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  1. I also know of a Taoist shifu who helps to rid of ghosts, gong taus (驱邪,驱鬼,驱降头) and such for free and also do feng shui and 按神位/开光. He done feng shui and an shen wei for my new home. Very trustworthy and humble shifu! any who is interested can private message me, happy to share good stuffs!
  2. Hi bro, i know of a Taoist shifu who has the expertise for this and feng shui too and he also does helps to rid of ghosts, gong taus (驱邪,驱鬼,驱降头) and such for free. its a bit of a hassle to reply here but you can still PM me or feel free to contact me at ce.seetoh@gmail.com
  3. Hi guys, Just want to share what a great job this Feng Shui Shifu did for my new home. Chanced upon him right when my renovation had completed, must be fated. I have been sharing with my family and close friends about this shifu, not your typical and regular overrated Fengshui "masters". He is also one of the Shifu that did up the Feng Shui for RWS Casino alongside with other Shifu's. He helped us to adjust the feng shui (调风水) and settled(按神位) our new altar for us at a super reasonable price compared to the others i have been recce-ing outside in the market and most dont do both feng shui and altar "works" (cant find a right word to describe :x ) Our life, health and wealth have been smooth sailing and improving ever since because of Mark Shifu (he's a true blue taoist cultivated in hong kong for around 20 years) Nice and humble and down-to-earth, strictly-no-gimmicks Shifu, so i want to share him with you and hope to have help you guys. You can contact him: Mark Shifu (HP: +65 8223 xxxx) or you can drop me an email at ce.seetoh@gmail.com, I'd be happy to share