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  1. your home is soo warm and lovely. Love your bathroom and living room. feels like right out of a magazine!
  2. blackainmamba


    Our kuih lapis house
  3. Thank u! thats my fav fav part too... hehe my son calls it the talking table where everyone gathers to talk there...
  4. I totally understand the part about bto doors.. now that you have put things into prespective.. i have no idea who did my door. it was included with uncle P. the colour is achieved by staining/painting with the oil based colour... wood im told its solid nyahtoh however it is spelled...
  5. Hi Changbp, the louvre door cost close to 1k includes the door frame... its a solid wooden door. I was tempted to use it for all the rooms and toilets as well BUT the cost was WOW so i decided not to... hehe
  6. Yup they have different characteristics. My previous one has more iron content which make it dull after wiping. It was quite high maintenance as it mimics marble in looks and behaviour. My kitchen stove side is from India, not black galaxy, is also very good for kitchen as it is very smooth and not porous and it maintains its smoothness and shine. Probably because the stone is harder. As for this island top, it is called blue pearl and it is from Norway very awesome and easy to maintain...
  7. Anyways, anyone else took Uncle P to do their house?? Share pics leh... or msg me can? I is kepo and would like to see...
  8. One more thing to share. Please do check that your aircon installer properly seals everything on the outside of your flat especially if it is a resale flat like mine. because this will happen.... One night a huge storm broke out and all the water seeped in through the aircon pipes or duct or something.. I called Uncle P and he told me actually the aircon installer did not cover up the hole. He already told them but they did not think that this would happen. Uncle P told me that because he saw that he actually treated my floor with some waterproof coating and it will not rot my wood. BUt i do have to contact the aircon guys to rectify the issue else everytime it rains heavily this will happen. Which I did call them and they made good my whatever hole was not patched up. So thumbs up to G*in c*ty as well for their prompt response.
  9. Remember my super messy study room? I couldnt stand it that I had to call Uncle P and ask him to make a proper storage for me. And two thumbs up... It was just what i had pictured it. I will take the whole room picture in my next post. This is before.. supper messy This is after I am loving it.. I just need a study table and thats it!
  10. Update on my granite... its sooo late... but here it is... Its soo heavy it needs 4 men to carry it Here it is upclose... Love the shine and the sparkles when the track lights above is turned on...
  11. OMG I love your blue kitchen cabinet! Is it laminate or spray painted??