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  1. pls pm us the company. We Small claim our contractor so if you or anyone need any advise just email us. underscore@mail.com Thx much
  2. Hi nextstep, thanks for sharing your joy. Its nicely done up. Congrats. Possible to share the cost of reno and if the water pipes above the kitchen cabinet are being conceal? possible to share a pic pls? Thx and appreciate you time on this. Raf
  3. As per title, any bro/ sis engaged them? Thanks R
  4. Hi, nice selection of tiles, esp the brown timber look alike for the rooms... Also, possible to pass us the contacts for no 4 & 5 pls? tyvm and wishing you a smooth reno...
  5. We met up the latter few hours ago... A few stuff which he mention gave him away....and we google after the meeting and found this post.... scary! Thank you so much for the prompt and we are truly sadden by the experience you went through. Heres another shout out to the public about Desmond: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/beware-scam-company-creative-interiorcreative-designcp-design-furnishing
  6. Hi, We are sooo excited to see the finished product... Also, possible to pass us Uncle P's contact? Thx Raf