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  1. Hi knightkid,

    Did you use FS Master Ng from Hong Shen Geomancy Centre? Could you provide tour feedback?

  2. Wanted to drop-by Kemptrading to find out more about their products and before going down, did a google on alkaline water and came across HiFloAM ads http://www.natures-glory.com/alkaline-water-vs-hifloam-water/, have read through and sound logical to the myth as stated, making me wanted to switch over to their product. So, would like to hear whether anyone is using the HiFloAM.
  3. Am looking for 1 too....anyone know?
  4. Hi hi,

    saw in 1 of the thread alot of other fellow members giving negative feedbacks on Inch Design and u also commented that u ordered a sofa and bed from Inch Design. Would just like to check if u've gotten yr items?

    Becoz I also recently place my deposit with them for a platform bed and got to see this and getting very worried now.

  5. Hi, am using MA-10FE, which temperature setting is by digital. Am happy using it as hot water comes, took less than 10secs. For rainshower, still able to get full flow but pressure not that strong, anyway, my rainshower only use it once a while to pamper myself, so no issue to me. Most important for me is to save some cost as electricity is getting ex and I am afraid to install storage heater because I tend to forget to switch off heater after shower.
  6. Yesterday bought the R-Z451EMSX(Stainless Steel) at Bedok neighbourhood, price $740/-. I did ask about the R-Z481EMSX(Stainless Steel), price is $790/-.
  7. knightskid

    Clock Hands

    DIY Clock @ AliExpress
  8. You can contact Ah Choon @ 9686 1687 whom currently doing my hse reno.
  9. If I am not wrong, 8L is using battery operated n for temp setting, is using knob, right?
  10. Am not sure the plumbing service cost as mine is under the reno contractor
  11. Why not get the $288? As it cones with free installation.
  12. Where u got ur fridge at tis incredible price of $790? In fact I hv been targetting at 451 stainless steel which is selling $780 at mustafa which is cheaper than best denki. But urs is 1 step higher model n yet u got it at $790/-.
  13. I hv installed but not yet use becos still under renovation, by the way, I bought the 10L/min(digital temperature adjustment) which need power source.
  14. Hi, I hv found the person whom able to do all the job for u as currently I just engage him, he show me prove of his job done, but he is a contractor and he got his pool of Professional Engineer, just that u need to engage to do the job for fixing the window.