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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my renovation experience with a direct contractor for my 5-room Resale HDB. I initially plan to revamp the whole house but wasn’t sure of how to approach it. After a few conversations with friends and family, I was assured that going with a good contractor would be the best approach as it saves cost for me. Contractors don’t provide 3D Renders, only 2D but that was more than good enough for me as I already had a clear idea on what I wanted to do with the space. As I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I was looking for the best materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. I was introduced to a contractor that had a very interesting new material for building kitchen cabinets. Apparently, they are the first in Singapore that have brought in a durable cabinet door material that is either scratch-proof or water-proof, depending on the option you choose.Also, the style of the cabinet doors are Victorian which is actually my absolute favourite! What is also amazing is that the material is stain proof with stainless steel finish. My young kid drew something with permanent marker on one of the doors (so naughty right!) and I was actually able to just wipe it off after spraying with magic clean solution! All in all, I must say that my experience with this contractor was wonderful. I was convinced by the kitchen cabinets actually, but the services rendered and final quality of everything else was really exceptional. There were some piping issues in my toilet that they managed to rectify and cover up to make it look like a brand new BTO toilet! I am more than delighted with my renovations and I can’t wait to move in! Here are some photos of our reno process and final completion. Good luck with your home renovation ?
  2. I hope this information will be useful to all homeowners who wish to save cost on home renovation works. Just as any other couples, we approached a few interior designers to build our dream home. To be frank, we were quite disappointed with their proposed ideas and design. Im proud to say we were the designers for our own home but of course with the help and advice from our contractor. Since we had to keep within our budget (arrival of our baby around the same time), we decided to do the renovation with a contractor after hearing from friends that it is possible to have a wow home makeover and save significant savings too. Information on renovation ideas are also readily available online. We were very much involved during the whole process. We invested our time on phone calls and checks to ensure evrything goes as plan such as the correct colours, design and layout as discussed with our contractors. Here are some of our house's photos in progress and the outcome. Im unable to upload all the completed photos due to size. All the best in planning your dream home!
  3. Prices of renovating a house is now cheaper in Singapore,depends on who we engage. Looking around and surveying around alot of IDs Firm,all quotation was on slightly high side,so me and my hubby decided to look for contractors. We asked our families members ,relatives and friends and finally met up with one contractor,he did for my cousin house He said quoted my BTO flat at a total amount of $12,300 He also ask us to buy things from Taobao to save money Really appreciate the help he gave us,i attached the picture and also items i purchased from and also where i purchased from. Just to share around with people
  4. Hello, anyone with experience and knowledge, please help me out here. I engaged a renovation contractor to renovate my HDB EA flat which I stay for more than 20 years. My renovation is only on the kitchen and master-bedroom toilet. In the course of renovation, I came across renotalk website and get to know the budget costs of renovation. All along I know my renovation contractor is charging me a higher price, which I thought to be around 20-30% higher than other contractors. But from renotalk Renovation Calculator, I got to know the price I am paying is very much higher than most people were paying. renotalk Renovation Calculator claimed to be backed by data from over $20,000,000 worth of contracts. The price charged by renovation contractor is equivalent to a 4 rooms resale flat (90 sqm), for a total area (kitchen + bathroom) of less than 16 sqm. The price of renovating a 4 rooms resale flat is from $46,400 - $55,680 (with extensive hacking, masonry, carpentry and plumbing) and the price charged by my renovation contractor is around 52K. Overall, I am disappointed with the renovation, I do not feel it worth the money for the price I paid. The quality and workmanship of the renovation is not up to expectation. The renovation contractor is chasing me for the final payment, I need advise whether the price is exorbitant and whether there is any venue which I can seek redress. Thank you. Regards, William
  5. Dear home owner, After doing my research online for some time, I noticed that the description is about the same. Things that they provided about the same. Those post online - 4299(all in kitchen package) / 3988(all in package) die die want to close me on the spot. Keep doing hard sales makes me walk away more. Until one day, I walked pass this ID firm at Ubi. The lady designer showed me this package and email me after I left. When I walk in, the drinks was served. I felt like I had returned home. I asked for any package and was presented this, by far this is the cheapest with everything I needed. I dont like the base in concrete, I dont need to do washing at kitchen. i do not cook at all. All i need is a sleek look for my kitchen. When I asked if I could install 15ft bottom / 5ft top to make it 20ft. They are able to provide and at a lower cost They rest die die need 10/10 I am happy with the service face to face. exp - Good! She understand her work very well. Explained the schedule & material used. CS- Superb, very friendly & nice. will definitely recommend to family / friends.
  6. Hi all, will like to recommend my contractor... for owners who have some designs in mind but needed a lower price, u can look for him. been to a few ids but out of my budget, finally recommended by a friend. my reno works...... kitchen cabinet 28ft - 3360 suspended tv console 6ft - 840 wardrobe swing 5ft - 1150 wardobe sliding 5ft - 1250 study table 7ft - 980 settee 8ft - 1120 mirror cabinet 2ft - 300 bottom cabinet 2ft - 250 aluminium frame glass panel 15ft x 4ft - 1300 shoe cabinet 6ft - 1380 casement shower screen - 480 L-shaped sliding shower screen - 630 quartz 18ft - 2160 built up low wall for study room - 1200 cement screed for 3 rooms and living room. 3 rooms vinyl and living area floor tiles. glass panel for kitchen wall. all added in is 38000 for my 5 room bto flat. Responsive, responsible, friendly too. interested owners can pm me. But he's a contractor so dont expect too much on designs, value for money, yes. If you are looking for too complicated designs, better find others....... starting my reno, will post pictures too. cheers.
  7. Post being removed for like the 3rd time Why renotalk why? can anyone let me know?????? @ChrisTanNK you have the same issue? i really wonder why i wanna help to bring in more business to a good contractor but the post keep get removed! Back to the topic, both @ChrisTanNK & I had the same contractor as i gotten the number from a friend that request for the contact from him. My parent's flat was renovated by this uncle called "chew". He is a down to earth & honest uncle such as that when i play joke on him, he get really nervous instead... uncle chew tag team with his daughter & actually gave honest opinion about some of my "hilarious" ideas. they are not those direct person that immediate oppose to your idea but they actually give u an other alternative way instead. they give me a "worryfree" renovation period & my parents is very pleased with him too! They will write their quote in details where we dont have worry if there is any hidden charge. They also provide us 3D drawings & different range of materials to choose. below will be some pics of my hse reno & some of other ppl's hse renovation which they send me. nowadays ID price are extraordinary high where i would really suggest to go for this contractor instead. in terms of PRICE, QUALITY & CHARACTERISTIC, i believe my contractor will win for sure:D:D:D:D
  8. We are looking for a Partnership to any Interior Designer or Contractor. We offer Competitive price for Aircon equipment and Aircon Installation for Residential and Commercial. We ensure quality and offer competitive prices in the market. We have over 20 years of experience. You can contact us: Call or Whatsapp +65 9175 9943 or email us enquiry@hydroball.net
  9. Hi All, Just a average joe sharing my renovation journey. My 4rm HDB renovation is already near completion and i will post pictures from the start to the end at my pininterest webby. At the start of my renovation, i did alot of research on the internet and here in renotalk. Went for several meetings with IDs and contractors. Finally some good soul sent me a pm with a contact of a certain contractor. Why did i go for contractor and not a ID, mainly because i have my own design and also on a certain budget. Why did i finally settle for this contractor? His sincerity and honesty. He is of a certain age, so i will call him uncle contractor. He is your plain o uncle contractor that don't speak english and only mandarin. Through my many interaction with him, he is not hard selling, he is truly genuine and that is enough for me. He brought me to see his carpenter workmanship just to clear my doubts too. Anyway i actually got much more complete pictures as of now, but i rushing out to attend to my renovation evorich floor, so i will leave it as this. DISCLAMER: i am not a poser, i am just a average joe that fate bring me to this contractor, i feel its "just" for me to post his works. look even my papa is on the pictures pictures below, for now, i only manage to upload the starting portion of the reno as i am rushing out. https://www.pinterest.com/mmonz/ideas-for-the-house/ Rgds, Vayen
  10. Hi everyone, just wanted to share this small company with you guys that i happen to stumble upon looking for contractors to renovate my house. This company i found was referred to me by my friend. Which he find very reliable for doing their house not long ago too. From what i know its a family business and have been in this industry for over 30 years. I found their website but not much were stated. I was very impress by the way he gave their quotation. He will come to my house and show me the quote. Explained to me all the quoted items and how they are going to coordinate their project. Because i was living in the house during the course of renovation. I was very happy how they clean up my house and even mopped my house at the end of every work day. Every evening when i come back home, he would ask if there's any issue with the renovation before going off. Overall the coordination was very pleasant and satisfying that i came home everyday and there's progression done. Design of the house were mostly done by us. He will tell us if designs were impractical and give us a more practical design. He was very honest and not like others that will just say its impossible to be done without explanation. Overall i was really pleased with how the work turn out. I think that sometimes small company have more sincerity in doing stuff. I would love to post the pictures that they done here but my house is currently very untidy from all the stuff. Maybe once i have unpacked i will share it with everyone. Cheers Updates. Here are some of the photos for my house
  11. Hello everyone, I have been browsing this forum for a long time after my key collection and picked up lots of valuable renovation tips. Also learnt what to look out for when deciding on which ID to choose. Hence i will also like to do my part to share my experience for shortlisting and confirming on the ID i chose. We met about 5 to 6 ID in total before confirming on our ID, meeting different ID can be quite a tiring process having to repeat what we want over and over again. So u guys must be prepared! Alot of ID we met quoted us over our budget, but our ID was able to meet our budget inclusive of electrical works. We also seen some of his completed projects which is very nice and we like it. Our ID was recommended by a fellow BTO owner in our FB group. During the 1st meet up, the ID is very patient and listened to our requirements. He is also very experienced and provided us with alot of good advice throughout the whole renovation process, from the types of lighting for our house and types of furniture to buy. They also have a wide range of materials to choose from. Most important factor is their workmanship which i feel is very good and quite impressed by them. Our ID is also very responsive and responsible, this is another important factor to consider when u are choosing ID. During the renovation process, our ID will send us pictures of the works completed. When we have any issues with the work done he will quickly rectify them. He gave us some minor carpentry works FOC plus did not charge us any fee for toilet and kitchen amenities installation which we bought ourselves. Overall we are very satisfied with our new home and the services provided by our ID. We have also recommended our ID to some of our friends and they told me he is one of the few better ID they met. I will upload some photos again, if u have any questions u may ask me and I will be more than happy to answer. If u like to know our ID, let me know and I will be more than willing to share.
  12. As the inventor of sensor lights, STEINEL is currently one of the biggest international player in this field. STEINEL lights are not only energy efficient but also designed to visually enhance your building's esthetics. STEINEL has manufactured it the next level, preserving it's top notch performance but reducing it's energy consumption (20W ~ 48W). In built sensors will hence improve energy efficiency. With simple steps of adjustments, we can help/guide you on how to set or even tune to your preferred duration to keep the area illuminated. Floodlights are engineered to be bright enough to illuminate a big area from just a single lighting source. With in built sensors, you are able to tune the illuminating duration. Best place for floodlights: Carpark Garden Entrance way Industrial estate Shipping port Architectural building Projection of lighting to enhance beauty of a certain space. Various of design to select from. Best place for landscape lighting: Garden Ecosystem Walkway Perfect outdoor light for your personal ecosystem. No power source required. Easily adjustable via app and bluetooth Best place for STEINEL solar lighting: Garden Pond Door entrance Car porch Capture your guest's attention by the use of STEINEL spot light. Easily adjustable via app and bluetooth Best place for STEINEL spot lighting: Gallery Art piece Aquarium Plants Have any doubts?? Come down and try it out yourself! For more information, Website:https://steinel.store/ Showroom: 66 Horne Road #03-00 Tel: 6276 9188 HP: 9363 3145 Whatsapp: https://wa.link/ryk45x
  13. Hi guys, I just bought a resale condo of 1023sqft. Currently quite bare with no built-in fixtures (except for the existing wardrobes). Looking to do the following: - Removal of laminate flooring and replacing with parquet for the rooms (total of 406sqft); prob need to hack abit before laying parquet - Installation of Feature wall in living room - Painting of whole house with off-white paint) How much you think this will cost? And if anybody has got reliable ID/contractors to do this? Thanks
  14. Just want to share my experience on finding a contractor to renovate my new 4RM bto located at Canberra Street. Myself I am not able to take bank loan as my credit report is not good. So I only about to ask my Friend to apply for me a 3rd party renovation loan from the bank. But sad to say the renovation quotation I received from some ID and contractor was around $24k to 26k. My loan from the bank only can approve at $16k. I have no choice to put the renovation on KIV. One day I was looking at internet and Facebook I saw a contractor posting saying that they are able to let client to pay partial amount of the renovation amount in monthly installment. I contacted him and have a met up with him. He quoted me for my renovation @ $23k and I am so lucky that he allow me to pay the balance 7k in monthly installment. The renovation work is still going on and now is awaiting for cabinet to be install. For those who have tight Budget or not enough money for renovation maybe you can pm for my contractor contact. Anyway the amount for installment is base on their comfortable amount. Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day.
  15. Any good Handyman, Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Renovator to recommend? We are not agent. Find us here at www.ServiceManApp.com
  16. Just want to do my part and share about my renovation experience here with my fellow forum kakis as i've picked up many useful tips on renovations and shortlisting ID from here. I've met with 4-5 IDs and to be honest, all of them was either quoting over our budget by a huge margin or have a lot of hidden costs. Me and my wife were starting to get tired and disappointed sourcing for IDs until one of my wife's colleague recommended her ID which they felt was good after sourcing over 8 IDs for they recent renovation. So we decided to give it a try to meet up with the ID. The quotation given to us was the most reasonable with everything we wanted, instead of saying to add in later part like what some of the IDs did which i guess normally will cost an arm or leg if added in later, and we went to see my wife's colleague new home. Workmanship was very good. So we decided to go with him, during the planning phase he was very attentive to even the minor details and provided us with superb advice down to even furnitures, appliances like aircon, bathroom sanitary etc. Even our daily lifestyles so he can cater the whole house needs for me and my wife. The whole renovation process was smooth and we are nearing the end of our renovation project, and up till now we are super satisfied with both the service and the products. Minor hiccups informed him, he also got it rectified without delays to the project. Zero complains! Felt so lucky we happened to chance upon him through my wife's colleague, if not the house might still be stucked in the ID selection phase. Referred to 2 of my friends that were sourcing for ID currently and feedback was great too.??
  17. Dear all lovely residents, we are one of the local contractor providing renovation service with varies workscope. 1. Carpentry 2. Build new walls, alteration wall 3. Plastering and skim coat 4. Painting 5. False ceiling and cornices 6. Drywall 7. Windows and doors 8. Plumbing 9. Electrical 10. Tiling work Contact me @ 94483512 Johnny Ong for further enquiry & quotation website: www.leongyik.com.sg email: johnnyong@leongyik.com.sg Leong Yik Engineering & Contractor Pte Ltd 樑益工程建筑私人有限公司
  18. Been spending 2-3 months comparing quote and finally found a suitable contractor whom i really feel comfortable and price lowest that i can find. Asking alot ID firms for quotation but most seems to be abit on high side,maybe its because of my tight budget as i wish to save as much as i can in order to have more budget to spend on appliances,my this contractor help me out as mine was a resale condo and alot of hackings to be done. He design my house with some partitions and make it into a cozy theme. My kitchen cabinet with solid top is around 2-3K only,thats the best part that i like about this deal. He helped me to match vinyl flooring colours ,curtain colours and also sofa colours,i truly appraciate the hardwork he put in. Feel free to pm me if you want to have my contractor contact
  19. For those considering direct Contractors vs ID, you may want to consider my contractor who has done a great job for me at very good contractor prices. The designs as shown which I asked a few IDs and they say it cannot be done. I was a bit hesitant at first, even at the last moment till I saw his other job sites. Look at the pictures for my house and his other job sites. Wow!
  20. Been spending 2-3 months comparing quote and finally found a suitable contractor whom i really feel comfortable and price lowest that i can find. Asking alot ID firms for quotation but most seems to be abit on high side,maybe its because of my tight budget as i wish to save as much as i can in order to have more budget to spend on appliances,my this contractor help me out as mine was a resale condo and alot of hackings to be done. He design my house with some partitions and make it into a cozy theme. My kitchen cabinet with solid top is around 2-3K only,thats the best part that i like about this deal. He helped me to match vinyl flooring colours ,curtain colours and also sofa colours,i truly appraciate the hardwork he put in. Feel free to pm me if you want to have my contractor contact
  21. hi, I am looking for a contractor to do this small job. please give recommendations of good and reliable contractors that you came across. Thanks!
  22. I would like to thank Interior Times ID Angela Chong (Tradehub 21) for the great service provided. She is approachable friendly and always have room for discussion, provide great ideas. Her after sale service is great too. Will call up and check if all products are going well even mths after reno completed. Despite her busy schedules, she will always tried to answer to our queries. Overall she's a good ID & I would recommend her to those who want to renovate their house. I appreciate her great help and ideas and is totally satisfied with the whole reno. Worth every single cents with good quality products and great service provided by team. Greatly recommended!
  23. Hi Everyone, I bought a 4-Room Resale flat near Serangoon Nex. The entire renovation journey has been very tiring as there are a lot of planning to be done, running around like a mad dog looking for ideas, stuffs to buy , etc. In addition, I am quite of a perfectionist which most IDs and Contractors will probably run away upon hearing my requests and complaints. =P Hence, that is the reason why I will like to recommend my contractor as not only had he been very patient but the chemistry to work together is there. To top it off, they provide quality workmanship and very good quotes. (I ran around and did some comparisons with other ID Firms which I decided to end up with a contractor instead.) Details as follows: Contractor In-Charge of My Project: Nicholas Company: HFH Design & Build (There are already alot of good review about this renovation company if you search around.) Lighting: If you want to look for unique lighting and designer fans, you can probably pay a visit down to L-Win Gallery located at Balestier. The boss name is Richard and he will provide you some good ideas on how to brighten up your house. As you can see from the pictures below, my LED light comes with 3 different kinds of shade which can be changed via flicking of normal switch. His shop has some good pieces and range to choose from. Details as follows: Picture of my flat after renovation. Hope you all like my post~!
  24. Our resale 4 room flat renovation was recently completed and I must say we are really satisfied with the results. Through out the whole renovation process, our contractor was responsive and helpful. We have also met up multiple times to discuss on the renovation work and not even once he tried to hurry us or sounded impatient. The damage was close to 40K , however it is worth it and his prices are negotiable. Those Interested can PM me for his number and as for the communication part, I don't think it will be a problem as he is bilingual. Below are the after and before pictures.
  25. Hi Would like to share and records my renovation journey Our new house is a 5-room BTO in AMK and here's our floor plan: Gotten key on Jan 2017 view from service yard View from aircon ledge