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  1. Good day one and all, I'm looking for a biometric digital lock for HDB gate that is able to unlock the main door the same time I unlock the gate. I.E. I don't have to swipe my fingerprint twice, once on gate followed by door. IMHO it defeats the convenience of a digital lock to bring an accessory to unlock or have to unlock 2 devices to gain entry into home. Currently, I only know of Yale that has this feature. Features to look for; 1. Biometric (Fingerprint) 2. password input (Secondary input) 3. physical Key unlock (In case electronic devices all fails) 4. Mortise lock 5. battery lasting for more than 3 months. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Jon, Disclaimer, I do now own these invisible grills. When you mentioned safety, which aspects are you referring to? IMHO, Safety for young children: This should be sufficient to prevent young children fall from heights yet retaining that panorama view. Deterrence from burglar: As indicated in your videos, it is a weak deterrence against burglars and not recommended at common walkway. The sales persons/ current users from Invisible Grills would be able to provide a better assessment. GLWS.
  3. 4. Kitchen island Found some interesting ideas for kitchen separation https://www.renotalk.sg/14-hdb-kitchens-spectacular-wont-want-make-greasy/
  4. 2. display cabinet > display of knick-nacks A. HRC shotglass B. HRC pins C. Coke bottles D. BTS toys E. Smuffs collection F. Minions collections? G.precious memories H. Finisher medals / trophies I. momentos J. Disneyland souvenirs
  5. 1. Shoe cabinets > utilisation of bombshelter > empty bottom slot for frequently worn shoes > sitting area
  6. Layout of Bidadari Alkaff Oasis is similar to punggol bto, with the Bombshelter constructed on the opposite side of the hall. Layout ideas are be found from Renovation; 15 Concise layout Design for Alkaff Oasis Bidadari & 15 Brilliant Layout ideas for Bidadari
  7. After a decade of comfort living at our current 3I resale, we have secured a BTO at Bidadari by the grace of God. We are excited to look forward to a new premises where we would continue to "Live Love Laugh" till our golden age. Attached are photos of Alkaff Oasis taken prior to Covid19. Indefinitely, the constructions and Hand over will be delayed.
  8. The grohe/hansgrohe are good quality stuffs which i have no regrets purchasing. its still bright and shiny and silky smooth after 8 years of use.
  9. Kudos Tiler Seng, Happy to see you still active in the forum and contributing to the community. Still remember some of your fine works back in 2010. Cheers.
  10. Hi duomaxwell, A very comprehensive rent-blog. I noticed that you have a tub in your MBR toilet, is it a built in? Would you have photos of this? It has been since 2 years that you have moved in, wondering is there anythings that you would have done better? May I request that PM of your contractor and quotation details please? Many thanks.
  11. My Spouse and I are filled with envy with your bathtub. how is it now, after that you have moved in? My MIL has an identical layout and may I ask for your ID as well as quote please? how did you manage to shift the WC btw? Do pm me if it is not convenient here. thank you in advance.
  12. Hello Jeeppoo, If you don't mind sharing your quote as well? I would also like to ask about the beautiful bathtube. hpw much and where did you get from?