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  1. Wow, your EA is really big! You can add 2 more bedrooms if you want and yet it will still big.
  2. Hi Kengwee, I believe you have done an evaluation between Xiaomi smart switches and Sonoff switches. Can you tell us more about the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. I am quite interested in the Xiaomi switches as I have quite a few smart products from Xiaomi already.
  3. Tiles pop out are due to poor workmanship. If one section of the tiles has popped out, the rest of the tiles may pop out as well. Your contractors are wary that if they just repair the broken part, the rest of the tiles will pop out in the repair process. My advise is to remove all the tiles first. No point just to repair one part and then later on another parts pop out. Better tackle the root cause of the problem once and for all.
  4. It looks like your EM is a corner one. Can you post the floor plan for us to visualize your renovation better?
  5. As it is shown as a solid column, I don’t think it is hackable. You will need a registered PE to verify it if you still want to go ahead with the hacking. Sometimes HDB did allow it to be hacked.
  6. Hi, your ID needs to redo the piping for you since you did retiling of the whole kitchen. In my opinion, your ID or contractor has done a lousy job.
  7. Hi, congratulations to you and wife on owning a maisonette which is a rare property in Singapore nowadays. Do you plan to engage an ID to help in designing your new home?
  8. For your 2 toilet bowls, do you need to connect to a electric point for the bidet spray?
  9. It has been more than 2 years since my last update. Recently I painted the recess area of the wall in my master bedroom to make it like a feature wall.
  10. I like this layout. In fact you can create a fourth bedroom and a study room at your display cabinet and tv console areas.
  11. Hi Suzanna, What is the floor area of your flat? Do you have a floor plan? Are you going for open kitchen?
  12. Where is your flat located. Is it a 5A type? Because it looks big especially the balcony.
  13. Don't buy SMEG Washer/Dryer. You will regret it. I bought one and paid almost SGD3000 in August 2016. But after 3 years, motor spoilt and could not spin anymore. When the washer was turned on, you can see spark coming from the motor. Very scary. SMEG Washer/Dryer does not use inverter motor. As a result, it is less energy efficient and it has only 2 ticks on water consumption. Stay away from SMEG. Its products are grossly overpriced.
  14. Oh gosh, Signature Kitchen workmanship is really bad and unprofessional. I really feel sorry for you and your family for the unpleasant experience and anxiety.
  15. Michelle, Your newly renovated home is so warm and cozy. Congratulations!