basically non-existent. Unfortunately, this experience has been so massively bad that I now feel the strong need to communicate this experience to all you people out there. Then, you can be more prudent if you still decide to work with any ID firms in Singapore, for your future home projects, especially if you are a young couple with no experience like us. Then, you might be able pick up the telltale signs of something going wrong. I should emphasise that despite our bad experience, other IDs from this company have produced good work for other people too. Our grievances are mainly directed at our ID, and not at his company. Before we begin (and for those tldr), here is a summary of the main problems I have raised here, for greater clarity: 1. We overpaid for lights and bathroom fixtures, and he did not take our design preferences into account during the selection process. 2. He made us wait one month for two 3d drawings, with little or no updates unless we prompted him. 3. He gave minimal design inputs, even though he had access to our mood board and whatnot. 4. He spent another two months to do up the 2d technical drawings, and there were still some errors because he did not take notes. 5. Up till when we decided to drop him, he still hasn’t produced the revised quotation. 6. He was willfully withholding photos of his old projects, but was able to spontaneously produce them when asked by a prospective client. 7. Took almost one month to source for tiles, even though it could have been done within a day. 8. Took forever to update us on OneWood, even though they were also contactable throughout CB. 9. Did not make any real attempt to improve on response time, despite being told on multiple occasions. So, like all other young couples getting their first home, we were excited about crafting our own space. After some discussion, and after compiling some materials, which comprised of a Pinterest mood board and a google drive folder filled with design ideas, for our prospective ID, we went to the renotalk hangout session in Feb 2020. In short, we wanted a cosy, country-style look to our place. Bear this point in mind. There was where we met our ID from this ID company. In that meeting, he spontaneously gave us useful inputs, and suggested some practical ideas. He told us that he had 20 years of experience as an ID, and certainly made an impression on us. He was also very responsive, and constantly kept us updated after the meeting. So, we eventually settled on him. In fact, we were excited to begin, and sent him the google drive and pinterest links way before we signed the contract. He immediately followed us upon receiving the link, and hence, gave us the impression that he already scrutinised our mood board. This was also where the nightmare began. A few days before CB was announced, he asked us to head down to his showroom to pass him some forms, and to select lightings and bathroom fixtures. We waited a few days for his design inputs, or for him to ask us about our preference, but it never happened. Little did we know, the response rate would only get slower as time went by. Soon after, PM Lee announced that CB will begin from the following Monday. Our ID then advised us to do the lighting/bathroom fixture selection as quickly as possible, so that we might be able to do some renovation during CB. We were busy with some stuff because of the sudden announcement, and there was the real possibility that we could not make it for our arranged meeting, but he insisted that it was necessary. Fine. No one understood what the CB entailed exactly. He cannot be blamed for pushing us to proceed with the selection. Fine. Since our meeting was scheduled for Saturday, we proceeded with those plans and headed to his showroom. He sat us down and spent 15 minutes telling us the number of lights we need, and where we should place them in our flat. Then, he immediately brought us to a place nearby to get our stuff. So here is point 1: At the lights shop, he told the saleperson that we were going for a MODERN theme even though our mood board had country-style references and left her to recommend lighting designs based on that. He even went on to say, very confidently, that “I know what you want”. Remember, earlier, that we had a Pinterest mood board and google drive containing material about a more cosy/country-style theme. We went along with his ideas, trusting his 20 years of ID experience, and made do with what the shop had. In the end, we ended up paying almost three times as much for similar lightings we can find on Lazada, and we settled for his design. Then, CB started, and all renovation work was halted as a result. There was no point getting any more stuff. Instead, we thought we should focus on getting the off-site details confirmed first, so that we can proceed with actual physical work when renovation work can restart. For some extra context, just before CB, He said he’ll get started with his 3d drawings. However, it is understandable that because of the sudden announcement of CB, he had many personal and administrative matters to attend to, and so it was likely impossible for him to have began working on those drawings at all. So, for simplicity, we shall take 31st March to be the day he promised to start on his drawings. Here is point 2: Throughout the first half of the CB, we asked him about the drawings, but received minimal replies. He would say that he was still working on them, but never once provided any reason, nor did he take any initiative to give us updates. On 25th April, he finally produced the drawings. We looked at it, and were quite pleased with them overall. Still, he made us wait almost one whole month for two drawings, and never explained to us why he needed so much time. We then asked him for a Zoom meeting so that we can discuss the minor tweaks we wanted. Mind you, we had to initiate the meeting. He finally explained that as IDs, they rely on the draftsman to do up 3d drawings, and that the typical home computer takes significantly longer to render these images. Fine. We would have accepted that explanation if he just told us about it. We also asked him about the other carpentry for the kitchen, but he waved if off, saying “don’t have what”, until we pointed out that it was stated clearly in the quotation we signed. In the same Zoom meeting, we also asked for 2d technical drawings, which he had also already done up. We discussed about the dimensions of the kitchen island, and also about extra features we were thinking of. Point 3: Interestingly, too many of these design inputs came from us, which made us feel as though his initial creativity streak have fizzled out. We also told him that we did not need him to update the 3d drawings because of the difficulties they are facing. We only need 2d drawings just so we understand how much space we really have. So, we requested only for that. At the same time, we also asked him to amend the quotation, as there were some items that we thought were unnecessary. He said he would do those things, immediately. So we waited, like fools, for “immediately” to happen. This brings us to points 4 and 5: It was only on 5th July, long after CB ended, that we got the updated 2d drawings when we met in person, and even then, some of the details were wrong, because he did not take notes during the Zoom meeting. So, he spent another two months to come up with 2d drawings, and with little or no explanation why he took so long. Up to the day he asked for a face-to-face meeting, he also did not take the initiative to tell us what he intended to do for the meeting. We had to ask him again the night before, and he only replied after we prompted him again in the morning. Up to the point to just before we decided to drop him, he still hasn’t produced the updated quotation. To describe point 6, let us go back to 4th May, during the CB. We finally asked if he could give us photos of his old projects, but he refused to show us, telling us that he has not taken up any projects for the past three years. What kind of a designer does not have a portfolio? It was only later, after CB ended, on 5th July, that we found out that he had readily shown those photos to a prospective client during a F2F meeting. The guy had contacted us with regards to a post my fiancée put up on a telegram group chat. She asked on the group chat if what we’re experiencing with our ID company is normal. So, he did have photos after all, but refused to show them to us for some reason. So, prior to CB, we also gave him the codes for the existing tiles in our resale flat. He said he would order these tiles, so that he can make minor repairs during the renovation. Near the end of CB, on 27th May, we asked him for updates about the tiles again. He said that he already sent the codes to the tiles company. Time went by, and he never updated us. My fiancée got impatient and decided to look for the tiles herself. On 16th June, she found the company that manufactures those tiles within a day, contacted them, and got a reply on the very same day. That brings us to point 7: He was only willing to update us on the tiles, on 21st June, and only after my fiancée updated our Whatsapp group about her own findings. So, starting from 27th May, he spent almost one whole month to source for tiles, even though LSH was fully contactable even during CB. Point 8: Also prior to CB, we told our ID that we would like to consider OneWood for our kitchen worktop, and so he told us that he would contact them. Long story short, he took too long, gave little or no updates, and we decided to contact OneWood ourselves just to get an idea. The ID only managed to update us about OneWood when we met him in person on 5th July. Let us go to point 9, which is our final point. Despite several requests for him to be responsive, he never really improved. The following screenshots are, unfortunately, the norm for the majority of our interactions with him. Quite honestly, the highest contributing factor to our decision to drop our ID is tied between points 3 and 6. Point 3, because it feels as though we are doing the majority of the work, and point 6, because it really made us question his integrity. Go back to the top of this post, or scroll all the way down, for a summary of these points. We went down to one of their branches on 7th July, and requested that they get someone else to take over our ID. The duty staff got the boss of the ID company, to call us, and he did so the very next day. On the phone call, he listened to my grievances about the ID, and seemed somewhat sympathetic. However, he defended the ID on a few occasions, which I thought was quite admirable – having a boss fight for his employee. However, it was clear to me that the ID already got the chance to first tell the boss his side of the story. The boss offered us two solutions – either we change to another ID within the company, or we get a full refund. Initially, I thought it’d less cumbersome if we stuck with this ID company and have another ID take over, instead of starting all over again. But that changed, towards the end of the phone call, when the boss commented that it takes two to clap which implied that we have not been cooperative. It was already clear that they are now pinning the blame on us. So, we decided that the refund was a better deal for us, since there was no longer trust between us and the company. I proceeded to send a message of goodwill to the ID, but he ignored it. Fine. He is upset after all. However, the boss is now telling us that the refund can only be processed if we promise not to post any negative comments about his company. We had no intention to post anything at all, before his strange and unethical request. The trigger that got us to write this post was when we found out that it is clearly stated on their website that we can get our deposit back WITHOUT any additional conditions. As of this writing, we have rejected his offer, and will be getting in contact with CASE. I have sent him an email, asking the company to honour their promise, but have gotten no response so far. Here is a summary of the main problems I have raised here, which I have repeated for greater brevity: 1. We overpaid for lights and bathroom fixtures, and he did not take our design preferences into account during the selection process. 2. He made us wait one month for two 3d drawings, with little or no updates unless we prompted him. 3. He gave minimal design inputs, even though he had access to our mood board and whatnot. 4. He spent another two months to do up the 2d technical drawings, and there were still some errors because he did not take notes. 5. Up till when we decided to drop him, he still hasn’t produced the revised quotation. 6. He was willfully withholding photos of his old projects, but was able to spontaneously produce them when asked by a prospective client. 7. Took almost one month to source for tiles, even though it could have been done within a day. 8. Took forever to update us on OneWood, even though they were also contactable throughout CB. 9. Did not make any real attempt to improve on response time, despite being told on multiple occasions. This is the end of our story. I shall remind you, the prudent reader, that this ID company has many other competent IDs, and has completed several good projects. I personally believe that the majority of their IDs are good. So, I leave it to you to exercise caution when hiring an ID from any ID company, so that you will not go through the same experience. All the best for your renovation journey, and thank you for reading.
  4. Greetings from Mugen Design, We provides services such as: -Interior Design -3D Visualizing -2D space planning -Renovation Our professional design team to ensure our services on time and with good quality. If there is anything you want to cooperate or interested with us, Feel free to contact us for further information 👍 Contact via: https://wa.me/message/MY2CVWY4PFUJD1 Check us via: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mugendesignjb Portfolio: https://www.rtist.com.my/MugenDesign
  5. My wife and I visited a long list of ID before we agreed for the renovation of our new home. This could be attributed to not only the quality and affordability offered to us but also the meticulous manner their staff, Ms. Selina, did her work. From the start, She was very professional and very accommodating to our ideas and suggested quality advice to match our ideas to our budget. She kept to her schedules without fail. Everyday updated me with what was taken place. I can say that renovation cannot just simply look at cost comparison because price somehow does dictate the quality of materials and workmanship. She was able to communicate and translate our ideas well to put into the design she had for us. She was ever-ready to advice us on the pros & cons of our ideas instead of outright dismissing our ideas regardless how extreme it might sound. And Selina was always patient to our ever-changing ideas and fickle mindedness in our decisions even to the simplest choice of paint colors. I must say Selina did a great job for our place to make our new haven be a beautiful yet simple abode that we always feel comfortable to come home. Ultimately, we felt safe and assured throughout the whole process. I will engage her services again if I ever need another reno in the future. Thanks Selina & Co. Pm me for her contact or email me at s0165793125@gmail.com
  6. hi, i'm new in this forum but actually i have been following for many month, just recently signed up to share my experience. i recently finished my home reno and i spent a long time looking for ID like you guys. i cam e across this ID by chance on instagram! there are too many IDs now so I was just randomly looking. then i immediately liked what they do (a bit modern raw+industrial but not too over). Actually its just 'she' and her husband, small company. they are very creative and really efficient in their work. i finished my reno (5-room bto) in less than 3 months (although its not alot of work la) i realise nowadys IDs in Singapore like to design alot of flashy and non-authentic things (especially those void deck ones) but i find my ID very original and very sincere in her ideas. for example my study corner sliding doors. most people will just go for aluminum, but its very thick and ugly and she refused to do it in alum, she found contacts to help me get it done in steel, i saw her drawings ver complicated for this part cus got alot of details but i really really loved how it turned out! super slim and sleek doesnt look like the usual HDB style! (picture below when it was just done) She does have a strong opinion in what she thinks is the best sometimes a bit stubborn but still willing to discuss and of course get my approval for everything before excecution. i have had very bad experienes before with ID so i just wanna share this very very positive experiecen with everyone. You can see my HDB on her instagram feed as well! the latest 2 pictures. (BELOW!) If anyone wish to know more I am happy to share her contact or pictures or whatever..
  7. Would like to share my experience with you guys. Recently, i have done up a renovation for my parents house. Our 3-rm flat is located at Ang Mo Kio, which our estate is already 40-years old .We have never done renovation or upgrading work since we move in until now. The condition of the house, was like the picture below, uneven walls and ceiling. We would like to revamp it to a bright, modern living, and have all the cabinet build in for living area, kitchen and our bedrooms. We have refer by our friends on this company that specialize in residential/shop/space planning/carpentry/flooring & remodeling to help us out. We are very satisfied with their work or transformation, would like to share we our members here. I have took a shot of our house photo after we have renovated. Costing is very reasonable. I am impressed with their work attitude and responsive response. I would like to give them 5-star rating. Those who want to do a upgrading or just bought a BTO can give a shot for this company!!
  8. Have just finished my home reno works recently, mine is a 5room resale. However before tht I have been spending about 3 months looking for ID with lowest quote and all. I happened to came across this ID Belle during a event at gain city. So we had a small discussion and she asked for my number to follow up with me. Infact I have forgotten to reply her for about a week as I was really busy with work. But she was really patience, a few ID that I have met didn't even bother to follow up with me. When I tell her about my requirements, she was v honest, she told me what is necessary to do and what is not. Honestly her quote wasn't the lowest one but during the discussion I felt that she was able to understand what I want, and it allows me to have a better understanding on which area to spent on. And for the v least she is v responsive. I was really comfortable with her and decided to go with her as my ID after doing some research on interior times. Everything went well during the reno, there are some Minor issues but Belle is v efficient with handling and getting back to me with either a solution or alternative, I really appreciate the hard work she have put in. Overall I'm glad that to have her as my ID, as there is no renovation night mare for me hahah.
  9. Dear all, I've got a reasonable quotation from Urban Design House and thinking to engage them. The ID is hdb registered and case-trust. There isn't much review about them. Just wondering anyone here engaged them before and can provide me some feedback please? TIA!
  10. Hi everyone, we have been following renotalk for a couple of months now, and would like to first of all thank everyone for being so gracious as to share their stories so we first-timers know what to expect. Which is why my hubby and I thought why not share our journey with others too! After reading about the ups and downs many couples face, we are honestly very worried about how this will turn out. We don't have exactly a huge budget also.... So we finally got our keys to our new place at Dawson! Love love love the estate and how the flat actually looks so much like an EC Anyway, back to topic of choosing our id. Think we've read a little bit too much over the past few months until the point where we got confused... so in the end, we decided to go with the safest choice which is with the id who did my bestfriend's house. Their house is so incredibly well-done and we're really hoping ours will turn out just as well! *cross fingers* Plus, it was pretty reasonable considering everything was handled for by our id! During our first consultation with the id, we were asked what kind of look and feel do we like. After doing some research on pinterest/ the internet, we showed our id what we are looking for and specifically told him we want something "artistic yet cosy" you know how some places are really chic looking and stuff but not comfortable? We thought that's not how a house is supposed to be, if it's not cosy, the house is not really a home right? Haha. Here are some of the pics we drew inspiration from! Of course we're not expecting it to come out exactly like that la. Got to work within the budget... People please feel free to share with us some tips ok, we are beginning reno phase v v v soon, so any tips are well appreciated! 10Q!
  11. As a noob when it comes to renovating, I had restless nights since the day I got quotations from various IDs ( some quotation are quite confusing tho ) But that's when I started to learn and slowly becoming a so called "expert" in it. Comparing and finalising from few quotations I had in hand was really difficult and mind-taxing. That is when I met up with my designer from Ben Design Firm. The meet-ups was always comfortable and relaxing. Not only, did my ID patiently listen to my Husband and mine ideas and requests. he also slowly guided us throughout our discussions. He also proposed good and constructive ideas to meet our requests. Aside he is responsive to calls and most of our discussion was over the phone, so things were settled quickly. He always does his best and do not over commit and give empty promises. Though, it is the initial stage of the whole renovation, I am very impressed with his professionalism and responsibility. In addition,. he is also very knowledgeableand often advise us the pros and cons during discussion. Just did my handover last week and my whole renovation process with him will be an enjoyable and hassle free one. So far, I am very satisfied, I would definitely recommend Ben Design Firm to others. I am proud to announce my new home. Cheers to all. If u require my ID contact , you may drop me your email or contact number.
  12. Hi, Can't find much reviews on Casa Spazio, person in charge - Alan. Wonder if anyone has any experience with this id/reno firm? Thanks.
  13. Hi guys, I would actually like to share my experience with a contractor/id, give them a little shoutout in return as they really managed to give me the full package and i'm so so thankful. They are recommended by my friend. My house is a 4-room flat and have not changed for almost 20 years and kitchen has worn and torn. So I'm getting my whole kitchen and whole house painting done and on quite a tight budget as i can't take up loans and also on a tight timeline. Though my house is still undergoing renovation, but i can say the process up till now is very satisfying. My budget was $10,000+-. At first the quotation they gave me was nearly $12,000 but after i went down for further discussion and taking my budget into consideration, they were very understanding and considerate so the end quote is $10,020++. Their consultant especially is very friendly. I texted her almost everyday asking questions and even called her . I thought she would find me annoying. She was also the one who sent me pdf copies of all the quotation even after i keep changing my mind. Usually other people would ignore me or reply late and send their quotes through text. But she very was sincere. After that when i went down for further consulltations they even guided me in choosing materials and designs to best fit my requirements and budget. I can see they treat all their clients with care like a priority which is shocking as nowadays i've heard from my family friends encountering rude ids or people who just ignore you once they see the budget. Very pekcek when it happened to me. During renovation all i can say is their manpower 10/10. I know they have quite a few other clients to renovate for but despite all of it, the manpower are still positive plus i have to get all these done within 2-3 weeks. Whenever i have questions regarding certain works, they explained to me nicely. I know I know i'm kindof annoying when i'm unsure hahahaha... So overall for now im very satisfied with whats going on in my kitchen. Can't wait for it to be done then i'll post up the pictures and do a final review But for now heres the final quote they sent me! Do pm me if you want their contact! Oh and also surprisingly they have no hidden fees. So if any of you are on a tight budget i really recommend you them. Just explain your situation and i'm sure they'll understand. 1. Supply labour to hack existing kitchen cabinet ($250) 2. Supply labour and tools to connection kitchen sink water supply and outlay pipe Supply labour and tools to intstall master and common toilet toilet bowl and accessories Supply labour and tools to install new stainless steel pipes to kitchen and toilets ($1,280) For above 3. 3. Supply material and labour to plaster master toilet walls ($950) 4. Supply material and labour to plaster common toilet walls ($950) 5. Design and fabricate to install kitchen cabinet with internal colour PVC and soft close system - Top hang kitchen cabinet cooker hood design cabinet with door soft closer 7ft ($840) - Bottom kitchen cabinet cooker design with 3 sets of carpentry drawer with innotech runner 7ft ($840) - Solid surface table top to cooker cabinet table top design 7ft ($490) 6. Design and fabricate to install kitchen tall unit for built in oven 6ft ($720) 7. Design and fabricate to install island counter at kitchen area with solid surface 4ft ($890) 8. Design and fabricate to install shelves in kitchen area ($1100) 9. Supply labour for painting whole house wall and ceiling including water drain pipe, door and door frame with Nippon Vinilex 5000 paints ($1200) 10. Debris out from job site ($200) 11. Clearing work affected by renovation ($350) If any of you have questions regarding how my reno is going i'll answer all of them.
  14. Don't trust this contractor! When we first met him, he seemed genuine, helpful and sincere. The wall between our master bedroom and one of our common rooms were hacked previously in our resale flat to make a huge room. Because we were expecting our child, we decided to put it back and open up the original doorway. We only needed to build a wall, hack another wall to open a door. He assured us that he would personally check daily to ensure that the job was done properly. But we realised he cut corners, and damaged many of our existing structures including the parquet floor (he promised at the beginning that it wouldn't happen). There were several indentations in our wooden floor, and less than 2 weeks after we build the new wall, we could see visible cracks. When we told him about it, he shirked all responsibilities, came up with a million excuses and told us that such damage was very common. He refused to address our problems and deliver on his promise, and became very rude. At many points during our conversations, he even managed to blame the damage on us even though we brought it up right after the project was done. Granted, we were foolish to pay up in full even before all the rectifications had been done. We are very disappointed, and would like to warn others not to entrust their beloved homes to this hooligan. I still have nightmares about this guy and the work provided. Full disclosure: This is a simple renovation job after we've lived in the house for five years. We weren't expecting pristine conditions but that Robin would at least deliver on his promises to not damage our floor.
  15. Hi guys, I want to share with you guys my own experience with this ID. I was introduced by a very good friend of my who has their house renovated by Ms Daphne. She is very patient and meticulous, willing to listen to what my mother and i want for our new home. I emailed her our floorplan and roughly discussed over the phone. She was so accommodating and agree to my idea. During the very 1st appointment at her office at Taiseng. We have a comfortable time discussing. I have many ideas for the new house renovation however thanks to Ms Daphne explaining to me some of my ideas are not practical. Unlike some ID as they aim to earn consumer money and not want to chase the customer away so they will compliance with the ideas given to them. This impressed me, as she took time and effort to plan my house furniture layout properly by understanding me and my mother living lifestyle. Further, she had his own ideas and suggested come which really more practical. We also gave our budget for the renovation. She was very straightforward told us while she is doing quotation she will try to fit into our budget however there will be some example that based on the quality of a product where there might extra cash need to be forked out. She assure us that the quality will be there as she is renovating the house that hope we will stay for long not only 5 years lifespan. In addition, our key concern was not about the renovation cost only but most important is a clean, reliable and quality workmanship. Finally, after going through procedures finally we got our keys. 2nd appt we meet at our new house. She has a habit of taking pictures of the whole house to take note where is the columns or beam and an extra mile to take site measurement to make sure measurement is tally with floor plan. Indeed there is difference, luckily she take site measurement. Therefore, she able to quote more accurately. Unlike other ID, will only requires floor plan to do quotation. Which I was impressed how meticulous is she. Initial plan we wanted to overlay the toilet to save some costs but when we go up the house, she checked out the toilet it has been over lay 2 times alrdy by checking the floor trap. Therefore no choice we have to hack and re do waterproofing and lay new tiles. I would say she is a ID that is very responsible and honest. Sharing us which is a must to do and which are the ones we can do in future if there is a budget constrain and explain in detail. For eg. why cannot overlay 3rd layer. I must say she is very responsible and passionate about her job through 2 meetings with her. Whole renovation process lasted near 2 months which consist of full house hacking, plumbing, electrical, painting and carpentry work. During whole renovation process, we were updated through whatsapp with frequent jobsite photos. It is a really very good experience with frequent update of my house renovation while I am working. I have a ease of mind experience with her. After all, we are satisfied with her carpentry workmanship and we happily handover our last 10% payment and planned house warming! I will be happy to share my ID contact details with you all.
  16. Hi all, I was fond of looking for interior designs and renovation then came across in this website. Started reading some renovation recommendations and I just want to also share my renovation experience with this ID and they have their own contractor as well. I just want to help those who are looking for ID / contractors to transform their house into a home. My friend recommended them and scheduled for an appointment to discuss our reno. They were very open to our suggestions of what kind of design concept we want and they were also great at suggesting alternative concept to make the designs improve more but with a cheaper budget. They were very good at explaining the details and how they update the schedule of the reno. They were very accommodating and all the small issues were settled. Overall, my house turned to be a relaxing and cozy home! Below are the photos of my house. I’m happy to share their contact with you.
  17. After the success of my bathroom reno, I decided I should start another thread about Phase 2 of my reno to share ideas and experiences with other Renotalk kakis. This time, Phase 2 involves the overhaul of a 15yr old bedroom. The bedroom, that has not been lived in (except occasional visits on some weekends) for the last 6yrs, seemed to have been stuck in a time warp just like the bathroom previously was. It was a mishmash of nonsensical concepts that the room's original occupant neither liked nor wanted: - Parquet flooring - Purple/ psychadelic walls (omg) - Heavy solid wood European Da Vinci furniture - Peeling paint from roof leakage or something - Heavy solid wood wardrobe The decision to overhaul was conceived many years ago, but there had been simply no time nor resources before. Now that the opportunity has presented itself, the room is going to be turned into a chill out room for hanging out with friends over a movie or for working in. It will be designed with an underlying industrial concept, mixed with a bit of highbrow pop art concept (whatever that means LOL) The interior designer (me) is still in the process of making the furniture and buying whatever things that we are not making ourselves... so please bear with the slowness of the process. If you have any ideas or advice, please feel free to post them here! Kam sia..
  18. Hi all, recently i have engage a few contractor and i find this quotation the most reasonable, however i still need advise. can anyone tell me if this is acceptable and give me your opinion?
  19. Hi guys, i would like to share my good experience and complement a contractor, project management skill in building our dream home! what set them apart from other firms is that he is able to to accommodate to our schedule and gave us detailed planning to save space also his willingness to listen and provide valuable advice on design aesthetics and functionality, giving us a truly unique home. After consulting several firms, they are able to deliver what other contractors could not. During renovation stage, he pays a lot of attention to details and is able to execute flawlessly on what we had planned, He is very helpful and supportive during our renovation journey and ensure the quality and build is done to the utmost standards. All in all, although what we seek is a contractor but the service he gave was like of a id. I really like his ideas and proposed 3D designs and amendments were always made promptly according to my preferences. I also appreciate that he always try to work around my budget while still achieving what I wanted in the end. It's been nearly 2 months after hand over and there was only 1 rectification so far and was promptly. i'll attach some photo here for viewing, feel free to dm me if you want to see more.
  20. hi all, I am new to this forum. Been checking out various ID/Contractors recommendations. Also been to a few referral sites. Met or spoke to some ID/contractors to discuss. Starting to receive quotations. But some quotation seems quite substandard. E.g. Missing Registration number, missing HDB licence number, missing terms and conditions, missing warranty details, and of cos items details like brand, material, size not stated. There is even 1 ID send me a quote with another similar company name who is newly registered (and not a HDB approved) Is this the norm?
  21. Hi! I am looking to engage DRD for my 4 room BTO. Anyone has engaged their services? How are they? I can't seem to find much reviews on them online. Would preferably like to read some reviews before committing to them!
  22. My wife and I were referred to DC Carpentry by my sister who engaged the renovation film for renovation work. Eventually, we met up with Peter Chan, the manager/designer on 23 Sep 2014 to discuss about the renovation quotation. Our initial impression of Peter Chan was quite pleasant as he managed to guide us through the renovation discussion. We thought we have found the right person to engage for our renovation. However, this was exactly the opposite. About one week after our first discussion (1 Oct 2014), we approached Peter Chan via whatsapp to check if our quotation was ready. He did not reply, neither did he call us back. When my wife tried to call him, he answered the call in a positive tone at the beginning. But once he realized we were asking him for the quotation, he immediately told my wife he was very busy and then hung up the call before we could speak further. After which, we received a whatsapp message from him, asking us not to call him. From then on, there was no more messages from him, even until now. My sister who engaged him for renovation work a month ago, did tried to speak to him several times regarding our quotation follow up. But again, no follow up from Peter Chan, not even a courtesy call or message. It seems like he has no intention to liaise with us at all. Probably he has been very busy but I feel that he could have let us know, or sent someone else to follow up with us if he was really that busy. But instead, he chose to ignore us. There was not even a single message from him at all. Anyway I do not feel that he is really that busy because I saw him sharing some random news feed on the DC Carpentry FB wall that has nothing much to do with his renovation work. I tried to post on the DC Carpentry FB wall more than a week ago, asking them about my quotation follow up, hoping that they will reply. Again, no reply from him of anyone else. Instead, my post was removed by them. When I attempted to post the same enquiry on their wall the 2nd time, my post was removed again and this time, I was BLOCKED from posting on their FB wall. I realized only positive comments are found on their FB wall. The negative ones were removed. And I am not the only one experiencing this issue, which I found it really dishonest and deceiving. Anyway, I am posting this just to share my negative experience with people who might be thinking of engaging DC Carpentry for renovation work. Thankfully that I did not engage them. You might wish to think twice before engaging a renovation film because if the pre-sales service is bad, your renovation could end up as bad.
  23. Hi everyone, We are looking for renovation IDs/contractors for our 4rm new flat and received some quotes from IDs. Our experiences so far are OK, they all tend to miss out our design requirements here and there, even after meet up and re-quote. They are all so far out of our ideal budget. Please help us review and advise us.
  24. Hi everyone, would like to enquire if anyone out there had done reno with A & D interior previously? How's their workmanship and ID? many thanks in advance!
  25. Hi all! i am new in the forum, but have been following for a few months now. Just recently signed up just to share my humble experience in my reno journey. My 4rm BTO flat have been completed. I was lucky to have chanced upon this ID through our friend's recommendation. We fall in love with their proposal concept for our home and they understood clearly on the things we required like being space-savy with the looks of alittle zen/ scandi themed. They are actually a small start up company with her and her few partners with years of experience in this field. They are very knowledgeable on the renovation details and are able to point out concerns before construction and to advise better alternatives for us to choose from. It has been 3 months since the renovation is completed. My ID is still very helpful whenever there are any minor issues. Just sharing this experience as it has been a positive experience with her. Do let me know if anyone here is interested! She is also providing free consultation and advises even if you are not engaging them.