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  1. Plant a Tree event Date: 21st November 2010 (Sunday) Venue: Block 687 Garden Price: $2 per ticket Events Group A: Colouring (Age 6 and below) Group B: Drawing (Age 7 to 12) Theme: Clean and Green Environment Registration: 8.30 – 9.00am Bring your own drawing & colouring materials Limited to 100 participants Fees: $1 per participant There will be candy floss & pop corn, games, lucky draw and magic show. Last but not least, the Flea Market!
  2. Hi Alex, our usual 'gang' will b there. See u there!!
  3. Me oso went thru tight balloting. Would u consider parent volunteer? It will increase ur chance
  4. me oso find doors on wardrobe better. otherwise go loo got to open door twice lazy me
  5. Just to update, we managed to get a place for my gal at Blk 671 My 1st Skool... phew, heng lor. With my boy in west grove pri. my morning rush will be slightly better le....
  6. ours sometimes oso hv. (low flr) it is from the drainage. think the sewage gas just pop up along the pipe we pour diluted bleech into the drainage during weekly toilet wash. solved it
  7. SO ENVIOUS!!!! will be logging in to see ur reno progress
  8. U r rite abt the loa hong... me baked my cookies abit longer, abit more brown. Longer u bake, cookies get more crisp & dry & last longer. but afterall it is cookie, not biscuit. so can't expect it to be crispy like the latter... looking fwd to ur creation soon
  9. or u could bring up to ur bedrm & blow aircon ehehhehee.. joking think u can still use electric fan bah.
  10. for cupcake, I use open star tip (big one, I think #47) & normal icing bag. squeeze in circular motion for cookie, me just snip off a tiny bit of the icing bag tip for outline & writing. snip off more to get bigger tip for piping. hope it helps
  11. Me did my icing in dining area w aircon. so the icing take abt 30min to harden on surface (but cannot press on, inside still soft) complete dry will take a day me use normal icing bag. Royal icing when wet is like buttercream icing - soft paste like.
  12. :shy: paisay leh, me oso beginner nia. They are the usual sugar cookies. Recipe from any online sites. Me using royal icing on the cookie, also some fondant for lettering. I made the icing using Wilton's recipe Food colouring is in paste/gel. me use both wilton & bake king (i think...not sure. got them from Phoon Huat) after tt , it is lots & lots of practises. me still learning. my hands are still rather shaky tip: me watch a few youtube videos on baking & decorating cookies They really helped alot
  13. Thanks for the quick reply just to share some pictures of what I have baked over the last weekend