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  1. We bought a Made-in-Japan Hitachi fridge last December (delivered in Jan 2017) from Harvey Norman( Parkway Parade) and the experience has been horrible!!! Should I say disgusting as well. The frustration is also compounded by the incompetency of the hitachi service center to address the problem and the bad service from Harvey Norman. We thought the Made-in-Japan quality will give us a peace of mind. But NO! It has given us so much trouble and frustration! The fridge costs us more than 2000 dollars but i feel it is not worth the money at all. Here are the issues we have with the fridge: 1. Condensation of water on the fridge compartment doors. 2, Lots of fruit flies in the fridge! The problems appeared right after the fridge was delivered and we called up the hitachi service center immediately. That was in January. The hitachi service man came down and helped check the fridge and could not find any problem with the fridge. He asked us to wait and see. One month later, the problems are still there and we asked the hitachi service man to come again. He tried to put some rubber sealing on the fridge doors. Nothing changed. He suggested us to put some lemon juice in the fridge to prevent the fruit flies from getting in. I followed his suggestion. It seemed to work initially but the fruit flies come back again after a few days. I am still not sure how do the fruit flies get into the fridge. And with the condensation on the fridge door, I highly suspect that there is some issue with the fridge door sealing. As we were busy during Chinese New Year, we only called again in late Feb to tell hitachi service center that the problems are still not resolved. The service man came down again in March to take some data from the fridge. Again, they are not sure what is the cause of the problems. By now I started to wonder whether they would be able to solve the problem at all. I called up Harvey Norman and the sales man who sold us the fridge told us to get help from the Hitachi service center!! I told him that the Hitachi service center is not able to solve the problem, the Harvey Norman salesman said he cannot do anything about it either. I was infuriated that he didn't even bother to help! He simply said the shop floor can not help, if I want to complain I can go to their website and email their headquarter!!!! WTF!! Is this type of service standard from Harvey Norman!!