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  1. i just bought the LED downlight which cost about $130 each. The size is about 6inch by 6inch. Similar to those conventional downlight casing. It claim to be only 18w in a total about 108 led bulb inside. Comes with one year warranty. The covention type for that size is already using 2 x 18w. I bought about 15 pcs of it cos those i need to on for 24hrs. 5 each for living, dining and altar area. I went around balestier, geylang and jln besar the cheapest i manage to find was about $190 after less, So i guess i got a good buy
  2. hey thanks. I manage to found out roughly where is it. Went there and reckie this afternoon. They have the so-call lamp but the marble is complete different. They not really the same as the marble was actually pretty small and round flat. The arm isnt stainless steel too. The one i saw on the blog was actually stainless steel arm and the marble was like a standing cube which weight like over 50kg explained by the seller. Which is similiar to original ones. Thanks for your effort anyway
  3. hey hey do u have the address? May wanna take a look xD
  4. good deal u know the market price for that? mine to share pls
  5. brand new. The marble is whole piece and weight about 50kg. This is why they said to prefer their guys to install cos the marble is expensive. The arm it said to be stainless steel. Well... Still dunnoe wanna get it xD
  6. yea i shop around in many lighting shop but mostly like seling $600 -$800 on the design i saw on the original ones lor. So wanna confirm is it a good deal >.<
  7. hi merydith i think you got the wrong info. Is a standing lamp. The one with a big marble and very long bend arm
  8. ME and my hubby just bought this second hand house. The previous owner told me that all their air con has just change and ask us not to change it as it just like 2 years of age and was inverter unit. But idk who to find to check on the air con . Anyone can recommand any company provide this service? We have 9 indoor unit from 9000btu to 36000btu cassette and 6 outdoor unit. Any help is appriciated. Thanks
  9. Is it worth it? Would like to get one for my MJ room as i saw quite number of movie from HK that they use this stand lamp. The price come with installation and delivery. I browse on the web and saw one is the original (i think cos is like $2000++) then somehow saw another blog which he/she is selling at this rate so idk if it is a good buy. Can anyone help. Thanks.
  10. hi all. I just join this forum as i was recommanded by one of my friend here. May i know who has egage any good and reiable master for their house? Can share? Thanks