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  1. update on my parquet... The parquet guy came down and investigated but he also not sure what's caused the wrapping. The only solution is to re-polish the parquet again to smoothen it. My contractor told me the best they can help me is they bear half of the cost and i pay the other half. Guess they already tried they very best to help me and i glad they still supporting me after the reno is completed. The parquet guy will this weekend and pray for the best. Sian..now i have to move all the things out of the rooms....faint.
  2. Don't know also. The parquet guy and my contractor also not sure. Can be various reasons. Thanks bro..hopefully this time round will be good after redoing. PMed
  3. Finally started living in my new house (after 1 and half year) but whole is in a BIG mess. I cannot do much moving because something happened to all my parquet floor. Don't know what happened all my parquer wrapped. I only did one light mopping and don't know why this happened. **** stressful especially when i'm just moved in. Called my ID, he has been quite helpful and hopefully he can do some magic for me. Really stressful to encounter this kind of problem with all the unpacking and moving in still happening .....
  4. Yo bro. Not yet leh. Maybe next week....hhaa...still have some "hand end" to settle. U installed the LED lights? Can dance disco at home liao...haha...
  5. Hi guys...i'm letting go my wallpaper package from Wall Story at a cheap, cheap price. Those interested, pls PM me for future discussion. Thanks
  6. Was busy with the shifting and work....thus no time to update my T-Blog. Gosh shifting is so **** tiring. Guys, those who asked me for the contacts i have PMed you all. Good luck! Will post my final product in this T-blog soon when i finally settle down with my DIY completed. Coming soon....
  7. arhh...i guess should be ok if ur false ceiling drop is not too low.
  8. If ur ceiling height is not less then 2.4M should be fine i guess. What is ur ceiling height?
  9. You can find many reference pic byu google the Arco floor lamp images.
  10. Hi all, I'm letting go the below items at a CHEAP, LELONG, LELONG price due to change in my design theme. All new, unused items. 1. Wallpaper from Wall Story 2. Arco Floor Lamp 3. 5M 5050 Led Flexible Rgb Led Strip Light+Remote Controller+Power Supply PM me if you interested.
  11. Hi all, Can anyone advise me how to keep the birds away from my balcony. Lately, i found that the birds like to stand on my balcony and **** there. My balcony is those open type, without any window grilles so the birds like to rest there. I have not intention of installing window grilles as i like my balcony to be airy and unobstructed. Therefore, I'm thinking to get those fake crows or bird prevention stand which sell in Daiso. Anyone used this before? Effective? Any kind advise will be greatly appreciated.