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  1. thank you for your kind words! it really depends on a few factors. if its a new home i would suggest a built in oven. you can probably get one at around $500+. mine's also the most basic range. that way you dont have to put the oven on the washing machine and if you really do intend to bake more often in future it wont be a headache trying to find space to slot an oven in. for me the oven is indispensable because besides baking it can also be used as a dehydrator for making dried fruit or yogurt, roast chicken, i also use it to keep food warm while cooking other dishes when i have company over. but ultimately it depends on you!
  2. embarked on yet another DIY project. this is the service yard, and also my baking area! i painted this part of the wall a darker grey, i also needed something to hang my baking utensils, tart rings etc. was contemplating between a pegboard and this, decided on the latter since it was cheap (yes, daiso again!) and fuss free. i do like how it looks and im really happy with it. its missing a little something though, fairy lights perhaps? haha
  3. posting the current state of my kitchen, a year into moving in. view from the service yard my full height unit on the other side. notice i also did the contact paper thingy on my floor finally, the marble one from daiso. pretty sick of the generic white flooring HDB gave, plus the grouts became dirtier by the day so i refreshed up a little with this. i think its very pretty. for the uninitiated, i went against the "conventional" and opted for laminate countertop. just an update to say that after a year of intensive cooking, baking & washing, its holding up super well, no stains, discoloration or whatsoever. honestly apart from not putting hot items directly on the laminate, i hardly gave it much care. it was also really cheap. so the bottomline is you dont need to go for solid surface, quartz, silestone or whatever. im still also loving my cabinets alot though i wished there were more gold elements like gold handles! oh well!
  4. nick has extremely good subcons, especially the carpenter. im still so in love with my cabinets after a year haha.
  5. not sure if i've posted a pic of my living room at night. its my favorite space in the home, really dark, moody and just the way i like it!
  6. one of my favorite things to do is at home is hosting close girlfriends and having afternoon tea. today i made raisin scones, orange chocolate chai & matcha green tea financiers.
  7. there are 2 types, the glossy one that is thicker and usually in marble/granite print. this woodgrained one is thinner, but still water & greaseproof. it scratches easily though, i was doing some gardening work at the yard and dragged a pot with soil, also had hangers dropped on the ground and both resulted in scratches/dents. if its just normal mopping i think it should be ok.
  8. hi, thanks! here you go : https://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=523943417554&abtest=9&rn=947a60e3d5d5d1df3226b94e9fe56779&sid=55ce616445b1bb4b17a8c16beb43162c so far so good for the shower curtain rod, just have to be very gentle when pulling on the curtain. i still keep the broom at the sides of the pantry, i also have a stepladder there. for my vacuum cleaner i put it beside my full height wardrobe. theres a gap there near the window. i dont own an ironing board, i also dont own a rice cooker so basically my lifestyle is quite "abnormal" haha. for mop, im using the magiclean wiper stick with a cloth attachment from daiso. thats my mop. when i mop the floor i simply fill my bathroom basin with water & floor detergent so that does away with the need for a pail as well. really need to do away with many things else theres no room for all these in a 3 room flat.
  9. as some of you may have already know, im a huge fan of DIY stuff. despite having moved in for so many months, im still trying find ways to beautify my home, on a budget of course. i've repainted my door frames to black because i didnt think the initial color (charcoal grey) was dark enough. and yesterday, i did this : using woodgrain contact paper (remake sheet) from daiso to dress up my service yard. it was white tiles previously but this one looks so much better i love it! it has this outdoorsy feel that i like. probably cost me $5 for this project. i've also bought marble contact paper from taobao to redo my kitchen floor, will post a pic then!
  10. hi girlie! i actually dont remember you haha. went to look at your profile and realized you dont have a blog? now im curious, you need to post some pics of your home! its rare to see folks who go for dark wall colors, my family still frown upon my paint decision lol mine's nippon vinilex 5000. cheapest of the lot la.
  11. just realized i havent posted a photo of my island workstation + dining area so here it goes : the island has been my best decision ever. not only is there more storage, i do my baking and product photo taking (for my carousell) there. it also doubles up as a coffee corner with my nespresso machine & capsules. using laminate countertop is also one of the best decisions, its cheap and really easy to maintain. no need to go for fancy schmancy ones like quartz, silestone or whatever. another view overlooking my hacked dressing room & tv mounted on wall.
  12. thanks! nothing else in the MBR, its too small to put anything there. my full height wardrobe is in the hacked BR2.
  13. hello again guys! i've moved in to my new home for 7 months already, how time flies! still loving every bit of my home, and thought i should come back and post some pictures. these few months i've mainly been cocentrating on putting more lights either using fairy lights or table lamps. star shaped fairy lights at my dressing area fairylights at dressing room's window area. i adore these! lights on my sofa. im surprised at how well these turn out. very glowy and pretty. rose gold mirror side table from fortytwo.sg. i was worried about how it would look in my home, turned out really nice. nicer than i thought! view from service yard overlooking the kitchen and bomb shelter turned dry pantry at the far end. the dry pantry is the best idea ever. not only do i get to keep the bomb shelter door opened at all times for better ventilation (i know its usually closed for most people), i store all my dried goods such as flour, sugar, coffee, tea etc in there. i had this idea initially of a bottom cabinet with 3 top shelves but the carpentry would cost a bomb for a U-shaped pantry, something like $4000 for a small space so i bought two brusali high cabinets from IKEA instead and only cost me less than $400. kitchen details. im hooked on those gold stuff. random decors around the house on top of shoe cabinet marble print oven mittens my two pots of fiddle leaf fig are pretty healthy and happy now! all my stuff are from taobao, and even till today i cant stop buying! so i've pretty much hosted my family, close friends and relatives. comments about my home range from "hotel", "club" to "showflat" lol.
  14. thats great! welcome to BB! haha. i LOVE your toilet door frame, its really unique. i wished mine was like that so i wouldnt have to paint over. cant wait to see your home coming together!