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  1. Hello! Yes, time is not a concern as we still got places to stay. I believe in getting the right person for the job instead of leaving it in the hands of others cause I've had experiences with ID when my mom did her place, making promises on designs, materials and stuff and not producing the results that we wanted. And since this is my home, I'll rather my partner do the design and I'll find the right guy for it. We've agreed to hold to all quotations till we complete the takeover then hold an open house for the contractors to come, measure, and quote us. I've seen a few peeps here reviewing some contractors/ID, feels like wild wild west in the reno world!
  2. Will post the current one and proposed plan up by tomorrow! We will most likely get 2 contractors for this project, one for all the wet works and GC plus flooring, plumbing etc, the second one will come in and do up the fixtures and fittings like carpentry and lights. I'm breaking it down into structural/foundation and everything else. I understand from what you mean by it's going to get messy if I hire one guy for one job!
  3. Hello all, First time posting and would like to share our journey on renovating a 4A resale flat from start, this is still an ongoing project and your contributions do matter! We have decided not to engage an ID firm as my missus herself already know what design/color/idea our flat is supposed to be. We will be engaging direct contractor for each leg of the construction. The flat: 4A flat, 105 SqM, squarish layout. We are going to hack a wall, combining 2 rooms into 1. Cement wash vinyl flooring, re-do all electrical points and wires, new A/C, new kitchen & bedroom carpentry, french door, barn door. The whole flat be very industrialized feel. Our carpentry will be a mix of custom and Ikea to lower cost, custom carpentry will be for bedroom and kitchen while shoe cabinets will be purchased from Ikea. Our process: hacking of wall > flooring & ceiling > electrical points > painting > air con > custom carpentry > Ikea carpentry > touch up paint > furnishing/furniture Currently we are on the lookout for quotation for hacking of the wall and painting of the whole flat.We would appreciate if there are any recommendation from flat owners. We are not in any rush so this is more like our project home and further more we don't want to rush anything. Thanks in advance and I'll keep updating our progress!