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  1. Hi All, Here are some of the completed photos of the living area. Thanks for viewing. Happy Chinese new year to all!!!
  2. Hi KFC1189, the exhale fan airflow is very different. It can cool you down eventually but you don't really feel the wind. Hi merryjane, if your counter is not link to the kitchen cabinet then you don't really need the concrete base.
  3. Hi All, Here are some of the photos after the quartz counter top installation. This is also the first time I have client interested in installing an exhale fan. Thanks for viewing.
  4. Hi All, Here are some of the carpentry works done so far. Thanks for viewing.
  5. Hi All, Here are some of the ceiling and wiring works done. Thanks for viewing.
  6. Hi All, Here are some of the layout plan and site photos of my recent project @ Keat Hong Colours. I will post more on the progress of the renovation shortly. Thanks for viewing.
  7. Yes, this is using the Blum Aventos HL lift up system. Sorry, there is some issue with the previous image hosting, I will find time to reload the other photos.
  8. Hi All, Here are of the completed photos of the master bathroom. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Hi Septh, actually the louvres is holding up quite well against the rain. We only observe some water left along the track after heavy rain. For the aircon, my client actually seldom turn on the unit in living area.
  10. Hi Septh, the management only concern was about removing the sliding doors as it would affect the facade. But my client is willing to take the risk of reinstalling it back if they decide to sell the unit in the future.
  11. Hi All, Here are some photos of the completed renovation. This has been a relatively short renovation project, I hope you all like the end result. Thanks for viewing.
  12. Thanks. Have to credit my client for their idea. We have actually install sliding louver panel along the balcony railing to enclose the area if need be.
  13. Hi All, Here are some of the completed carpentry works and some left over touch up works. Thanks for viewing.
  14. Hi All, Here are some of photos after the demolition of the walls. Thanks for viewing.