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  1. Providing Day/Night Moving Service: - 10ft Box Lorry - Manpower available - Free usage of trolleys for any bookings - Disposal service also available, discarding old bulky furnitures or fittings, do call us for quote! Free delivery for order above 30 carton boxes & delivery charge of S$20 for less than 30 pcs Rental of 35" x 25" wooden trolleys at S$35 for 3 days (above 3 days at S$8 per day) Please note that we are operating for almost 10 years on full time basis unlike part timers who may not appear on the appointed date/time due to whatever reasons which can be very frustrating for the client. Please feel free to contact 9185-4622 for any transport needs regardless day/night. We assure you of our best services at all times. AA FENG TRANSPORT SERVICES CALL HP: 9185-4622 or OFFICE: 3161-2355 FOR NON-OBLIGATORY QUOTATION EMAIL US @ CHRISTTPT@GMAIL.COM #mover #movers #transport #logistics #lorry #van #office #residential #commercial #contract #delivery #quotation #quote #cheap #carton #boxes #piano #fishtanks #housemoving #good #punctual
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. Anyway, I would just like to share my experience with my contractor. I happen to like the concept of a plain and simple design for my house and apparently my contractor was able to do it and I like the outcome very much. It is a resale flat of more than 30 years by the way. Here are some pictures which I have taken in my house.
  3. Hi all, I was fond of looking for interior designs and renovation then came across in this website. Started reading some renovation recommendations and I just want to also share my renovation experience with this ID and they have their own contractor as well. I just want to help those who are looking for ID / contractors to transform their house into a home. My friend recommended them and scheduled for an appointment to discuss our reno. They were very open to our suggestions of what kind of design concept we want and they were also great at suggesting alternative concept to make the designs improve more but with a cheaper budget. They were very good at explaining the details and how they update the schedule of the reno. They were very accommodating and all the small issues were settled. Overall, my house turned to be a relaxing and cozy home! Below are the photos of my house. I’m happy to share their contact with you.
  4. Hi, I have been sorting for good firms for the past 4 months and have come across many firms quoting from 27K - 33k.Mine is a new 4 ROOM BTO. Yesterday received a quote for 18K from this company named Thisisinterior Pte Ltd .Have anyone come across with this firm?Do share your experience. website of firm - http://www.thisisinterior.com Point of contact - Alosious Ong
  5. Hi, I have been sorting for good firms for the past 4 months and have come across many firms quoting from 27K - 33k.Mine is a new 4 ROOM BTO. Yesterday received a quote for 18K from this company named Thisisinterior Pte Ltd .Have anyone come across with this firm?Do share your experience. website of firm - http://www.thisisinterior.com Point of contact - Alosious Ong
  6. Hello all I am quoted the following for the corresponding items. May I check if these are too expensive? 1) Platform bed (254cm x 130cm x 30cm) - $2800 2) Full height shelf (130cm x 240 cm x ? cm) - $1750 3) Shift current built in wardrobe to another area (230cm x 240cm x 60cm) - $770 Thank you everyone.
  7. Hi All, I have been looking for quote to do simple reno on my 5rm BTO. This is a quote i recently obtained. Being a noob, I would appreciate your comments on the quote below.. Many thanks in advance..
  8. My first experience in choosing IDs so far: I uploaded my floor plan on Renotalk website and requested for quotations. Initially, I was flooded with many calls from several IDs. Almost all of them AGAIN! asked me to send the floor plan to them, even though I uploaded the floor plan on the website in the first place. Also all the IDs wanted to meet me and see the site. I asked all the IDs to drop me an email with their first quote based on the floor plan and my initial requirements for me to consider before I can meet them up. If not, I need to spend next many weeks just to meet them all! Surprisingly, most of the IDs never send me any email after the call. Only a handful few sent me emails some with standard package offers inspite of me mentioning what I wanted to do! Few of them sent me intro email and after that no response! I was impressed by Vincent Blog (http://www.vincentinteriorblog.com/) on his knowledge and advice to new home owners like me. I reached out to Vincent and sent him my floor plan and requested for quotations. (similar to Renotalk). I was recommended to 2 IDs by Vincent. Unfortunately AGAIN, no response by both the recommended IDs, inspite of me waiting for over 3 weeks for them to respond! Looks like every ID in this business is very busy with loads of projects! Appears to me that ID business is a good business to be in! In the next part, I will write about my experience in shortlisting the ID’s – thanks to the Renotalk friends feedback and some personal contacts.
  9. Hey guys.. Need some input for these few queries that we have.. We are planning to renovate our Kitchen & toilet only. What is the reasonable costing for these works... If there are contractors reading this please PM me with your contact and quotation. MASONRY WORKS 1. To supply & construct 50mm cement mortar kitchen cabinet base PLUMBING WORKS 1. To supply & lay conceal drainage piping for kitchen sink. 2. Extension of copper piping for kitchen sink 3. To supply labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater or 1 no. of storage heater 4. To supply labour to install 2 sets of bathroom accessories. 5. To supply labour to install kitchen sink & tap. CARPENTRY WORKS 1. To design & fabricate L20ft kitchen cabinet using solid plywood in laminated finish c/w a. Length 10ft solid surface kitchen worktop. b. Blum hinges c. 2 tier stainless steel dish rack. d. Cutlery tray e. labour to install cooker hood & hob ELECTRICAL WORKS 1. To supply & run 10 nos. Of exposed lighting point @ living/dining. 2. To supply labour to install lightings (max of 15 nos).
  10. Hi all, I have received this from my ID, is it reasonable and cheap? Please do advice. Thanks. 1.HDB Permit or Renovation Deposit if any2.To provide labour / material for Acid Cleaning to whole house $280.003. To lay corrugated paper for floor protection for Whole House $150.004. Clearing of Debris,Supply of Sand,Upload of materials $350 Hacking Works1. Supply labour to hack flooring ****/dinning/passage $800.00 Masonry Works1.Supply labour & material to construct kitchen cabinet base with side tiles finish $450.002.Supply labour & material to construct washing machine base with tiles finish $120.003.Supply labour & material to construct shower kerb in master & common toilets with tiles finish $160.004. Supply labour & material to lay 600 x 600 homogenous floor tile ****/dinning/passage way $3,850.00 Plumbing Works1. Supply labour to install kitchen sick & tap2. Supply labour to run hot water piping for citygas storage heater (opt)3. Supply labour to install 02 set bathroom accessories4. Supply labour & material to extent stainless steel piping for kitchen sink position5. Supply labour & material to run drainage pipe for washing machine6. Supply labour to install 02 bidet spray in bathroom Total: $750.00 Painting Works1. Supply labour & material to paint whole house using Dulex/Nippon paint (choose up to 5 colours) $1,250.00(Including of door & door frames) Using 5000 series paint Glass & Mirror Works1.Supply labour & material to install 10mm tempered glass shower screen master bathroom $550.002.Supply & install slidling tempered glass door at kitchen area $980.00 Ceiling Works1.Design & fabricate false ceiling c/w L-box & light holder **** area $600.002. Design & fabricate false ceiling c/w L-box & light holder at dinning area $600.003. Supply & install false ceiling at passage area $200.00 Window Works1.Supply labour & material to install 3way track sliding window in service yard $580.00 Quartz/Granite & Solid SurfaceWork Top1 .Supply labour & material to install double profile 16.5ft Quartz work top in kitchen $2,145.00 Carpentry WorksKitchen1. Design & fabricate 16.5ft top & bottom using solid plywood, abs trimming doors, soft closing hinges, $2,145.0003 blum drawer tracks/stainless steel rack selected laminate finish Living Rooms1. Design & fabricate 4.5ft full height shoe cabinet in laminate finish $1,170.00 2. Design & fabricate 8ft full height TV feature wall in laminate finish $1,440.003. Design & fabricate 3.5ft full height altar in laminate & glass finish $1,288.004. Design & fabricate 2ft display shelving in glass & mirror finish $750.00 Master Bedroom/Master Toilets/Common ToiletsDesign & fabricate 6ft slidling wardrobe in laminate finish $1,680.00 TOTAL$22,288.00
  11. I read in a magazine article that homeowners should budget about S$100 per square foot (psf) for renovation costs for HDB resale flats. For a 3-room flat of about 688 sq ft, this would mean a total of S$68,800! Now, I'm aware that magazines tend to jack up the price a little, as a lot of items used are designer items, but this differs a lot from what I've been reading in various forums online. I tend to hear quotes of as low as S$30,000, and S$50,000 would be considered very expensive by most. So, let me hear some advice from you, as a homeowner who is currently selecting Interior Designers - what's a real fair cost for a full HDB 3-room resale renovation, assuming we want our current (very) outdated house to be revamped totally, with no major changes to the existing floorplan? Thanks. PS, if you have any pics of how you did your 3 room bathroom, that would be great too.
  12. As a above For both toilet is a 4 rm HDB just change of floor tite water basin toilet boil heater 5k is it enough? do intro me if u had a contractor which is good and within my budget Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I just received a quote from an ID and the carpentry price seems high compared to the other quotes shared here. Does anyone have any input? Please note that this is for a landed house, so i’m not sure if the price difference is because of that? Just wondering what your opinions would be. This is the exact quote (only wrote the carpentry bits i’m wondering about here, and not the other lighting and hacking stuff etc) To design & construct est. L 17ft full height storage cabinet using solid-ply laminate $7650 To design & construct est. L 10ft suspended TV console using solid-ply laminate $1600 To design & construct est. L 10ft full height TV featured wall using solid-ply laminate $3200 To design & construct est. L 6ft full height mirror cabinet using solid-ply laminate $2200 To design & construct est. L 48ft top and 44ft btm kitchen cabinet using solid-ply laminate $12,880 To design & construct est. L 6ft suspended island counter using solid-ply laminate $1350 To design & construct est. L 5ft full height shoe cabinet using solid-ply laminate $2000 To supply & install est. L 44ft quartz top for kitchen work top $7040 To supply & install est. L 44ft quartz backing in between top & btw cabinet $7040 To supply & install est. L 6ft quartz top for island counter $1080 To supply & install a new main door with timbre door frame (double-leaf) $6000 Thanks in advance!
  14. We are getting the keys to our new 4-room DBSS soon. We have quotes from several IDs through Renotalk. Spoke to them and finally decided on one. They quoted us about S$21K for false ceiling works, curtain pelmets, TV feature wall & console, shoes cabinet, a mirrored dining wall, wall papers, painting and the general cleaning and haulage fees. Is S$21K for these a reasonable rate for a 4-room DBSS? Many thanks in advance for any constructive feedback.
  15. Hi guys, your help will be greatly appreciated. I'm in my early 20s & this is the first time i am doing up the place nicely after living here for 10yrs as it is my mum's wish to have a nice and cosy home. As my mum has sacrificed alot for me & my sibling for the past 20plus years, I just want to do something for her to let her enjoy her days since she worked hard for the family. Due to circumstances, we only have 1.5 source of income and savings for family of 3adults, really hope to be able to stretch our dollar and spending. Currently is simple n well maintained but floors cracked & hollow, 3BR doors warp (as we din changed when moved in 10years ago) + kitchen cabinets warping. Toilet will be done by HDB HIP Below is a quote from an ID im very keen on after getting 6-8 quotes from friend's recommendation n renotalk enquiry. Is this quote reasonable? Anywhere can i cut down on? Budget: $25k incl miscellaneous like Laying of protection sheet, general cleaning, power-points. Lights and fixtures + additional $5k Overall Hacking of all Cornice, Lbox, Kitchen cabinets, 3br floors & cabinets Supply & overlay homogenus floor tiles w skirting to 3br Painting Nippon Emulsion (1 +2, white & 2 other colours in every room) Supply & install 3 veneer doors to bedroomsInstall 18nos of light fittings to whole house Sub Total: $8,531Living 3ft full height shoe cabinet: 6.5ft suspended TV console w drawers/glass doors in laminate finish 6.5ft full height TV feature wall w laminate finish 3.5ft full height display cabinet in laminate finish Install Lbox c/w light pelmet Install 11nos of lighting point for Lbox Sub Total: $5,513 Kitchen 24ft top & bottom kitchen cabinet w ABS trimming in laminate finish *all kitchen cabinet c/w excel soft closing hinges for doors Supply and install 14ft top solid surface 2ft full height display cabinet in laminate finish Labour to install kitchen sink & tap Sub Total: $4,680BR1 6ft full height sliding wardrobe in laminate finish3.5ft full height tv feature wall in laminate finish BR26ft full height sliding wardrobe in laminate finish BR36ft full height sliding wardrobe in laminate finishSub Total: $5,260 Total: $23,984
  16. HI everyone, Initially I don't intend to post another topic on asking about reasonable quote since there's plenty threads. But after browsing, I couldn't find any that's similar to what we wanted to do. So here I am posting, yet another similar thread, seeking advice if the price is reasonable. Below is 1 of the 7 id/contractor that we've met and considering to engage them. Some items are not included yet, still waiting for them to revise the quote (eg. granite top) Hope to get some opinion from you guys, especially for those who have done platform with storage in the MBR 1 General 1.1 Washing for whole unit (General + Chemical + remove debris + clean window) = $700 1.2 Supply and lay paper protection include clear rubbish for whole house = $150 1.3 Application of HDB permit = $0 2 Masonary 2.1 Fabricate cabinet base with tile skirting = 3.6m $300 2.2 Fabricate fridge base with tile finish = $150 3 Tiling 3.1 Supply & lay 600x600mm homogeneous floor tiles for living, dining & 3 bedrooms incl skirting = 61.1sqm $6,150 $3.40psf 4 Plumbing 4.1 Install water pipe for cold and hot water supply from citigas heater to common bathroom, copper = $320 4.2 Install toilet accessories for 2 bathroom = $100 4.3 Supply & install material to run sink inlet/out pipe = $100 5 Painting 5.1 Supply & paint whole unit including door frames Nippon = $1,600 7 Windows 7.1 Supply & install window at service yard = 3.84sqm $600 8 Doors 8.1 Supply & install 3nos of Veneer door c/w lockset and handles for all bedroom PE Veneer hollow core = $960 8.2 Supply & install door for both toilets PD Door = $640 9 Living Room 9.1 Design & fabricate shoe cabinet in laminate finish (full height), Glass finish = 900mmL $850 $94/100mmL 9.2 Design & fabricate settee in laminate finish = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 9.3 Supply & install mirror at foyer = 2.80sqm $350 $125/sqm (Most probably will buy own, might be cheaper) 9.4 Design & fabricate L-shape dining bench Storage + cushion & backing = 3150mmL $2,850 $91/100mmL 9.6 Design & fabricate suspended collapsible table with folding legs in laminate finish = 1200mmL $800 $67/100mmL 9.7 Design & fabricate TV feature wall in laminate finish (full height) = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 9.8 Design & fabricate suspended console = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 10 Kitchen 10.1 Design & fabricate cabinet in laminate finish = 7400mmL $2,950 $40/100mmL 10.3 Supply & install dish rack Stainless steel = FOC 10.4 Design & fabricate laundry cabinet = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 11 Master Bedroom 11.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 4000mmL $3,450 $86/100mmL 11.2 Design & fabricate TV console in laminate finish Suspended console = 1800mmL $950 $53/100mmL 11.3 Design & fabricate platform with storage in laminate finish = 6.48sqm $2,350 $363/sqm 11.4 Design & fabricate headboard in cushion finish 1500mmL Full ht = $1,500 $100/100mmL 11.5 Design & fabricate 2nos. side drawer in laminate finish Suspended table = $500 12 Bedroom 2 12.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 600mmL $550 $92/100mmL 12.2 Design & fabricate single size bed frame in laminate finish Pull out drawer = $800 12.3 Design & fabricate study cabinet in laminate finish = 900mmL $400 $44/100mmL 12.4 Design & fabricate study table in laminate finish, suspended = 4950mmL $2,900 $59/100mmL 13 Bedroom 3 13.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 1500mmL $1,300 $87/100mmL
  17. Hi experienced forumers, Are these prices reasonable? General Works 1 Hack off existing foyer,living,dining and 3 bedrooms floor tiles cum skirting $900.00 2 Hack off existing 2 toilets floor tiles $280.00 3 Hack off existing 2 toilets wall tiles $400.00 \4 Hack off existing kitchen floor tiles $300.00 5 Hack off existing kitchen wall tiles $500.00 6 Discard existing kitchen and 2 toilets sanitary fitting $80.00 7 Discard existing kitchen cabinet and clear off site $180.00 8 Discard existing 3 bedrooms wardrobe and clear off iste $450.00 9 Discard existing living and dining room cabinet and clear off iste $300.00 10 Supply sand and haulage material to door step $750.00 11 Clear debris off site $180.00 12 Acid/General washing 2 times for whole unit flooring $180.00 total for general work: $4,500.00 Mansonry Works 1 Supply and lay foyer,living,dining and 3 bedrooms 600mm x 600mm $6,300.00 2 Apply 2 toilets flooring 3 layer waterproofing treatment c/w $800.00 3 Supply and lay 2 toilets ceramic/homogeneous floor tiles $1,000.00 4 Construct both toilets shower kerd $200.00 5 Supply and lay 2 toilets ceramic wall tiles till ceiling height $3,000.00 6 Apply kitchen flooring 3 layer waterproofing treatment $300.00 7 Supply and lay kitchen ceramic/homogeneous floor tiles $1,250.00 8 Construct kitchen cabinet base $250.00 9 Construct washing machine base $100.00 10 Supply and lay kitchen ceramic wall tiles till ceiling height $3,200.00 total for masonry: $16,400.00
  18. Hi, just received a quote from one of the IDs. Can someone advice whether this quote is reasonable?
  19. Hi, I will be a new house owner soon, expecting my keys within 6 months in Punggol With the house in sight, think its time that I start my renovation planning. Reading all the articles here, its going to take a minimum of 4 months to identify a good contractor. First, my preference is a direct contractor rather than an ID. ID's prices seem to be very high, adds complication to the process. Can make a mess. I'll be really thankful if you could PM me the contacts of some good "Direct" contractors. Sure will give you a gift if I take your advice. Right now, my budget is around 25K. Within this, what I expect is; New house is a premium BTO, so; 1. Flooring is already done 2. Kitchen has full tiles and Sink 3. Bathroom has full tiles and amenities My renovation requirement; 1. Do a nice kitchen setup with cabinets, door, etc 2. Master bedroom, full length wardrobe 3. Bedroom 1 and Bedroom 2, full length wardrobe 4. Hall - TV area, Shoe rack, false ceiling 5. Full length cabinet, study area for Study room 6. Cabinets in Toilets 7. Do a nice laundry setup in service area with cabinet 8. Aluminum grill for all windows 9. Simple wire grill for balcony 10 Plastering, Painting, Cleaning, Polishing 11. Additional carpentry work where required to do a nice house In addition, I will do the following, if the contractor is reasonable in pricing 1. Sofa with coffee table 2. Master bed 3. beds in 2 rooms 4. Dining table The most important is QUALITY. Looking for a Simplistic and Functional design. NO TRICKS, NO GIMMIKS. Like a contractor who says, white as white and black as black. I can share my floor plan when required. Thanks Jerry
  20. Hi everyone, need some help on your expert views to see if this quote is reasonable. It's for a condo - no doubt i know IDs/contractors like to jack up prices for condos, but is this reasonable? It's a new condo, so don't need to do any tiling. The main things i'm looking at are space and design consultation, feature wall for TV in the living room and master bedroom, walk in wardrobe (using the existing ones given by the condo) was suggested by the ID. NO DESCRIPITION Unit Rate AMOUNT($) 1 Professional services Inclusive 1.1 Design Consultation Inclusive 1.2 Space Planning Inclusive 1.3 3D Perspective Drawing Inclusive 1.4 Material & Colour Proposal Inclusive 1.5 Project Management Inclusive 1.6 Site Supervision & Co-ordination Inclusive 2 PAINTING WORKS To supply labour, tools and materials to :- 2.1 Painting of internal wall and ceiling for whole unit using Nippon Emulsion Paint (5 optional colous) $1,500.00 Total: $1,500.00 3 OTHER WORKS 3.1 To supply labour, tools and materials to provide general cleaning to whole house $350.00 3.2 Floor protection with corrugated hard cover sheet for whole house $400.00 Total: $750.00 CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE External: Selected timber veneer or laminates with internal: Blum system hinges with soft closing 4 Living/Dining 4.1 Low suspended TV console in selected laminate finishing (2layer ) Size: 4200(L) x 550(D) x 550(HT) $2,000.00 4.2 Featured wall above TV console in selected laminate finishing Size: 3000(L) x 150(D) x full(HT) $3,000.00 4.3 To supply labour and design mirror feature at dining area size:2400x (FH) $1,600.00 4.4 To Supply labour and design shoe cabinet and cushion in selected laminate finishing Size: 1500(L) x 550(D) x 1050(HT) $1,950.00 4.5 To supply labour and design bench come with cushion in selected laminate finishing size:1200(L)x450(D)x1500(H) $1,000.00 Total: $9,550.00 5 Master Bedroom 5.1 To redesign existing wardrobe to walk-in wordrobe c/w sliding door in internal polygom finishing Size: 1500(L) x 600(D) x full(HT) $2,800.00 5.2 To fabricate and design bedhead feature wall c/w cushion and side table in selected laminate finishing Size: 2000(L) x 150(D) x 1500(HT) $1,750.00 5.3 To supply and design dressing table c/w mirror in selected laminate finishing Size: 900(L) x 450(D) x 1800(HT) $960.00 5.4 To supply and design suspended TV console in selected laminate finishing Size: 1200(L) x 450(D) x 550(HT) $750.00 5.5 To supply and design TV feature wall in selected laminate finishing Size: 1200(L) x 150(D) x full(HT) $900.00 Total: $7,160.00 6 Ceiling Works 6.1 To supply labour and install L-box to living/dining area and false ceiling to passage way $2,600.00 Total: $2,600.00 Sub Total $21,560.00