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  1. Hi,

    You mentioned you tried Master Dong and Chang (Chang Tian). Can you give us some feedback what you have approached them for and whether they are opposing or in line with each other.

    1. ngkkai


      Hi sorry for the late reply as i just saw your message. Do you still need my feedback or have you already engaged one?

      I just posted the below:

      Engaged Dong Noong Zhen sometime in 2018.

      He sounded impatient when i asked him some questions before i decided to engage him. What he like to do when you ask him a question is to answer you with another question or he would say it is inconvenient for him to explain this over the phone. Anyway, i engaged him. When i called him again after the consultation, i thought he would take the time to clarify things with me as i am his customer but again he replied in an impatient manner.

      During the consultation, his phone kept ringing. I thought to myself why can't he switch it to silent mode and concentrate on the review of my house. End up he forgot to draw on the floor map an object which he told me to place during the consultation.

      Not only my luck and my business did not improve after the consultation and even after placing those stuff that he told me to buy, I felt an eerie presence every night. I also became a more angry, impatient and a person with no peace.

      Before you decide to waste money to pursue this path of fengshui, may i suggest you to review these 3 Youtube clips for more understanding on the world of fengshui:


  2. Hi knightkid,

    Did you use FS Master Ng from Hong Shen Geomancy Centre? Could you provide tour feedback?

  3. Kalimantan, May I know how you ended up shortlisting between Master Tong and Master Chang since there are so many fengshui master around.
  4. Kalimantan,

    Kindly advise whether FS Master Tong operate a shop or from his own home. 


    Thank you

  5. Kalimantan, Kindly let us know Fengshui Master Tong operate via his home or shop? I am unable to locate his shop name etc on Google. Thank you.
  6. Hi snooze, How does it work to engage an architect? Do they work like contractors/Builders whereby they will drop by and view the place, and we send them the floor plan and they let us know the estimate? Would you be able to share what you are aware? thank you
  7. Thank you for your input. We are thinking whether the total cost of hiring an architect will be cheaper or x% more expensive than a builder. The idea of hiring an architect sounds good as he represents us. And any dispute will be handled by the architect.
  8. Is there anyone (architect or builder) who can advise how different is the cost of the whole place if we hire architect vs builder. Work to be done are: 1. Have a sheltered balcony on top of the drive way shelter 2. Extend out the 2 toilets (confirm wall needs to be extended out) 3. Re roofing for whole house plus new area 4. Build an attic (have not decided whether whol floor or half floor as we are concern we will the height on L2. 5. Build a new toilet/powder room on L1 and build a maid’s room(still thinking if we need the maid’s room) 6. Change from single to 3 phase though I don’t think we will use that much electricity. Any advise is appreciated.
  9. I have recently purchased a 2 storey corner terrace. This is an old corner terrace so there is only one toilet on the ground floor and 2 toilets (master, 2 bedrooms co share on the second floor) we would like to build a 0.5 (attic), build a covered balcony above carporch, and one powder room, one en-suite toilet, extend the 2 toilets on 2nd level (demolish the wall and extend out), redo the staircase as the steps are narrow to us. can someone please let me know for such changes, is there a need to hire an architect? Does anyone here knows the fees for getting a PE or structural engineer? Thank you.