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  1. Kalimantan,

    Kindly advise whether FS Master Tong operate a shop or from his own home. 


    Thank you

  2. My water storage heater on top of false ceiling burst, but we manage to disconnect it. I am in the midst of replacing it but have not found a contractor yet. The current brand I am using is RHEEM. - 38 liters 1. Can I have feedback whether I should continue to use RHEEM ? 2. I need the contractor to dismount the old storage heater and replace with a new heater. There is a likelihood of cutting the false ceiling and need to plaster it with a new one. I would like a comprehensive job rather than engage multiple contractors. Can anyone advise ?
  3. what so unique about this man ?
  4. Hi Pikkang Mr x - confirm this fs master is a X-man mutant - Professional X. lol May we know how much u pay Mr X? 3. Busy is good, keep your thoughts OFF fengshui. Focus on your job better than focus on fengshui and spend $ for improvements. Why not spend $ on the skills improvement instead ? 4. Lucky your sister not married, so it is just a boy girl relationship, pple break-off is to determine compatibility ...nothing to do with fengshui.
  5. Seldom comes in nowadays. so want to share story ... Recently met up with a friend who owned a redhill hdb (stayed many years) + a bought a small condo in bukit timah last year or so. The condo fengshui cost is 2888 , realized the fengshui unsuitable for majority of family members, friend decided that condo to reconfigure for rental purpose instead of homestay. Now friend goes back to redhill hdb, ask the fengshui person for advice, end up paying extra 2000 again for major renovation fengshui. Now most of you probably unable to spent that kind of $, if can, won't be looking for cheap and good, which is Singaporean practicality. I will recommend a good kang-tao for you. see the rates below and I think the rates are reasonable. http://www.dhammagalleria.com/
  6. what does HIP for HDB do ? any requirements ? Must vote to do HIP or after x years of hdb age ?
  7. naked eyes WITHOUT tools and KNOWLEDGE - cfm you will be SCAMMED !
  8. bro, you are right. 1. health - yes I ran km (s) and lose weight since 2016. It was a weight loss year for me. Will continue rooster year. 2. definitely. 3. agreed. But for fengshui diy, please do it for FUN. Not expecting miracles that change a person's life to win 7m ...or cny (how many millions huh ?)
  9. 10 yuan - you say is REAL jade .. not "doubting" you . LOL jade from Burma - better than China as it originates from Burma. China made product - sorry, I am really doubtful of their quality. Even Tao Bao can sell and US blacklist them.
  10. http://www.skillon.com/Bazi_FengShui.cfm/topic/2017_Rooster_Year Honestly I have never tried this before on DIY. For those who have attempted it previously (by your own methods or other masters), please share experiences. 1. what is a good compass ? cellphone compass acceptable ? 2. facing the door from outside when using compass OR ? 3. Is this information valuable for house only or must combine with bazi reading ?
  11. Never try means no point going there since no one bothers. Free ? come on ..we are in Singapore ...
  12. Hi Kalimantan,

    Please share Mr Chen contact with me please.

    Thank You so much.

  13. y not call him direct and then let us know the price ? u see, in life, we already depend on others to feed us answers. Why not you control the situation instead by calling the fs master ? If u can control the situation, I am sure you can control your destiny.
  14. all numbers are random. therefore it has nothing to do with fs items. I never put anything, also kenna 4d ...so how ?