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  1. Wow I have this issue also, but 10x lesser flies than yours. After I did a thorough clean, it disappeared for a month. Now it is back. I thought the first time was because I put ong lai from 1st day rolling, into the fridge. It probably already got a few flies. Hai
  2. For toilet, did you put 1 light in the hdb given spot at ceiling or put lights in the boxes with mesh? Thinking whether 1 central light is bright enough and whether need to put in the mesh
  3. @Clarence LyeMay I know what brand is it? I saw Brandt 1 gas burner, already $500 lol. Their 3 gas burners unit is also $500+.
  4. oh man, thanks for sharing. we prefer fire for cooking but yes maintenance is an issue. wondering if frequent maintenance will make it better. if only they sell 1 gas burner and 1 or 2 induction burner. now not sure if should go for rennai gas hob then.
  5. thanks for the reply. omg, $360 for platform, i was quoted way more (for larger area) but still.. haha great to hear the fridge is good, i can only touch it next yr when i move in. i'll heed your advise on not preparing food there. can I ask you how is the hood and hob? i'm intending to get the same hob, different model of hood from fujioh. my parents kept telling me to use induction (weird cos they are old sch people), saying the gas burner holes will get choked and dirty. even if it is made of brass. I did look at fujioh burner, in terms of cleanability, i would prefer rennai to be honest but it is just too expensive haha
  6. hello, can u share with me vincent contact? is hoekee at tanjong katong really better than other branch? haha. thanks
  7. Hi, enjoyed your blog. Can I get your aircon contractor contact pls?
  8. hi, beauty house with pretty cats. may i know where you get the stainless steel u-bend for the sink? I cant find it leh. one ID told me plastic one better. edit: i found your post about it.
  9. great blog 2yr on. There are several similarities that I'm doing for my house too. Before that, im interested to know the fridge you bought, i got a MIJ hitachi. Looking forward to your review. Also i saw that you leave quite a gap between fridge and the kitchen counter, how was it cleaning wise? im doing the same but not sure how much gap to leave, im worried food might drop into the gap. can you share with me the cost of the platform?
  10. Hi, may I know how they join the rail to the glass? did they cut out on the glass or just drill through?thanks
  11. Hi @Kio Sai Gang, thanks for the reply. As I mentioned, vinyl platform was quoted cheaper than laminates. So I'm not sure why, as laminates is thought to be cheaper. Say if I was quoted the highest range laminates, would it still be more expensive than vinyl? Specs is just the measurement mentioned above. No other spec. It is a Regular rectangular platform.
  12. Hi all, I've been quoted by different firm for platform. For some reason, the platform made using vinyl tiles cost lesser than platform using laminates. Can anyone advise which is better, pro and cons? I thought vinyl tiles would be more resistant than laminate but 1 ID told me otherwise. Platform area is about 5.4m2 (58ft2).
  13. same qns as u. just that im not aware of the IKEA leg cover plate. how does it work, do u mind sharing? was worried about cabinet sitting directly on the floor. will not be doing heavy splashing to clean kitchen e.g flooding type. however im worried if I mop the floor, would it damage the laminates?