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  1. Hello! It was custom made & handpainted by TheJoyTroopers! http://www.thejoytroopers.com/
  2. Sorry for the late reply @whitebrowngrey! Haven't logged on in awhile. Would you still like to have his contacts? Hehe thank you @Jason Wong! Hey @blueygirls, sorry for the very late response! If you'd still like his contacts, let me know. The fans have been working well! Especially impressed since I bought them for $8 each on taobao haha. We paid under $500 for the installation & replacement of bathroom windows but picked acrylic for 1 window and frosted glass for the other The kitchen faucet worked well initially but has started to rust. WilI recommend everyone to get something else more hardy!
  3. Hi @patricsa, thank you! Would love to send their info to you but I somehow can't find my account message inbox anymore! Did renotalk remove this feature??? Let me know if there's other ways I can send it to you! (Ig or telegram maybe?)
  4. Omg, the peeling paint on your service yard wall looks pretty bad. The paint around that area looks like they're also lifted off the wall already! Did applying putty and repainting cause it to look like new again, or can you still tell that the patch has been touched up? There's a small patch of paint on my living room wall that came off because I used 3M tape to attach a key holder there. Beneath it the wall is grey (and looks like concrete? why?!) I've no idea what to do with it apart from sticking the holder back over the hole so no one else can tell what's going on. Lol.
  5. @Valerie Low Hi Valerie, we only got in touch with contractors and didn't engage any ID. PMed you their contacts!
  6. Hey folks! Before we know it, an entire year has passed by since we started staying here! We're still very much in love with our cozy home This is despite having to work together to resolve the nitty gritty stuff of living together for the first time, such as the wife nagging at the husband to switch off lights which aren't in use, the storage heater after showering, closing the door when air-con is on, etc etc It's all about cultivating shared living habits lah. Do you all face this with your partners too? Regardless, living together has been a lot of fun! We recently got a clip on wide angle lens for our phones, which means we could capture more extensive angles of the house! Shall share some pics with ya'll here: Recently shifted the dining table from beside the window, to beside the wall. Might only be temporary but it frees up quite a bit of space! In our year of staying here, the number of "animals" in our home also increased about 10x. Our friend who visited again after some time also commented on this whoops. In the living room alone, there are about 16 alpacas of all sorts, on pillows, framed illustrations, toys, and so on. (Maybe we should have guests do an animal themed treasure hunt when they come over. Play spot the alpacas! Lol). The 2 most prominent ones are here. They were custom-made for our wedding so why not just keep them around in the house too right? Let me show you the rest... We have an entire herd of them! The rest stay in the barn, I mean, storeroom now. Okay I should stop this topic here, we're starting to sound crazy. Anyway, overall it still looks like a normal home, don't worry! We've adopted some plants too! A fiddle leaf fig, pothos and mini pineapple plant. The mini pineapple is crazy spiky and always pokes me so we share a love-hate relationship. Also, spot the mini harry potter! Here's our kitchen, which hasn't changed much at all. We recently bought a microwave which has proven to be very useful. No more heating up of leftovers on the stove! We also put up some decoration for Christmas last year! The fairy lights are our favourite addition Here's our sideboard looking sparkly and pretty!
  7. Yeah it's true that most don't hang out here after reno is done! probably because their 'job' on this space is done hahah. I've stayed in my place for a year already, and finally gonna be hosting an official housewarming next month. This speaks of how slowly my husband and I do stuff, yes? We're done with the final aspects of our home like storeroom which was only done earlier this month. I can't believe we simply chucked stuff inside and pretended that the mess didn't exist for 11 whole months. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind! So glad that it has been settled. And yes, the urge to buy cute furnishing and decor never ceases!! But once the house is slowly being filled up, I question myself alot more before actually making purchases because I'm afraid they'll become white elephants. I took some pictures of my home yesterday and will be posting them on my tblog soon! I adore homes with lots of greens (can see that you've quite a few yourself! V nice!) but Kings refuses to allow more than 1 living thing/pet in the house. I've already broken that rule by having 3 live plants, and will have more in future definitely. Just need to add them sneakily. Heh.
  8. Hello @matchalatte! Happy New Year! Logged on after a long time to find that your home is already complete. IT IS SO GORGEOUS!!! (must caps cause I rly wanna emphasize) Can't be more happy for you. Your place has such character and good taste! Even IDs won't be able to do as good a job me thinks. I showed your photos to my husband and couldn't stop going, "Can you believe this is a HDB! Looks like Pinterest pics leh". There's quite a bit of decor but everything looks in place. I've been struggling with picking out the right soft furnishings/extra chapalang stuff for my home cause it's starting to look a little cluttered imo. That's the issue with minimalist-type homes~
  9. @kmx1an @ballistica @florence158 PMed you guys 。。。 WHERE'S ALL THE PHOTOS?! If you were wondering where all the pictures have gone to, photobucket very kindly blocked all photos hosted on forums and are forcing users to upgrade to another plan (aka pay $$$). Thus my photos have been replaced with some ugly default image Kings has been bugging me to re-upload all the photos because he sometimes directs our friends to this renoblog to look see. I've fixed the images on the first post and added some "before" photos as well so you can get an idea of how the space has changed! But say real one ah, I didn't take many photos of the house when it was in its bare state so some of the angles are slightly off. Please don't mind them. As for the remaining photos, I'll try my best to redo them properly for the benefit of those who are still reading this thread! It's a very tedious process (have to download the images, sort them out, host somewhere else then paste here ) so gimme some time k. Have a good day everyone!
  10. Hey, sent you all a PM @vampire95 @wangrong19891103 @BillAdrien Hmm.. somehow I feel that the internal white laminates are rather thin and imperfections of the wood such as scratches or bumps are quite obvious. Not sure if this is usually the case for carpentry stuff but my husband thinks that I'm nitpicking regarding this. Haha. Also that the edges are not nice and white like the laminates we used, but the dark joint lines can be seen. This seems to be a norm in the industry though. I'll try and see if I'm able to get any photos of these stuff for you. But with regards to alignment of cabinet doors/drawers though, they turned out perfect imo The handles were placed nice and aligned properly too. When comparing my kitchen carpentry with my friends' newly done up place, I realized that mine is actually pretty good. Haha.
  11. Hello! Yup it's a Monic K-740 sink. I think it can be either mounted on top or under the countertop. Love the sink for its size and for the large strainer. Very easy to clean! Watermarks yes but I think it's also got to do with maintenance. I don't use stainless steel cleaning products, only a magic sponge once in a while so it does get slight watermarks if we don't wipe it up after use. Can be easily cleaned up after. Imo the micro scratches on the sink are slightly obvious when the light is on, but it might be due to our very bright undercabinet light which does a fabulous job in illuminating everything (including flaws haha). When pouring hot liquids down the sink, I usually will run some water from the tap at the same time to ensure it isn't too warm. Never heard it make any popping sounds before though!
  12. KITCHEN (LIVED IN) Looking back at the post of when our kitchen was just done, the space does feel pretty different. We use our kitchen daily and here's how it looks like on a regular day. View from entrance: View from other side: View from service yard: No regrets on the laminates nor material choices so far, electronics all work well, electrical provisions are sufficient and we're still very much in love with the functionality of this area. BONUS PICS Peek of the living room When we had our wedding standees out the other day
  13. IT'S BEEN AWHILE Howdy folks! Sorry for disappearing these few months. We were busy with wedding prep which took place in April (yay!) and Bin was adjusting to a new job after that. We're still in touch with Contractor E. He's been so swamped by requests for quotations (must be all the positive word of mouth from renotalk lah) that he isn't taking on new projects for the time being. Unless it's a recommendation from a personal friend/relative of existing clients. So he might not be free to meet up for quotations for now :/ That's one thing we like about him also, he knows not too overwhelm himself with too many projects at one time. This means he'll be able to concentrate on the projects at hand instead of stretching himself thin. He also requested not to be described as being so "cheap". Okay lah, tbh his prices for masonry works and carpentry are on the lower side but some aspects such as electrical works, plumbing, etc are on par with market price or a slight bit more expensive than what some others may quote. Overall still very reasonable though. In terms of workmanship, we are pretty pleased with how everything has been holding up. Noticed some gaps in the grouting previously and he arranged for his guys to head down and patch them up, and he taught us how to patch it up ourselves too if need be. Carpentry finishing is not amazing (then again, his pfr prices are the lowest I've seen) but acceptable. If anyone is still interested to have his contact, lemme know and we'll be happy to send it to you! Previously we've sent components of his quote (without the prices) to those who have requested for it but please note that we won't be sharing it anymore. Will update this space when we get the final figure for my entire renovation. In the meantime, we will still pop by once in a while to answer any questions and post lived-in photos! (yay, don't we all love photos? :D)