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  1. Dear Origin Home,i think you are being over-sensitive,let me be neutral. Weibing say he heard from sales executive mouth but you said he accused your company? This forum is for consumer to share ideas and words,if not why its call forum? Weibing,next time dont post these words , if not they will sue you base on your sentence: 'Why so much scammer black sheep,i went alot shops for sofa but alot of sales people telling me St paris and Origin home is link with the Alex tan,dont feel like buying in Singapore,dont know who is more stable.' hahahahaha,think i also must deactivate my account if not later people sue me for talking,OOPs......
  2. Oh my god,why they want scam consumer hard-earned money? Share out details and let us all beware of them
  3. You may try my contractor if you still need people to do