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  1. anyone care to share if you have done it for your kitchen or toilet flooring and walls?
  2. seller need to sign the indemnity form because buyer is still not officially the owner yet as all the HDB transactions have not been completed.
  3. Hi, you managed to install System 4 for your place? Ever tried to ON all 4 fancoil? What's the BTU for your rooms?
  4. we dont soak our clothes and just dump into the washer when its time to do laundry. We use TOP detegent (powder). U can try the yellow or super white packaging (Red). Lastly, we dun put our clothes out to enjoy the sunshine. No smell from the clothes.
  5. just throw in a few garlic and your rice is free from inspects.
  6. did u try to power off the main switch and try the remote again?
  7. oh yours is EA. Was wondering y 5a hougang selling abv 500k. U blog title "5 Room Ea @ Hougang" but I read as 5 Room a and omitted the E.
  8. wow, your 4A must be very beautifully renovated. Got pic to share? was still telling my hubby that cant believe St 51 can command so high val for 5A.
  9. they r abit more ex. ya, get from these shops better. Look around for reliable paint shops that sells reasonable price.
  10. alamak, thousand apology.....too many stuff to read online so missed it. I'll try to do it for dad's coming birthday.
  11. ya, the mirror would be nice at dining area. Maybe can turn it horizontal. How about hanging the waterfall painting at the sofa area (if you are concerned with 'wealth flowing outwards 'and the hibiscus at recess area.
  12. u can do a swee swee wrought iron gate to go with the modern looking recess area. We also had that miserable recess area too when we stayed in our EM for 3 years and it was purchased for around 1k.