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  1. Joven is my number one choice for storage heater since years ago. Long lasting and able to keep boiled water hot for a couple of hours. It even has the water saving device in it for the latest models
  2. As you know of a quote, " You lose 9 out of 10 times you gambled". So I will advise you in maintaining your main job and gamble as a side "Hobby" since you are currently on a winning streak but who knows when it will stop. Gambling income should always treat it as a bonus, casino will not survived if everyone are able to make a stable income out from there.
  3. Think my friend is using it. He told me before it took him around 3mins or less to heat up but not sure can stay how long the heat as he always switch on the power whenever he go showers. But since the brand is 707 should be ok. My friend has used it for around 2-3 years and so far so good ba. Btw I heard that joven brand is very popular in sg and can last normally at least 5 years Maybe from JB got difference?
  4. MrDynamite1 is right To open a Finder window in the current directory of your Mac Terminal just issue this Mac open command: open .