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Found 6 results

  1. If you are looking for an interior designer please contact /whatsapp/wechat 😊 Aska Kang +65 9187 2671 😗 With 20 years of experience in carpentry work, we have our own factory in JB, fabricate furniture with good quality, superior workmanship and reasonable price! Feel free to contact us for free quotation !
  2. Hi all, I've been quoted by different firm for platform. For some reason, the platform made using vinyl tiles cost lesser than platform using laminates. Can anyone advise which is better, pro and cons? I thought vinyl tiles would be more resistant than laminate but 1 ID told me otherwise. Platform area is about 5.4m2 (58ft2).
  3. Hi I was quoted from my ID: 1 - bed platform with underneath storage for my master bedroom - $2,550 (2900mm x 2700mm) 2 - Platform for living room area $3,240 (3300mm x 3500mm) Anyone can share with me on the usual market rate for bed platform and living room platform for 4 room BTO carpentry work? Is there any recommended and reliable carpenters?
  4. Hello. I would like a rough idea of how much would I prolly be quoted for these works based on your experiences getting quotations / knowledge. And, how soon should I be engaging a contractor? My BTO is expected to be ready in 4th Quarter 2017. May I also know, if anyone had any experiences getting their keys waaaaaaaay early than expected? Like how early? My BTO has the internal timber doors and sanitary fittings for all bathroom(s) (includes shower head/mixer, wash basin and wash basin tap). --> This means, I have no toilet bowl and flooring right? How much will I prolly be quoted for a floor tiling & toilet bowl for 1 master bedroom toilet & 1 common toilet? And can anyone share their platform bed frame quotation? Attached is the picture of how I would like it to be. Just an elevated platform against the window. Am not doing the wooden walls thingy like in the picture. King-size bed.
  5. Hello! We have a dark blue platform bed frame available with lots of hidden storage space. Excellent condition. Used for about 2 years but still look new. Platform bed is one of the current most chosen bed type. Bought from the Kuka showroom. - Dimension (207 x 244 cm) - Price S$420 - Made with high quality & durable Italian Fabric. - Dark blue - Fits queen size mattress. (Not inclusive) - Headrest can be tilted - Special design piece. Lots of versatile storage space - Made of solid wood. Very good quality material - A little elevated from the floor Please arrange for own logistics. Pickup at The Sail @ Marina Bay Viewing is welcomed but due to limited space we had dissemble the bed frame. Please call 98594911 or 83187137 for any enquiries!
  6. HI everyone, Initially I don't intend to post another topic on asking about reasonable quote since there's plenty threads. But after browsing, I couldn't find any that's similar to what we wanted to do. So here I am posting, yet another similar thread, seeking advice if the price is reasonable. Below is 1 of the 7 id/contractor that we've met and considering to engage them. Some items are not included yet, still waiting for them to revise the quote (eg. granite top) Hope to get some opinion from you guys, especially for those who have done platform with storage in the MBR 1 General 1.1 Washing for whole unit (General + Chemical + remove debris + clean window) = $700 1.2 Supply and lay paper protection include clear rubbish for whole house = $150 1.3 Application of HDB permit = $0 2 Masonary 2.1 Fabricate cabinet base with tile skirting = 3.6m $300 2.2 Fabricate fridge base with tile finish = $150 3 Tiling 3.1 Supply & lay 600x600mm homogeneous floor tiles for living, dining & 3 bedrooms incl skirting = 61.1sqm $6,150 $3.40psf 4 Plumbing 4.1 Install water pipe for cold and hot water supply from citigas heater to common bathroom, copper = $320 4.2 Install toilet accessories for 2 bathroom = $100 4.3 Supply & install material to run sink inlet/out pipe = $100 5 Painting 5.1 Supply & paint whole unit including door frames Nippon = $1,600 7 Windows 7.1 Supply & install window at service yard = 3.84sqm $600 8 Doors 8.1 Supply & install 3nos of Veneer door c/w lockset and handles for all bedroom PE Veneer hollow core = $960 8.2 Supply & install door for both toilets PD Door = $640 9 Living Room 9.1 Design & fabricate shoe cabinet in laminate finish (full height), Glass finish = 900mmL $850 $94/100mmL 9.2 Design & fabricate settee in laminate finish = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 9.3 Supply & install mirror at foyer = 2.80sqm $350 $125/sqm (Most probably will buy own, might be cheaper) 9.4 Design & fabricate L-shape dining bench Storage + cushion & backing = 3150mmL $2,850 $91/100mmL 9.6 Design & fabricate suspended collapsible table with folding legs in laminate finish = 1200mmL $800 $67/100mmL 9.7 Design & fabricate TV feature wall in laminate finish (full height) = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 9.8 Design & fabricate suspended console = 2100mmL $1,500 $71/100mmL 10 Kitchen 10.1 Design & fabricate cabinet in laminate finish = 7400mmL $2,950 $40/100mmL 10.3 Supply & install dish rack Stainless steel = FOC 10.4 Design & fabricate laundry cabinet = 500mmL $350 $70/100mmL 11 Master Bedroom 11.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 4000mmL $3,450 $86/100mmL 11.2 Design & fabricate TV console in laminate finish Suspended console = 1800mmL $950 $53/100mmL 11.3 Design & fabricate platform with storage in laminate finish = 6.48sqm $2,350 $363/sqm 11.4 Design & fabricate headboard in cushion finish 1500mmL Full ht = $1,500 $100/100mmL 11.5 Design & fabricate 2nos. side drawer in laminate finish Suspended table = $500 12 Bedroom 2 12.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 600mmL $550 $92/100mmL 12.2 Design & fabricate single size bed frame in laminate finish Pull out drawer = $800 12.3 Design & fabricate study cabinet in laminate finish = 900mmL $400 $44/100mmL 12.4 Design & fabricate study table in laminate finish, suspended = 4950mmL $2,900 $59/100mmL 13 Bedroom 3 13.1 Design & fabricate wardrobe in laminate finish (full ht) = 1500mmL $1,300 $87/100mmL