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  1. Like to finish up this blog once and for all. Everything has a beginning and an end. It's time to wrap up this blog! Lastly, thanks for dropping by to read my blog! Let the pictures show what I did for my princess's room last yr. Generally the color theme is lighter shades of the 3 colors I used for the whole house - yellow, pink and blue.
  2. Hi,

    U got the wrong person. My kitchen are not done up using ikea hinges or soft closing. I used the products from Blum although ikea hinges or soft closing were made by blum supposedly.


  3. I think this is a pretty gd effort for a DIY project. The pics reflects the live in condition of the place. If the place is tidy up for a photoshoot, it will definitely be quite marvelous. Personally, I look through bizkid76's reno pics. The reno looks dated and common with the color scheme (white, black, grey, red). Nothing caught my eyes. MM
  4. Hi, 1. Other than the weight, you need to take note of the type and sizee of the material you are washing. Rough gauge maximum you can throw in to wash for 8 kg is 1 set of king size cotton bedsheet + 4 pillow covers - exclude quilt cover. Due to the size of the bedsheet, there might not be enough space for the drum to wash the laundry effectively if you throw in too many things to wash at one time. 2. This is the main difference between a front load versus a top load. That is why a front load is more water efficient. Perhaps you can read up how different types of washer function. To conclude, this is still normal. If you dont see water splashing, it can also a sign you throw in too many things to wash. 3. Who fits the washer for you? From what you described, the balancing mechanism/legs are not secured. Was it secured? The washer is not ready for use just by powering it up. Please read the manual. You need to secure the balancing mechanism/legs. Hope this helps. MM
  5. Hi, Nicely done up!! . One suggestion. Perhaps you can change the switch to a reflective one to match the mirror? Then it looks like one piece.
  6. Hihi RexMen, Yes. It is just the lighting effecting. . Thanks for the compliments. Old house already.
  7. Pretty late to take some pics but here goes - full white. Like any other products, there will always be consumers who will not be satisfied with their purchases. If Goobii feels PD doors are lousy and poor in design, I don't think he will have spent thouands of dollars on their products in the 1st place. Cautious consumers would have done some research before spending their money. That's my opinion.
  8. Happen to read this. My pd doors are more than 1 and a half yr already. Still in tip top condition. Personally, it is really a matter of using the product properly. If u have a small hdb toilet, frankly installing a bi-fold or glass door will just make the toilet feels cramp.
  9. Hi Easy, This is very common issue with old flats. There is nothing that can be done at the stage already unless u are willing to redo the wardrobe or redo the wall. Sorry to say that.
  10. Aiya. should tell me earlier. I bough stuffs from them earlier quite a while back. IMHO, best kid furniture store in sg. Not cheap but gd. And.... 3D for living room pls! Hee. Living room is the soul of a hm.
  11. Yup. All joints will leak eventually. Avoid any joints at all cost if u are going to conceal it. The bending can be better.
  12. Saw something similar. A blog to share - http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17783&st=240
  13. Hey, ur new kitchen really already rite? Please post pics le! Hee.
  14. I think a fridge is just a fridge. The bigger the better! Ha.