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  1. hey, let me share mine: 1) Aircon - System 3 - 2.2k Daikin 2) Rerun all electrical wires (19 yrs flat) 2k 3) Pipping - 1k 4) Toilet Bowl - 2 Toilets - 500 5) Flooring for 2 Toilets & service balcony - mine's entire flooring so cost more... 6) Lightings - 600 (very simple lights!) 7) Hob & hood - 600 8) Box up ceiling for living hall & MBR - none 9) Shower Screen for 2 toilets - none 10) Sliding glass door for Kitchen - none in the end, I spend abt $35K for renovate my whole house, changed all the doors, flooring etc etc...all cannot see one...only carpentry I did are for kitchen cabinet, display case in living room, and MBR wardrobe.
  2. hey, havent been here a loooong time! remember not to compromise on quality of the works and opt for the more reliable contractor. you dun want to end up spending more money to fix what went wrong...there may be ways to save on your ROM - what do you intend to do? i think the house is more impt as it's going to be where you stay for the next XXX years... are there also some things you can buy later for your house? for mine, it won't be fully furnished as we're buying only the essentials first, then slowly buy things like computer, work table etc etc..
  3. oh i forgot abt the rebate at tangs, but best denki had UOB rebate of 2% also. service is wanting, there are so many of them around but i had to approach one of them to help me and he didnt seem to know much. anyways, bought it already. figured i can email the btbtrading if i needed help. their response is fast.
  4. i'm going to stick with Cleansui...visited best denki twice and realise i might have problems fitting in the filter with my tap. am going to buy the pitcher version instead. hope best denki carries it coz i didnt see it when i was there coz i was checking the faucet version only - sigh. cleansui is very established - i dun think i want to go for anything else.
  5. hey thanks for this recommendation! i went to check out over the weekend - likely to get it soon
  6. yeh, I thought $80 is quite reasonable...
  7. hi both! your furkids very cute! i have the same problem with the ventilation holes above the doors, have to make do with all the piping too...sigh... my contractor has offered to cover the ventilation holes up for me at $80 per door (i've got 2 to cover) and it will look like normal wall. But my future father-in-law wants us to save some money and asked the aircon person to put up wooden boards for free to cover the ventilation holes!?! help! i'm going to take a look tomorrow.......
  8. Has anyone bought a good water filter? I've heard of Diamond Energy Water and Hyflux...does anyone here have anything to recommend?
  9. :> saw your blog, I'll be getting a red kitchen too! it's a darker red with grey solid top, will post pictures when ready...
  10. I don't have my floorplan scanned, see if my HTB wants to do that - heheh. My dining will be left-hand side in the kitchen if you look at the first picture i posted. will place table agt wall. My TV console will be against the wall of bedroom 3, but my living room's bigger so the door's in the middle of the living room. will have space to put my console n couch there. the other half of my living room i intend to have a small cosy corner with throw cushions, carpet and a small table perhaps
  11. hi aves i haven't been to my house in 2 weeks already. very busy. thought i share some pics, your kitchen should be like mine... i told you about the hand-drawings
  12. I've viewed a 4S flat around your area before, but not the top floor Yes, i love that it's near the mrt but not too near My reno is very minimal in that I did very little built-in stuff except for MBR wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and a display cabinet in the living room. But I overhauled the rest of the flat coz it's 19 years old. Hacked the floortiles, changed all the doors, changed electrical wiring and plumbing. Kept window grilles and windows, door frames. Everything else I changed. I didn't hire an ID coz I don't really need an ID for these items and the house layout is very rectangular, so I got a reno contractor instead which my future father-in-law knows. it's not exceptionally cheap but I can trust their workmanship - but I'll confirm again after the reno completes! The problem with having a reno contractor is that communication-wise it's not as sophisticated. No computer drawings but hand-sketches for my cabinets. For the contractor doing my plumbing and electrical, I can't really speak with him coz it's all in Chinese, and plumbing terms in Chinese or dialect I completely don't understand. Also, everything is paid in cash/cheque, so I can't earn points from using credit card. There are pros-and-cons but we visited many IDs too and I can't find one I can entrust my flat to. The main point is, I felt I don't need an ID. But I did a lot of research and printed out pictures to show my contractor to get by. Even then, I felt I wasn't really prepared. My contractor isn't so bad and gave good practical suggestions. Then again, an ID might try to hoodwink you too so you can't get away with not doing your own research. This forum has been very helpful Anyway, I can share my quote with you - no problem. It's hand-written though so I gotta type it out for you - haha
  13. I'm at Blk 107 - you? My layout almost same as yours but mine's a 4A. Future in-laws have the exact same layout as my current too. They're at Blk 230. I waited some time for my owners to move too...started reno in May.
  14. hi neighbour! My house is being renovated now completing by end of this month I believe will also share pics