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  1. wow.. i like your study table, very office looking. I'm still sourcing/looking around on how to design the study table for my room..
  2. looking very nice, spacious and minimalist-scandi looking. love it. and also the 3D very realistic and your outcome is almost identical.
  3. oh.. cos i see the price also alot more. so didnt wanted to. lol. but power wise i read it's more or less the same, slight more powerful. i usually schedule my cleaning when i'm not at home.
  4. yes, i bought recently. i didnt want the roborock model (gen2 which has mopping) because i prefer to mop it myself.
  5. nice, but i think your sink cant be there unless you want to re-pipe the water + drainage. my house have the same layout as yours. the water point is at the fridge area.
  6. here are the pics. As you can see above, it's being slotted into the "groove". so to remove/open you just have to slide out the acrylic panel. Actually.. after using my CS Top for awhile, i dont find it that great. There's still a scratch there even thou they came down and "rectify" it. my kompacplus top might seems way better and durable, less scratch resistant/chip resistant than the CS top. Oh well. use until it spoils then see how. And to @KFC1189 my xiaomi vacuum: And this is the current master bedroom. shifted the sofa bed there to become "entertainment room" lol. will be this layout until the king bed comes. Now is a good time to make use of the space and keep/slot whatever i want to keep inside the platform before the bed comes.
  7. 2k still heartpain.. we paid 6K i think, but it's not the company that we dislike, it's our first ID. I feel that finding the right ID really plays a strong part in the whole reno. Super irritating when you have to feed them ideas and design and they just recycle other people's idea/layout and give it to you. they are actually all acrylic panels. it's slotted into the groove of the cabinet edge. I can take some pictures tonight.. Hahahha.. oops, that's not meant to be seen. They are spare/extras that i store them under the sink. my xiaomi base is at the area inbetween my kitchen and living (my momento wall there) Queen mattress is just for the time being only, our king will only come when it's nearer to my wedding day because of the "an chuan", which is this coming May. Right now, we are sleeping in the guest room, and i have shifted the taobao sofa bed to my masterbed room and acts like a sofa for watching tv/chilling. lol.
  8. welcome! perhaps you can share your floor plan and what is the proposed plan? any 3D? Mood Board or inspiration? Your contractor will do everything or you engaging one contractor for one thing? it's gonna get messy and every contractor's quality/finishing is different. better to stick to one, from my experience..
  9. waa exhale fan, almost bought it but after trying.. wasnt impress because the wind only reflect off the wall downwards. good for enclose area
  10. just some updates: 3M Had a called with them regards to the hook, all kind of reasons. Oh well, i dont intend to place the hook there anymore, so it's now hooked on my service yard's window grill. *problem solved*. Carpentry had some issues with Justin's carpenter and carpentry's work, so manage to engage R&R's contractor to come rectify all the problems. 1) change the island wheels to heavy duty caster wheels 2) change the flap to conceal the wheels + re-laminate (Justin's carpenter didnt touch up. Sighs 3) change all hinges and runner track to blum. (Super pissed off with this, was promised all hinges to be excel and runner track to be blum. End up they are NONE! 4) install the ledge behind my kitchen top and bottom cabinet (originally where the ledge was meant to be installed but was damaged by Justin's guys.) 5) Amend island drawers, the original intended cutlery tray/blum inner drawer wasn't installed and fixed at all despite repeat reminders. R&R carpenter have to cut the drawer and insert the blum i3 drawer. 6) express service, Monday he came and measure everything - today gonna fix all up. One bad thing.. it's quite expensive. sighs. 1.2k? We need all to be completed before CNY. Pictures Our neighbour's friend is looking for a modern house to do some fliming for some Suria show, and therefore approached us. Here are pictures of the whole house in a snapshot that i've sent over as they request for the master bedroom pictures., hopefully they are ok. Caesarstone Review Now that i'm using the original quartz from Caesarstone, i have to admit that their white/light colour tabletop are soooooooooooooooo lousy. Why? I did some baking of pineapple tarts over the weekend, didnt really do much except shifting the baking trays from oven to table, table to oven kind. There's a scratch already. -.- I'm not even dragging all my stuffs across the table, further i use a cooling rack to put it on top. You can see the "deep" scratch from below. Caesarstone guy has came down twice to fix my table (once for the tea stain, which is now gone) and now the scratch (but still can feel and see..) Might have been better off just using other tabletop as it doesnt live up to its name. Overall R&R Review So far, everything has been good and well. Don't see much peeling/damage or problems with their stuffs. One good thing about them is that you can really put your mind at ease on the kind of work and finishing that they deliver One bad thing is , if your ID happened to be the super busy/popular one, you have to keep chasing for updates and progress. But after chasing, you can ensure that things are done. Not just done, but done properly. Unlike Justin's work. Things get done for the sake of doing, and it's sub-par standard. It's those kind that you think you can do a better job kind. *sighs*. XiaoMi Vacuum Just started using my XiaoMi Vacuum cleaner today (scheduled cleaning @ 9am) i must say that it's quite amazing and interesting, it mapped out the whole house and show the cleaning pattern. Gonna do spot check later when i get home.
  11. hello stranger! *lol* your house looking great and pinterest-ish. Great work there. yea.. vinilex 5000. I read from elsewhere, if the wall is treated/painted with wall sealer, the paint sticks better. super regret never force my ID to paint all the wall with wallsealer before painting. That is also why momento painters say it's a MUST to paint wall sealer before painting the momento. Gonna paint that patch on Saturday, getting lazy to do all these touch up now aday. I think some day i might just give up and get all my walls to white. (low maintaince! and no one can notice any patches!) hi @bykaraanne, yes i follow the instructions as per the hooks. I leave it overnight before hooking/hanging stuffs. i'm using 3m photoframe hook for my clock and it's working fine (hopefully) for now. which sandpaper grit do you use, i want to sand the area and do a proper paintjob. I have also emailed/contacted 3M and told them that their products damage my walls. No reply, no response, no calls.
  12. I patch it using putty and re-painted that area, have to admit that it doesnt look flawless anymore. my OCD tells me to sand down the area then repaint the whole wall... i think the paint doesnt stick well with the original HDB wall paint/coating. So my lesson learn is - to paint the whole house with wall sealer no matter what, before you the painting starts. all ID/contractors/painter won't do it because they will give you all kind of excuses saying the wall is ok, hdb already treated the wall, etc.. No!! I dont trust anything anymore. *sighs*
  13. Hi @orihs2015, picture below, sorry for the late picture. Updates Apologies, been busy and MIA-ed for awhile. Here are some pictures of my replacement island, this time - this is definitely authentic as it comes with the "serial" printing as you can see below. The previous table doesnt have such printing. On Saturday, the Caesarstone guy also came down to check my table and told me that no matter what, all their tops will be printed with the "serial". Was lucky that i spotted this and have it replaced! If not i will be using a non-caesarstone top and assuming it is! Felt so cheated. Super dishonest. Some of the Lego display are done, will take a full picture once everything is completed. On Saturday, we went down to Blum and purchased the cutlery inserts/trays. Here are the pictures comparing before and after. It is SO much neater now. I have yet to fix the non-slip mat, as it's about $17+ per roll. Dont want to anyhow cut and spoil it. Anyway, i have asked R&R's carpenter to fix my island and ledge. So waiting for them to revert back, the carpenter came last week to measure and quote. Rough quote to fix the island shakiness, change wheels, fix the laminates, install ledge + suspended cabinet will cost me about 800+ Shouldn't have scrimp and save, and should do it all at once. Now i seems to be paying more and having so much problem. Lastly..... 3M I so pissed off with 3M products, not sure if it's the wall, the paint or their products. TWO TIMES, i use their product and it feel off - TOGETHER WITH THE PAINT. I use their product to hang my BoomJoy mop at service yard. End up, i have to touch up using putty and paint AGAIN!!!!! I might just end up repainting the whole service yard wall with wallsealer and then painting it over again. The problem might be because of the wall. For my future house, i will make sure that all my walls are painted with WALLSEALER before anything else!
  14. i wasnt expecting it too.. *sighs* till date, i'm waiting for the invoice/evidence that my caesarstone top is authentic. If it's original and authentic, why cant just send me at least the soft copy of invoice? have to delay SOOOO long. (maybe waiting for someone else to get the same model/colour as me). Stains and scratches shouldnt just appear that easily from day to day use, it's meant to be stronger and tougher.. but seems otherwise (if this is real caesarstone)