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  1. Sengkang! Taobao - the link is now dead sorry! Edmund from DX Interior, HP 82000200 My pleasure.
  2. hello i would like to check if you are using teka sink! any issue?

  3. Glad your Caesarstone wasn’t fake. My contractor told me he used CS in a previous Reno and told me not to choose it... I still don’t believe him. Now seeing yours I do. Glad everything is over. Your bathroom is so nice!
  4. I use the yellow block by 3M also I think, from Selffix. My walls are almost always fixed perfectly with that and the putty (yellow lid from selffix). But mine has never been this bad peeling. i buy my 3M products mostly via Qoo10 so they’ve always helped...
  5. My 3M products have both worked and failed, though the success rate is higher than failure rate. I have not had such bad peeling though, but small ones in areas without the clean removing tape. I just use putty to patch, sandpaper down, then repaint. In most circumstances it looks perfectly ok. With 3M products I found that it’s crucial to wait 24 hours regardless of weight bearing and pressing it really hard for 2 minutes during installation before using. that said, failure rate is about 1 in every 5 items for me. But the second time I paste everything seems ok (touch wood). If you suspect it’s 3M problem, email them, they will repay you strips.
  6. Ya, yours is the bomb shelter in lr layout, lr become bigger but wasted space makes kitchen v small. My kitchen anyway only slightly bigger than yours, but Yours is legit quite small. My parents new place at Punggol also v small kitchen, similar layout to yours. What about the rest of your home? I’m selling the bookcase, foyer table, footstool and perhaps ghost armchair in my living room so that I can change to a sofa bed... It’s 218cm, so I know abit cray. We’ve been doing a lot of measuring, but it will open up more seating and also maybe clean up the look a bit, less cluttered. i alre ordered a Super slim shoe cabinet from Tb to replace my current one. Haha. Because you hacked away one room also right? Your LR looks even bigger and more spacious lor. I worked hard to keep the second room but also means with the corridor, my LR is so small and limited orientation (ie ONE KIND ONLY)
  7. Not sure if this helps, but my plant is in a normal pot (no self-watering) and I water it a little about once every two days. My fiddle leaf surprisingly surviving! Also growing new leaves. Drop a few is normal imo, I just continue watering lor. I wipe down the leaves when I clean/dust. But I don’t mist it!
  8. Kitchen picccccccssssss island anyway, my home is largely the same. Been contemplating changing to a 3 seater sofa but u know how tiny our 3R is, especially my orientation. I’m selling a bunch of stuff away tho.
  9. A lot of them live in the suburbs so defo less dust. I am quite type A clean freak so honestly I started minimalizing everything so I can keep things clean as much as possible. Haha. I clean everyday/week so the less things the better. Lol. Now my angmoh chu dream is quite far already. Cleaning #1. But yes maximalist houses v nice. Decor + throws + cushions
  10. With all the decor it really is picture perfect! But as a 2 year homeowner who started out with decor pieces abound (Pinterest cray), I can tell you your husband is unfortunately right lol. nice = dust less stuff = less nice = easier to clean lol now every time I buy a new piece of decor or furniture I will think twice because it means one more thing to dust it gets dirty pretty much Everyday in my place, especially being a smaller home (3R). I dust one day can tell the next day already dusty, floors even more so. But if you don’t mind the upkeep, your place is really gorgeous! Totally will be repinned like mad on Pinterest. and I highly suspect those silly Pinterest perfect angmoh homes, they all live in places with no dust one, if not how?!!
  11. That’s unfortunate! Never thought that there could be a possibility of Contractors installing fake Caesarstone! What!! But I was told that although Caesarstone is well-respected for quality, some Contractors found that certain colours stained easily. Odd. I always thought Quartz were virtually indestructible from day-to-day use. Hope your issues get rectified ASAP!
  12. How do you know they need changing? Did you see the rust coming out of the water, or the pipes were already leaking? Thanks!
  13. It’s the Singapore side one, u can always sign one month at $2.99 then unsubscribe? s$60 quite ok to hit for new homes. I would but u stay v far from me haha. i use it to buy groceries etc also from Sg side and free amazon tv too