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  1. wow a lot of simei blogs recently. lol! nice and daring designs there! hope to see the end result soon
  2. maybe non glossy black? glossy black is a fingerprint and watermark magnet
  3. Been a long time. Moved in for almost 1 month liao. Been too busy/lazy to take pics Living Room: 46" TV looks so small in the living room right? Sofa direction also wrong cos L should be on the other side... FOC old sofa from my MIL so no choice Another view... still haven done curtains Rooms entrance Kitchen/Dining: Small as **** cheapo ikea dining table FOC from MIL... also nv use dining area... end up just used to 'store' tidbits Black glossy cabinets and doors etc looks nice but a pain to maintain Another view MBR: The other place where I play my xbox. Table is bad already so you can see the monitors are tilted. The left side is my area, right side is my wife's PC Bed and back of wardrobe. The other side of the wardrobe. Toilet entrance to the right. Cant see much cos no wide angle lens, only my lousy phone cam MBR toilet. Other 2 rooms have nothing much. 1 used as store cum maidroom (when my MIL's maid come over) the other has a queen bed with mattress for my MIL when she decides to stay over
  4. Thursday - Went up to clean up the house. Oversee some last min touchups. At the end of the day, house was still pretty dirty cos really too much dirt plus some minor works here and there... and the heavy rain splashing water in while someone was installing the gate lock... messy... moved some brand new stuff into the house. Friday - Went to the house to do the basic moving in procedures then went back to help out with the movers and make sure everything is in order. Wife waited at new house for bedframe delivery. realised we dont have alot of things and got quite a few things missing/broken etc etc. so many things to do until i dunno where to start... Sat Sun - more unpacking and cleaning up. bought lotsa stuff from ikea and giant... cooked using the induction cooker on saturday. main problem with it is that the touch panel is not sensitive enough and the thing doesnt remember the last used settings. u gotta adjust the power and temp everytime. Overall, a job well done by my ID and for the price he gave me, little freebies and favours here and there. i think its all worth it. house is still a mess so no pics yet. will post soon hopefully.. but living room no TV now so it'll look **** weird....
  5. Glass and Granite works done. Air con is up. Left: Install Hob Install Dining Light Main Gate Lockset Paint touchup Other small touchup and misc works Duno really can move by friday or not but movers already more or less confirmed
  6. already very slow liao. total took 8 weeks. well he did say 6 weeks fastest and my friend was busy in reservist for 3 weeks so things were a tad slow during that period.
  7. Alot of things are done within a few days. electrical and lights should be complete. Carpentry also. Today finishing up with granite top and glass Tmrw Chemical wash Thurs Final pain touchup and our own cleaning up Friday MOVE!
  8. View from Kitchen to Living This is where the TV will be View towards Rooms Kitchen Master Bedroom Study Room (whole wall supposed to be gray) Common Room (Wall on right supposed to be gray) Common Toilet
  9. been ages since i updated. things completed tiling false ceiling plastering aircon trunking storage heater installed WC installed shower accessories install nv take pics tho. next time then take ba there were some mistakes in the position of electrical points that will need to be rectified the air con trunking was horrible inside the common room but after hearing my id explain why... i guess there is not much choice in how we run the trunking.... other than that, everything is going quite well and we chose laminates for our carpentry already... here are the 3D drawings after laminates were chosen We do not have anything done on the wall on the bedhead wall of the MBR and there is no granite top on the extension holding the glass for the kitchen.... also MBR will be hanging light instead of false ceiling with downlights
  10. ya aerogaz easy to bargain... the bread toaster listed price 19.90, he gave us for 9.90 only kettle 39.90 we got it for 29 weighing machine no idea but he offered 1 for $10 but we got 2 for $10, LOL steamer forgot liao.... but but but.... the hob and hood i tot i remembered him quoting us for $699 some time ago but he put $799.... i think overall still good deal considering 2 cooker induction hob + slim hood. induction hob if any other brand already easily $900 and above liao.
  11. yea maybe other ppl dont care lor. i also ask my ID if can dun care. he say can but anything happen next time he wont be responsible lor. so i think better play it safe la. anyway went up during the weekend to see. now only skirting for the rooms and living area. then the kerb for the kitchen cabinets need to be up before tiling the kitchen floor. plaster materials already up and plastering should start today... also ordered our hood and hob from aerogaz. bought some other misc stuff like bread toaster, electric kettle, steamer, weighing machine and FOC 1 tower fan. almost $900 damage.
  12. yea i saw my friend flat top floor also dun have that thingy... sigh... dunno why suay suay mine have....
  13. i also think its kinda weird la. but my id offer FOC extension. tho its still abit out... putting a painting also kinda weird? and i really wan to seal it up cos i dun wan it to be the entrance point for pests and roaches
  14. aves

    Rd Nest

    haha maybe u can go buy decals/spray and make ur whole aircon unit black. then replace the blue parts with red. like that should be matching liao. hehe
  15. haha its ok man. im just trying to help my fren do business. im not denying that. but at the same time i think his work etiquettes are good so i recommend around lor. if ppl take him, i also dun gain anything ma. lol. at most maybe he buy me some beer. understand your concern wrt ID pm-ing and contacting forummers. I have that experience before too. but personally, I would avoid those cos if they are so free to come renotalk to surf and read ppl renoblog and pm them, i think they must be quite new or bad reputation so no one engage them? LOL. just my personal thought tho. no offence to the IDs here