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  1. Hi all, I am back, 1 year after engaging a FSM based on reviews from others several forums (not only this). On the last day of 2017, I thought of sharing my experience with you. As I just want to share my experience, I do not intend to disclose the FSM's name here. I will just put X. I shortlisted 2 FSM and after checking the prices, I decided to engage X. X is very fast at responding to my queries when I asked for consultation fee and other information. I sent my house plan and family information to X and arranged for first visit. X looked at my house, took some readings and asked some questions. It took about half to 1 hour for first visit. Then X went back and sent me some reports, basically audit reports and other information such as moving in procedures etc. We then arranged for second visit. This time, X took about 1 to 2 hours explaining the reports to me, walking round the house pointing here and there, saying what to put and so on. We wrote all X said during the visit. Throughout the whole visit, X did not sell anything to us, just told us where to get the things he mentioned. Then we proceed to buy the stuffs and get ready for moving in. After 2nd visit, I still go back to X for unclear areas for clarification. Response was quite fast. We did the stuffs told, including auspicious move-in date and stuffs to place in the house. After moving in for a year, my observations are, 1. Family relationship seemed to worsen after moving in. My family used to be very tightly bonded, but after moving back, I noticed that family ties turned bad. More arguments and quarrels than before. 2. Health wise, my mum had an operation after moved in. Fortunately, it went well. My pet had an operation as well. Rest of the family members were okay (normal, nothing major happened). 3. Money wise, not much affected. Work remains busy for me as usual. My sister went out of job for 4 months. Lottery (4D/Toto) not much winnings. 4. Relationship wise, my sister broke out with 2 guys within a year. Not sure if that's the cause, but just mention it here as observed. For me, did not see any fate knocking, not even brushing near. Not sure where had gone wrong or not done correctly. Although it may not be related to FS, I am thinking of getting a second opinion from another FSM to see if things can change to better, especially first point. Hope that 2018 will be a better year for us! Happy New Year 2018!!!
  2. Yes. Pls PM me the contacts. Thanks!
  3. Is it normal for Reno companies to ask for a picture of your IC (front and back) because they liase with you instead of owner directly? Or only owner information is required?
  4. Can a kind soul PM me the list as well? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hmm... Since you never engage Sean, how do you know that he is good?
  6. Yes yes yes... This is the one... Strange... They claimed that they did more projects than that.... Hmmmmmm....
  7. Hi all, I'm about to renovate my house but before that, I want to find a good FS master to take a look and provide good advice so that I can accommodate into my new house design. Are there good and affordable FS master who does not hard sell stuffs that you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  8. I have gotten quotation from this company but am unsure about it as I can't find any review about this company...
  9. Hi BCChrist78.. Thanks for sharing your experience.. Pls PM me his company name, name and contact.
  10. Hi all, I'm intending to renovate my house and read many many many posts in this forum. So many posts until I got confused! Would really appreciate if you could share your experience (good or bad) with me.. It would be better if you have a list of recommended or boycott IDs for my reference. Thanks in advance!