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  1. Oooo~ Sounds very cool leh. Hope that you'll be able to find one who can make your dream into reality. Can't wait to see your bed. Haha, angels will also overwork de woh. Thanks thanks, much better liao.
  2. Haha, I read tat u semi move in liao woh. hehehe, anyway, congrates on ur official move-in this coming sat then!
  3. Hahahah! All's well thanks thanks. Long time no come in means preg meh? Was actually hospitalized for pneumonia last wk of April till 1st wk of May. So didn't really feel like logging in much. heheh.. Hehehehe~ How's tings for u and ur lovely wife? Read on ur tblog that u thinking of doing a castle headboard ah? How's the decision coming along? Harlow! Hee, yah loh. Was busy with some stuff, so rarely pop in. Everything's well so far. How's ur side and ur family? No wonder lar. Hehe, but should show us the whole place mah. Take some pics to show us after u settle down k? How's living in ur EM so far?
  4. Haha, busy with stuff loh. Will come in occasionally, but sometimes lazy to comment. hehehe All areas very nice lar, but the stairs is very very nice! hahaha.. What about the living room and other rooms? Did I miss out those pics? Only saw MBR, toilets, stairs and kitchen.
  5. Hi smjas, Apologies, I rarely come in to RT nowadays. The PD door is so far so good. Only disadvantage is that we need to educate our first time guests on how to use the door, as it's not as easy to use as bi-fold or other doors. Another thing is that the PD door must fit into the catch, before u're able to slide the door to close fully. Some guests don't know and thought how come can't slide.
  6. MM! Wah, I like ur toilet! Looks cool. Looks like ur sofa came out very nice as well.
  7. Wah I long time never come in and it's over 100 pages liao! Hehehe, congrates on ur HO kopi! Finally finally. Ur place looks real good! Love the staircase.
  8. Congrates on ur new EM. Wah, first time I see a mini balcony at MBR. So cool. Ur new layout is very nice. Looking forward to more pics!
  9. Heheheh, so I guess we won't see gundam figures fight for space with disney characters liao. Oooo~ Think that will be very cool. Scarly there is a kid at ur level who will always press ur doorbell just to listen to the disney music. hahaha
  10. Huh? U talking abt me arh? I've already lived there 1yr plus liao leh. Anyway, my place very simple de. How can compare with houses like new's, kopi and urs? Better to wait for urs. hehehehe Haha, put different disney stuff loh. Can make it a point to buy sth back to display wen ur go to any disneylands. U were saying ur wife likes gundam. Get her to start collecting and got sth to display liao loh. haha
  11. Haha nah. Cheesecake can just put in the oven and leave it there for that hour, only need to go there occasionally to check. Lapis will be working the whole hour.
  12. Yeah, hang in there bah. Disney magic will start real soon.
  13. Haha! Ur taste is expensive taste de leh. Of course dun have anything to your liking lar~ Harlow!! Hahaha, still empty arh? Everytime u go back to your new place you bring a couple of items to put in ur lovely cabinet loh. Then it'll be filled up very soon.
  14. Haha, that's why must have cabinets to minimize the dust. If they are displayed on shelves, will have to clean like siao.
  15. Haiz, very sad leh like this. I think ur ID/contractor should compensate you guys for the mental stress/upset. haha