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  1. Can I ask what is the thickness of your bookshelf shelving? Mine is 1.5cm thick and is visibly sagging when I placed my books on top of the shelving.
  2. Just want to share my experience with U-Service Curtain Specialist. A middle-aged couple turned up which I presumed that they are husband and wife. June is okay, polite and unassuming. I couldn't say the same about the guy. From the moment he turned up at my place, he talked about everything under the sun, cracking lame jokes except for getting down to business, which really irritated me to the max. Other than this, he refused to let us take down the material codes that we have picked, telling us stories that in the past other clients have went to other shops to compare pricing after taking photos of the material codes and getting them into trouble. I find that really absurd. Taking down the material codes is to prevent disputes if the material didn't turn out to be the one we have selected. This is the first time a vendor has forbidden us to take down the material selection. If one is going to be so secretive on the way he conducted his business, I guess it would be best for a customer to seek other alternatives.
  3. Oh no, what happened? I'm getting a Blanco too. Will be camping here for updates!
  4. I have been to your blog and really enjoyed reading your post on the "12 types of neighbours". It's so spot-on and funny! And I wished I had read your "How to choose basins and taps" post first before I got mine.
  5. Thank you! About 3 months. Estimated completion date is early June. They are the same tiles.