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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, anyone with experience and knowledge, please help me out here. I engaged a renovation contractor to renovate my HDB EA flat which I stay for more than 20 years. My renovation is only on the kitchen and master-bedroom toilet. In the course of renovation, I came across renotalk website and get to know the budget costs of renovation. All along I know my renovation contractor is charging me a higher price, which I thought to be around 20-30% higher than other contractors. But from renotalk Renovation Calculator, I got to know the price I am paying is very much higher than most people were paying. renotalk Renovation Calculator claimed to be backed by data from over $20,000,000 worth of contracts. The price charged by renovation contractor is equivalent to a 4 rooms resale flat (90 sqm), for a total area (kitchen + bathroom) of less than 16 sqm. The price of renovating a 4 rooms resale flat is from $46,400 - $55,680 (with extensive hacking, masonry, carpentry and plumbing) and the price charged by my renovation contractor is around 52K. Overall, I am disappointed with the renovation, I do not feel it worth the money for the price I paid. The quality and workmanship of the renovation is not up to expectation. The renovation contractor is chasing me for the final payment, I need advise whether the price is exorbitant and whether there is any venue which I can seek redress. Thank you. Regards, William
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  3. I need help for second opinion on my quotation. Don't know to go ahead with this because is slightly of my budget but my gut feeling tells me this ID is able to execute what I want base on the past project they did. Quotation for 4-room (92sqm) 1. Erect 2" H Kitchen Cabinet Base with cement plaster on top surface and tiles at the sides (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $600 2. Erect 2" H shower kerb at 2 baths (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $320 3. Purchase prepacked materials :$850 4. Upload materials and debris removal :$730 5. Supply and lay 60 x 60 cm homogenous tiles ($3/sqf) to living and 3 bedrooms flooring come with skirting: $8400 6. Install bronze alumni clear glass sliding window at yard without top hung (3tracks-3panels) :$700 7. Install 10mm thick clear tempered 1 fixed and 1 swing shower screen at master bath with hinges mounted to wall (wall to wall) :$560 8. Install 10mm thick s/blasted glass swing door at master bath entrance (s/blasted facing outside) standard size: $660 9. Install P/coat alumin acrylic panel PD door at common bath entrance (Selected pattern, standard size): $360 10. Construct Designer kitchen cabinet (Laminate with ABS edging inclusive soft closed hinges and draws with full extension tracks), Top and bottom 2.8m, include 2 tier stainless steel rack and frosted glass panel and cutlery tray. Installation of hood and hob: $3080 11. Fabricate kitchen island without cement base in laminate finish: 1.8m (w) x 0.8m (d) x 0.9m (h): $2000 12. Fabricate quartz worktop for kitchen cabinet and island: $2080 13. Fabricate sliding panel wardrobe at master room in laminate finish. (Come with internal fitting storage system) 2.2m: $2480 14. Fabricate queen size bed frame in laminate finish (1.5m (w) x 0.3m (h)) with storage on one side: $1800 15. Painting Nippon vinilex 5000 matt finish to internal wall and martex white to ceiling. Choice of 5 max colours and multiple trips: $1700 16. Chemical wash (if applicable) and general cleaning: $350 17. Laying protection sheets for affected areas: $300 18. Supply and install 3 veneer (Semi-core) door with round knob: $870 (Top up $40 each door for solid wood) 19. Plumbing (Labour charge only) a. Sink/basin and tap x3 sets : $360 b. Bath accessories x 2 sets : $120 c. Spray gun and mini valve x 2 sets: $120 d. Extension of piping for sink :$60 e. Run exposed pipe after city gas: $360 f. Rainshower at master: $120 20. Electrical work: $1500 base cost (Any additional work will incur top up) 21. Design and space planning fees (Consultation, colour & material proposal, site supervision & coordination, perspective drawing for carpentry works, submission to HDB/BCA) :$1300 Total cost: $31660 (NETT) Confirmation fee: $2000 (Can be deducted out from final amount) + 7%GST Do help me and feel free to comment and advice how do I ask ID to lower the quote. Thank you so much
  4. Hi all, I've recently purchased a resale flat and approached a certain ID firm recommended by a friend. They said they'll get me a good price but honestly it's feeling pretty expensive. I might be wrong so I would like the help of the public please. It's a 3+1 room resale flat that's basically empty. How do I go about this? Should I post the quote I got from him? The whole thing is costing me about 51 thousand right now and another 4325 from the electrician who I also feel is overcharging me. The CAT 6 cable is 150 each though I've seen other people reporting 75-90?? I'm not sure about the prices of the other components. As for the renovation itself, I can upload pictures of the design as well as of the prices on the invoice for you guys to take a look. Please help, I feel like we're being cheated here or something or maybe I'm just inexperienced. Thanks!
  5. Hi forumers, I need your help, to see if the reno company's quotation is reasonable. Let me know your thoughts. A Demolition Works A.1 To hack off existing Wall at kitchen area(balance 1m from floor keep) 720 Approx Size: L2200mm H1600mm A.2 Submission of professional engineer FOC A.3 Haulage services 750 A.4 Removal & disposal services FOC A Subtotal 1470 B Masonry Works*Inclusive of the use of prepacked materials mandated by HDB(excluding tiles) B.1 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of Living & 3630 dining room. *based on $3.00 psf tile B.2 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of master 1990 bedroom. *based on $3.00 psf tile B.3 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of bedroom 2 1320 *based on $3.00 psf tile B.4 To supply materials & labour to lay 60 x 60 polished homogeous tiles/w skirting at floor of bedroom 3 1290 *based on $3.00 psf tile B.5 To supply materials & labour to make to good hacking area wall(kitchen) excluding tiles 500 B.6 To supply materials & labour to construct 50mm cement kitchen cabinet base 550 B.7 To supply materials & labour to construct shower curb at master bathroom 180 B Subtotal 9460 C Plumbing Works C.1 To supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap after carpentry work 120 C.2 To supply materials & labour to install 2 nos hot water points 200 C.3 To supply labour to install 2 nos Shower mixer 180 C.4 To supply labour to install 2nos water heater or instant heater 120 C.5 To supply labour to install 2 nos toilet spraygun 80 C.6 To supply labour to install bathroom accessories FOC C Subtotal 700 D Aluminium / Glass Works / Wrought Iron D.1 To supply materials & labour to install fixed panel 10mm tempered glass at kitchen area 570 Approx size: L2100mm H1600mm D.2 To supply materials & labour to install 5mm clear mirror for shoe cabinet 250 Approx size: L500mm H2000mm D.3 To supply materials & labour to install fixed panel with casement 10mm tempered glass shower 480 screen at master bathroom. Approx size: L1500mm H1800mm D.4 To supply materials & labour to install sliding door with fix panel with 10mm tempered glass at 750 kitchen entrance area. Approx size: L1100mm H2100mm D Subtotal 2050 G Miscellaneous G.1 To supply materials & labour to paint whole house ceiling & wall using Nippon Venillux 5000 1450 emulsion paint.( 5 colors including white) G.2 To supply materials & labour to paint whole house gate, door, door frame, pipe & etc FOC G.3 To supply materials & labour to lay cardboard protection at areas of work FOC G.4 General Cleaning for whole house upon completion 250 G.5 Acid washing for whole house to remove stains 250 G.6 To supply materials & labour to install Mitsubishi system 4 inverter at master, common 2 , 3 & study room (4A28VAMSY. GE10VA *3MSY. GE18VA*1) 3950 G Subtotal 5900 H Budgetary Carpentry Quotation ( Prices are subjected to change at final design & material stage ) Kitchen H.1 Design, fabricate & install top & bottom Kook's kitchen cabinet . 3260 • Designer Kitchen Cabinet • ABS Laminated Door • Aluminium glass door • Coloured PVC Internal Finish • slow close/anti-slam hinges • slow close/anti-slam drawers • 1 set "BLUM Aventos" Pull Up Slow Close Door • 1 No Stainless Steel Dish Rack • solid plywood Approx sze: L6200mm x H850mm x D600mm/D350mm H.2 To supply material & install selected 15mm Quartz worktop. 1370 Approx sze: L3100mm x D600mm H.3 To supply material & install selected 12mm'' Bellus''solid-surface worktop 450 Approx sze: L1500mm x D600mm Living Area H.4 Design, fabricate & install full height shoe cabinet w/settee and display with solid plywood/finished 1820 in color PVC, laminate. Approx Size: L 1000mm H2550mm D450mm Master Bedroom H.5 Design, fabricate & install built-in full height sliding wardrobe with solid plywood finished in color 4650 PVC & laminate. Approx size: L4500mm H2550mm D600mm H.6 To supply materials & labour to construct one step platform(Include 1 small step to platform) with 2350 storage at side and top in selected laminate finish at master bedroom. Approx size: L2800mm x D2200mm X H300mm Dining Room H.7 Design, fabricate & install island w/settee and display with solid plywood/finished in color PVC, 1250 laminate. Approx Size: L 1500mm H750mm D600mm H Subtotal 15150 Please let me know asap....
  6. FREE SERVICE FOR ITEMS 1-8 DESIGN SERVICE / MISCELLANEOUS 1 Interior Design and space planning layout 2 Perspective Drawing 3 Consultation selection of home furnishing 4 Decoration advice 5 Jobsite co-ordination and supervision 6 Apply for HDB renovation permit 7 Floor protection for masonry work done 8 Provide chemical washing for masonry work done MASONRY WORKS 9 Supply and lay 600mm x 600mm Polish Homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting for living/dining (Include pre-pack cement) *Total of floor area up to 3R 350sqft / 4R 400sqft / 5R & above 450sqft 10 Supply and lay 600mm x 600mm Polish Homogeneous floor tiles for study room (5A,5i,5PB,EA) (Include pre-pack cement) *Total of floor area up to 100sqft 11 Supply and lay 600mm x 600mm Polish Homogeneous floor tiles c/w skirting or over-lay vinyl flooring c/w skirting for all bedroom (Include pre-pack cement screening) *Total of floor area up to 3R 300sqft /4R 400sqft / 5S,5I,5A,5PB,EA 500sqft 12 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles skirting for kitchen cabinet 13 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for washing machine 14 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for fridge 15 Construct shower kerb at both bathroom c/w tiles finish PLUMBING WORKS 16 Extend stainless steel expose pipe for kitchen (Cold only) 17 Install inlet/outlet drainage pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine 18 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater / 1 nos. of storage heater 19 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of accessories for 2 toilets CEILING WORKS 20 Design, supply and install fiber plaster light box for living/dining 21 Supply and install false ceiling at foyer & bedroom entrance PAINTING WORKS 22 NIPPON(V5000) paint for all internal wall & ceiling 4+1 colour 23 NIPPON paint for all doors frame, pipeline and household shelter door and frame FREE 20FT KITCHEN CABINET + 10FT QUARTZ KITCHEN WORKTOP 24 Kitchen wooden cabinet c/w ABS trimming and solid plywood in selected aminate finish. 25 Internal colour PVC finish. 26 All door c/w BLUM soft closing 27 4 nos. Drawer c/w BLUM soft closer runner. 28 Installation of cooker hon & hood. 29 1 no. stainless steel disk rack 30 1pcs of frosted glass door 31 1 set of BLUM SYSTEM (AVENTOS HK) 32 1 no. cutlery tray 33 10ft selected Quartz kitchen worktop Additional 10ft casement door wardrobe ($22413) is it reasonable ? havent included gst .
  7. I read in a magazine article that homeowners should budget about S$100 per square foot (psf) for renovation costs for HDB resale flats. For a 3-room flat of about 688 sq ft, this would mean a total of S$68,800! Now, I'm aware that magazines tend to jack up the price a little, as a lot of items used are designer items, but this differs a lot from what I've been reading in various forums online. I tend to hear quotes of as low as S$30,000, and S$50,000 would be considered very expensive by most. So, let me hear some advice from you, as a homeowner who is currently selecting Interior Designers - what's a real fair cost for a full HDB 3-room resale renovation, assuming we want our current (very) outdated house to be revamped totally, with no major changes to the existing floorplan? Thanks. PS, if you have any pics of how you did your 3 room bathroom, that would be great too.
  8. Hi. How much did you pay for hacking? What is the range for hacking kitchen cabinet and dividing door between kitchen and living room? Thank you.
  9. Hi all, I am going to collect my keys to my place next year and have started to look for ID for preparation of my flat. Mine is a 4 room BTO which I have opted for flooring and doors to be done. So far I have went to about 4 IDs, some are too expensive and some way too cheap. I even have 1 quotation from an ID for whole house renovation, including changing of kitchen table top from solid surface to quartz, having a full length mirror at dinning, false ceiling for whole house (except 2 bedrooms) and making dinning bench all for $11,888. As a newbie, I would like any advise on how much a rough 4 room BTO renovation would cost and any recommendation so that I can have a better idea. Thank you!
  10. Looking for help. We are unhappy with ID. After signing contract never gave design. Only gave one pathetic design for masterbed wardrobe 3 weeks after signing contract. We finally designed our wardrobes ourselves. Gave ID our design. She input in autocad and print out. At-least hope price is not too bad. ID quote us 1) For masterbed wardrobe 2300 $ for 8 feet using lamitak, with 2 sliding door, and one casement door. 2) For one bedroom, 1750 $ for 7 feet using lamitak but only casement doors (no sliding door). 3) For another bedroom, 2100 $ for 7 feet using lamitak, only casement door. So for casement door wardrobe price is 250 $ per foot for one bedroom and 300 $ per for another bedroom For sliding door wardrobe price is 341.6 $ per foot. We understand IDs take 25% to 30% of price quoted. Because they give design service. But in this case we have to design ourselves. Anybody sign reno package recently? How much they quote for custom build wardrobe using laminate for sliding door and casement door? Is the price right? Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, need some help on your expert views to see if this quote is reasonable. It's for a condo - no doubt i know IDs/contractors like to jack up prices for condos, but is this reasonable? It's a new condo, so don't need to do any tiling. The main things i'm looking at are space and design consultation, feature wall for TV in the living room and master bedroom, walk in wardrobe (using the existing ones given by the condo) was suggested by the ID. NO DESCRIPITION Unit Rate AMOUNT($) 1 Professional services Inclusive 1.1 Design Consultation Inclusive 1.2 Space Planning Inclusive 1.3 3D Perspective Drawing Inclusive 1.4 Material & Colour Proposal Inclusive 1.5 Project Management Inclusive 1.6 Site Supervision & Co-ordination Inclusive 2 PAINTING WORKS To supply labour, tools and materials to :- 2.1 Painting of internal wall and ceiling for whole unit using Nippon Emulsion Paint (5 optional colous) $1,500.00 Total: $1,500.00 3 OTHER WORKS 3.1 To supply labour, tools and materials to provide general cleaning to whole house $350.00 3.2 Floor protection with corrugated hard cover sheet for whole house $400.00 Total: $750.00 CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE External: Selected timber veneer or laminates with internal: Blum system hinges with soft closing 4 Living/Dining 4.1 Low suspended TV console in selected laminate finishing (2layer ) Size: 4200(L) x 550(D) x 550(HT) $2,000.00 4.2 Featured wall above TV console in selected laminate finishing Size: 3000(L) x 150(D) x full(HT) $3,000.00 4.3 To supply labour and design mirror feature at dining area size:2400x (FH) $1,600.00 4.4 To Supply labour and design shoe cabinet and cushion in selected laminate finishing Size: 1500(L) x 550(D) x 1050(HT) $1,950.00 4.5 To supply labour and design bench come with cushion in selected laminate finishing size:1200(L)x450(D)x1500(H) $1,000.00 Total: $9,550.00 5 Master Bedroom 5.1 To redesign existing wardrobe to walk-in wordrobe c/w sliding door in internal polygom finishing Size: 1500(L) x 600(D) x full(HT) $2,800.00 5.2 To fabricate and design bedhead feature wall c/w cushion and side table in selected laminate finishing Size: 2000(L) x 150(D) x 1500(HT) $1,750.00 5.3 To supply and design dressing table c/w mirror in selected laminate finishing Size: 900(L) x 450(D) x 1800(HT) $960.00 5.4 To supply and design suspended TV console in selected laminate finishing Size: 1200(L) x 450(D) x 550(HT) $750.00 5.5 To supply and design TV feature wall in selected laminate finishing Size: 1200(L) x 150(D) x full(HT) $900.00 Total: $7,160.00 6 Ceiling Works 6.1 To supply labour and install L-box to living/dining area and false ceiling to passage way $2,600.00 Total: $2,600.00 Sub Total $21,560.00